Is What is What the best book of competitive exams?

General Knowledge about (What is What) is gained through study experience and intellect. It is one;s brain power to apprehend detail and facts of his /her surroundings. A person having acquire education of 16 years. So on might have lesser general knowledge than one who is 12th class or even autocratic student. A person who has higher General information will in general be increasingly exact in basic leadership and passing judgment on characters.

We always care for our important users and i did try to paste knowledgeable post this on website . This time We are going to upload advance important book of What is What first time in soft form for those who can not find their answer. So we are going to upload this book .We will upload related Books to these competitive exams like PPSE,FPSE.OTS and NTS.The aim is to provide all opportunities under one platform. You should download from here only.

You may might in What is What   Solved MCQs of General knowledge Subjects for exams regarding  NTS, FPSC, PPSC, and Past Papers here you can Download in pdf file from the given table below.

What are the propose  to read  this book:

  • We shall give you different information.
  • Anyone who is going to appear for exams must read this book.
  • Anyone preparing for the Govt. jobs tests must read this book.
  • The individuals who need increase their insight about GK of world and Pakistan.
  • Anyone getting ready for placement tests and other various assessments in all associations.

This book is purely in Urdu language and  in this book What is What topic are including regarding  :


The book Who is Who in English and Kon kaya hai in urdu language is a much valuable book for not only for beginners but also for the continuous learners. It is worth mentioning that this book “KON KAYA HAI”is in Urdu language .Where as my next online free ebook Who is Who will be available in English language in this Website.

Some keywords of PPSC,FPSC and so on:

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On my this publication on the topic of “KON KAYA HAI ” in General knowledge. book. Please give  your valuable opinion, and suggestions in comment box my website .Your opoinion is very important for  me .WWW.QURANMUALIM.COM.Regards

Quranic essays :  thanks a lot

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