Give English translation of the Holy Quran by Taqi Usmani ?

Dear Brothers and Sisters: In this Article We will learn about Give English translation of the Holy Quran by Taqi Usmani?  As per this Arabic language, the word Quran is derived from the Arabic word (Qirat) that means to read, to recite and to collect. Allah Almighty has given himself the name Quran.
Division of Quran:
The Holy Quran consist of 30 Parts. there are 114 Surahs ( Chapters) and 7 Manzals ( Destinations) and 6666 Aayats ( Verses) 540 Raku (Sub parts) and 323760 words. The Holy Quran is revealed on the Holy Prophet  in 22 years, 2 months and 22 days. 86 Macci Surahs (Which revealed in Macca) and 28 Madni Surahs ( Which revealed in Madina) are there in the Holy Quran. Hazrat Abu Saeed narrates that the messenger of Allah Said ” Allah Almighty Says that, He who does not has the time to pray and remembrance due to recitation of Quran, I (Allah) bestow him most reward than the all men who pray. And Allah revealed verses of Quran are most superior on all other talks or sentences in such a manner as Allah Almighty himself is most superior on his creature( Tirmzi, Darmi)”
The best person
In surah noor , the Noble Prophet , said to his followers: The best person among you is the one who learnt the Holy Quran, and taught it to others. Abū ‘Abdur used to teach the Holy Quran in the Masjid nabvi  and he would say, ‘This Ḥadīš has made me seated here. (Fayḍ-ul-Qadīr, vol. 3, pp. 618, Ḥadīš 3983)
 O Allah! Make me a Ḥāfiẓ(learn the koran by heart) of the Holy Quran  And make me steadfast upon the commands of the Holy Quran

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 Writer:Mufti Taqi Usmani


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