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Dear Brothers and Sister, In this Article We Will learn about Root Words of Quran | words by words Quran PDF Download. The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters, all representing consonants A to Z, and is written from right to left side. … There is a fourth form of the Arabic verb letter when it is written alone. The letter ālif, letter wāw, and letter yā are used to represent the long vowels a, u, and i.

Dear Users, “Quran PDF – Read, Listen, Search, This Article is one of a  best Blog attach PDF which provides the Holy Quran (القران) readers the choices to read and listen recitation as well as complete Quran Arabic Grammar (Root Words of Quran) to analyze the words for better understanding by going in to its Alphabet depth.

This Root Words of the Noble Quran (القران) is great for anyone who just wants to read the Holy Quran wirh Tajweed, better understanding or its meaning  translation and Tafseer but it is especially useful for those with a general interest in the Arabic language, Arabic Grammer PDF, Arabic Vocabulary with Pictures, Arabic Worksheets Grade 1 and Kindergarten, Best Arabic Verb , Dua Book pdf, Arabic Alphabet (A to Z)  to understand Allah’s Almighty dignity  words in true meanings as it provides a lot of options which includes checking Grammar, Vocabulary, searching words, root words, words by words Quran, comparing translations, taking Arabic notes, creating good collections of Arabic an Tajweed  and keeping all of the data on cloud.

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The 28 Arabic Letters

Sr NoEnglishArabic
5Jeem ج
16Toh ط
17Thoh ظ
23Lam ل
24Meem م
25Noon ن
28Ya ي
The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters, all representing consonants, and is written from right to left

Dear Arabic Students, while having all the best features of learning Quran, Quran with Tajweed, (Noorani Qaida English), you can take notes and collect verses (all Quran Surah) in collections of same subjects and all is saved over the cloud. It has no cost, just absolutely free of cost here in this site

This unique and informative words by words Quran PDF Download (القران) provides a lot of useful, informative PDF with more advanced study guide and research with an effortless approach to understand the right interpretation of every words-by-words Quran.

What makes this Root Words of Quran PDF unique is that along with performing smart search, it also provides advanced research of Arabic root letters (A to Z) and its variations which help readers in advanced analysis. It has complete Quranic Grammar (words by words Quran) and The Quran which provides syntax and morphology for each word in the Holy Quran (القران).

Aim: To list ALL the roots words Quran, including possible meanings (from SEVERAL Classical Arabic Quran Lughat ), give ALL examples of usage  and detailed Arabic grammar information for EVERY words by words Quran used. Its goal is to be the most comprehensive the Noble Quran study tool in the English, Urdu, Hindi, Russian and Other languages.

Why? When one reads a translation of the Noble Al Quran, they are actually reading the translator’s interpretation of the original Arabic words. Thus, mistakes are to be expected. A translation will have the translator’s own thoughts/experiences/education/bias/imperfections. By reading the possible meanings of the Root Words of Quran with all of their occurrences & comments on Arabic grammar PDF, we allow you to study the meanings of words-by-words Quran and usage for yourself. We hope this project, Article or Essay will aid the study of students of the scripture. Some opening questions have been answered, aimed primarily at beginners:

  • What is a root?
  • Which root is being used?
  • Which root meaning is correct?

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Download Root Words of Quran | words by words Quran

To use, click on the All-Arabic letters or Essays of the root, from the Arabic letters shown above. The Arabic letters are designed in a similar order to the English alphabet.

juz-1-English root words for kids PDF Download

juz-2-English root words for kids PDF Download

juz-3-English root words for kids PDF Download

juz-4-English root words for kids PDF Download

juz5-English root words for kids PDF Download

juz-6-English root words for kids PDF Download

juz-7-English root words for kids PDF Download

juz-8-English & Word for word Quran

juz-9-English & Word for word Quran

juz-10-English & Word for word Quran

juz-11-English & Word for word Quran

juz-12-English & Word for word Quran

juz-13-English & Word for word Quran

juz-14-English & Word for word Quran

juz-15-English & Word for word Quran

juz-16-English Quranic word PDF Download

juz-17-English Quranic word PDF Download

juz-18-English Quranic word PDF Download

juz-19-English Quranic word PDF Download

juz-20-English Quranic word PDF Download

juz-21-English Quranic word PDF Download

juz-22-English root words of Quran PDF Download

juz-23-Quran word Search PDF Free Download

juz-24-English all prefixes’ words root dictionary?

juz-25-Quran word Search PDF Free Download

juz-26-Quran word Search PDF Free Download

juz-27-Quran word Search PDF Free Download

juz-28-Quran word Search PDF Free Download

juz-29-Quran word Search PDF Free Download

juz-30-Quran word Search PDF Free Download

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