What are the Tajweed Rules of Quran?

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The word Tajweed is gotten from the Arabic word Jawwada, which intends to make well, to The vast majority of the Quran instructors told the importance of Al Tajweed truly and actually. In this article we will learn about what are the tajweed rules of quran? improve or to make good.‟ it likewise intends to empower, to make conceivable or to deliver what is better. As a specialized term tajweed rules intends to make great or to better the recitation of the Glorious Qur’an by giving each letter it‟s directly with respect to the right method for articulation.

This would just be conceivable by thinking about the starting points of way to express Arabic letters and safeguarding the rules of recitation on combination of letters such as clear pronunciation (Izhr), assimilation (Idgham and substitution (lqlab). tajweed rules mean that read the verses in a slow mood. This definition could serve as an explanation to a verse in the Qur‟an where Allah (S.W.T.) commands Muslims to recite the Qur‟än in a slow measured and rhythmic tone. Scholars of Tajweed categorized the discipline into two parts, namely theoretical and practical.

The theoretical aspect implies acquisition of knowledge of the rules of proper recitation of the Qur‟ãn from reliable written sources. While the practical aspect implies the application of the acquired theoretical knowledge for practical recitation of the Glorious Qur‟ãn based on any of the various modes of recitations which were obtained from the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and transmitted to us by the reciters (Qurrá, among the Sahäbah (R.A.) and the Tabi „ün (R.A).

It should be realized that a combination of theoretical and practical aspects of tajweed rules of quran are compulsory for any Muslim who seeks Allah‟s pleasure whenever he recites the Glorious Qur‟an  Al-Tajweed is one of the three branches of the „Ulum al-Qira‟ah, namely al-Tajweed (correct and good pronunciation of letters), Quran „at (knowledge of various readings and knowledge on the modes or speeds of recitation such as Hadr (normal talking speed), Tarteel slow speed) Tahqiq (slow speed with great care for the purpose of teaching and learning) and Tadwir (a speed between slow and normal).

The Post on tajweed rules of Quran , In Shari’ah One of the famous scholars of AI-Tajweed , Imuin Al-Jazr.& stated that acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge tajweed rules of Quran are  mandatory (Wajib) on every Muslim  for the recitation of the Qur‟an.

Thus, whoever does not recite the Qur‟ãn with Tajweed is liable to commit a sin. Allah (S.W.T.) commands Muslims to recite the Glorious Qur‟ãn where He says:- Meaning “… read . therefore, of the Qur‟an  may be easy for you .. While opinion  on this portion of the above quoted verse of the Qur‟an  The Prophet (P. B. U. H.) recited the Qur‟ãn with Tajweed in the presence of Angel Jibril (A,S.). . in view of these evidences it could be ascertained that AI-Tajweed Is an individual obligation (fird ayn,) on every Muslim and a Sunna of the Prophet (P. B. U. H.). The messenger said :

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