Which Animals are mentioned in the Holy Quran?

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Allah is the one and owner of the universe and all praise for Him.He is the one and only. In This Article We will learn about Which Animals are mentioned in the Holy Quran?  Dear Brothers and Sisters, There is no god but Allah Who had guided me to finish this thesis.May harmony and welcome consistently be given to Prophet Muhammad, Messenger of Allāh, with all respect. I gave title on this paper: ‚MORAL VALUES IN ANIMAL’S LIFE MENTIONED IN AL-QUR’AN (A STUDY ON AL-NAH{L, AL-NAML AND AL-ANKABU’T)‛, submitted to the Faculty of Ushūluddin in partial satisfaction of the prerequisites for the level of Islamic Theology in Tafsīr-Hadīth Department.

Last but not least, I would like to thank to my GF, Dewi Aminatuz Zuhriyah for always supporting and helping me. Absolutely, thanks to my big and great family of FUPK, especially PK-06 Tambah Sayank; Fina, Anik, Faiq, Emy, Daris, I’ah, Tari, Atik, Hanik, Luluk, Atiqoh, Elvin, Ifa, Islah, Arum, Atiqoh, Pak Ros, Muklishin, Asfaq, Gopa, Mujab, Rohmat, Abid, Za’im, Zen, Heri, Asep, Nur, Ipin, Anik, Masrukhan, who always support me to keep spirit finishing this thesis. And thanks a lot for Mas Agus Prasityo (Tiok), Mbok Dhe, Mr. Bimun, Mrs. Ngasmi and all of society of Musholah Nurul Huda that can’t I write one by one, and Thanks for coming to my life as a part of me and presenting a new lovely family around us.

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Which Animals are mentioned in the Holy Quran? Elephant, tiger, camel Spider,Cow, honey bee, Carpenter bees, ovine, Cattle, ants, flying ants, Donkey, Zedonk and Quranmualim


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