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Assalamualaikum! Juz Amma 30 – An Introduction

This Article offers a collection of the Juz Amma Para No 30 resources which can be found on this site www.QuranMualim.com . I thought it would be easier to create a specific page for them all. I have listed them according to each Surah of the Para No 30. I hope you find this helpful Insha Allah!

Introduction: What is Juz Amma 30 ?

The Qur’an is split into 30 sections (Juz) and 114 chapters (Surah). The final section, Juz 30 or Juz Amma 30, contains 37 chapters. Prophet The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) shared these verses with his followers when he was living and preaching in Mecca while Muslims were a minority group being persecuted.

When Were the Verses of This Juz’ Revealed?

Most of these Parah no 30 short surahs were revealed at the beginning of the Makkan period, when the Muslim community was timid and small in number.  We emphasize that the proper pronunciation of the letters and verses cannot be ascertained except by learning from a qualified, trustworthy teacher. So, We should start the The noble Quran from Juz Amma 30 | Juz Amma for School Students PDF.  The transliteration is meant to be an aid only while studying under a teacher.

It is sinful to commit mistakes while reciting the verses of the Qur’an on one’s own, but not under the supervision of the qualified teacher.  The traditional method of learning the recitation is for the teacher to recite a part and for the student to repeat it after him/her.  The teacher corrects the mistakes and approves the correct recitation.

In some cases, a * is placed after some transliterated word(s).  Then at the end of the page the star is next to the word(s) the way they would be pronounced were one to continue recitation and not pause at the word(s) per se. May Allah grant us the heartily intention and bless our struggling to learn the Holy Book of Allah (Quran Pak). The bridge laying between Paradise and Hellfire that everyone, on the Day of Judgment, will attempt to cross.

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Juzz Amma (Para No 30)

Sr.NoSurah NamesSurah NumberPDF
1The Isti^adhah 6PDF
2Surah al-Fatihah 7PDF
3Surah an-Naba’ 11PDF
4Surah an-Nazi^at 22PDF
5Surah ^Abasa 35PDF
6Surah at-Takwir 45PDF
7Surah al-Infitar 57PDF
8Surahal-Mutaffifin 64PDF
9Surah al-Inshiqaq 78PDF
10Surah al-Buruj 86PDF
11Surah at-Tariq 95PDF
12Surah al-A^la 101PDF
13Surah al-Ghashiah 106PDF
14Surah al-Fajr 114PDF
15Surah al-Balad 128PDF
16Surah ash-Shams 135PDF
17Surah al-Layl 140PDF
18Surah ad-Duha 147PDF
19Surah ash-Sharh 151PDF
20Surah at-Tin 155PDF
21Surah al^Alaq 158PDF
22Surah al-Qadr 164PDF
23Surah al-Bayyinah 167PDF
24Surah az-Zalzalah 172PDF
25Surah al-^Adiyat 176PDF
26Surah al-Qari^ah 179PDF
27Surah at-Takathur 182PDF
28Surah al-^Asr 182PDF
29Surah al-Humazah 189PDF
30Surah al-Fil 192PDF
31Surah Quraysh 196PDF
32Surah al-Ma^un 198PDF
33Surah al-Kawthar 201PDF
34Surah al-Kafirun 204PDF
35Surah an-Nasr 207PDF
36Surah al-Masad 212PDF
37Surah al-Ikhlas 215PDF
38Surah al-Falaq 222PDF
39Surah an-Nas 225PDF
Surah;s Names Juzz Amma PDF Free Download

Juz Amma 30 | Juz Amma for School Students pdf , juz 30 surahs pdf, Surahs in Para 30, Amma Para All Surah, 30 para, Al Quran 30 para, ,Amma ka Para

Juzz Amma (Surah’s Covered are:)

Sr NoSurah NumberSurah NamesSurah Meaning PDF
178Surah Naba (The Great News)PDF
279Surah Nazi’at (Those Who tear Out)PDF
380Surah ‘Abasa (He Frowned)PDF
481Surah Takwir (The Folding Up)PDF
582Surah Infitar (The Cleaving Asunder)PDF
683Surah Mutaffifin (Defrauders)PDF
784Surah Inshiqaq (The Rending Asunder)PDF
885Surah Buruj (The Constellations)PDF
986Surah Tariq (The Night)PDF
1087Surah Aa’la (The Most High)PDF
1188Surah Qashiyah (The Overwhelming Event) PDF
1289Surah Fajr (Break of Down)PDF
1390Surah Balad (The City)PDF
1491Surah Shams (The Sun)PDF
1592Surah Lail (The Night)PDF
1693Surah Duha (The Glorious Mornings Light)PDF
1794Surah Inshirah (Expansion)PDF
1895Surah Tin (The Fig)PDF
1996Surah ‘Alaq (The Clot)PDF
2097Surah Qadr (The Night of Honour)PDF
2198Surah Bayyinah (The Clear Evidence)PDF
2299Surah Zilzal (The Quaking)PDF
23100(The Quaking)(The Charsers)PDF
24101(The Charsers)(The Calamity)PDF
25102Sure Takathur (Vyins in Exuberance)PDF
26103Surah ‘Asr (Time)PDF
27104Surah Humazah (The Slanderer)PDF
28105Surah Fil (The Elephant)PDF
29106Surah Quraish (Custodians of the Ka’ba)PDF
30107Surah Ma’un (Neishborly Needs)PDF
31108Surah Kauthar (The Abundance)PDF
32109Surah Kafirun (Disbelievers)PDF
33110Surah Nasr (Help)PDF
34111Surah Lahab (The Flame)PDF
35112Surah Ikhlas (Monotheism)PDF
36113Surah Falaq (The Daybreak)PDF
37114Surah Nas (Mankind)PDF
Juz Amma 30 | Juz Amma for School Students pdf Free Download

Benefits of Understanding Juz ‘Amma 30 and Juz Amma for School Students pdf :

“In the Holy Quran Allah Said Whenever some people gather in one of the Mosques to recite the book of Allah and study it among themselves – then calmness descends upon them, the holy angels surround them, mercy covers them, and Allah mentions them to those who are with Him.”

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), Sahīh Muslim.

  • Develop an intense connection with Allah through understanding & internalizing the words in the Holy Quran Majeed
  • Tremendously improve your quality of prayers with better concentration (Khusyu’)
  • Understand the context of revelation of each Surah Para 30 (Juz ‘Amma 30 )
  • Ability to embrace the impact of the lessons consist within
  • Reconnect what you have memorized by your heart since you were a child, but could never penetrate the heart itself
  • Experience a wonderful mix of emotions upon reciting the Surahs
  • Gain the true spirit of Allah’s message (Peace Be Upon Him)
  • Sharpens your recitation skills and knowledge


English (Arabic)العَرَبيّةEnglish (Arabic)العَرَبيّةEnglish (Arabic)العَرَبيّة

Arabic Terms

‘a’ after the letterالفتحة
‘u’ after the letterالضمة
‘i’ after the letterالكسرة
‘a’ after the letterالمد بالألف
‘u’ after the letterالمد بالواو
‘i’ after the letterالمد بالياء
The letter is doubledالمُشَدَّد
The Table of Arabic Letters

Juz Amma 30 | Juz Amma for School Students pdf , juz 30 surahs pdf, Surahs in Para 30, Amma Para All Surah, 30 para, Al Quran 30 para, ,Amma ka Para

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1- Surah An-Naba’

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2- Surah An-Nazi`at

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3- Surah Abasa

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4- Surah At-Takwir

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5- Surah Al-‘Infitar

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6- Surah Al-Mutaffifin

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7- Surah Al-‘Inshiqaq

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8- Surah Al-Burooj

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9- Surah At-Tariq

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10- Surah Al-‘A`la

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11- Surah Al-Ghashiyah

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12- Surah Al-Fajr

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13- Surah Al-Balad

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14- Surah Ash-Shams

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15- Surah Al-Layl

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16- Surah Ad-Duhaa

Surah ad Duha - Juz Amma PDF Free Download

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17- Surah Ash-Sharh

Surah ash Sharh Tafsir Guide - juz 30 pdf

Surah-al Sharh pdf - juz 30 pdf Free Download

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18- Surah At-Teen

Loop Game-alaq-Teen - juz 30 pdf

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19- Surah Al-`Alaq

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20- Surah Al-Qadr

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21- Surah Al-Bayyinah

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22- Surah Az-Zalzalah

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23- Surah Al-`Adiyat

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24- Surah Quraysh

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25- Surah At-Takathur

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26- Surah Al-`Asr

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27- Surah Al-Humazah

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28- Surah Al-Feel

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29- Surah Al-‘Ikhlas

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30- Surah Al-Falaq

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31- Surah Al-Kaafiroon

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32- Surah Al-Kawthar

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33 Surah -Al-Ma`un

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34- Surah Al-Masad

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35- Surah Al-Qari`ah

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36- Surah An-Nasr

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37- Surah An-Nas

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juz Ammah benefits - juz 30 surahs pdf

Surah Naba

Dear Students, In this surat al naba , we will learn Surah Naba Translation, surah naba with Tajweed, surah naba meaning, download surah Naba pdf, surah Naba Arabic text, surah naba in English, neat and clean pdf in English , Printable worksheetand urdu and surah naba Tafseer.


  1. ^Amma yatasa’alun.
  2. ^Anin-naba’il-^adhim.
  3. ‘Alladhi hum fihi mukhtalifun.
  4. Kalla saya^lamun.
  5. Thumma kalla saya^lamun.
  6. ‘Alam naj^alil-‘arda mihada.
  7. Wal-jibala ‘awtada.
  8. Wa khalaqnakum ‘azwaja.
  9. Wa ja^alna nawmakum subata.
  10. Wa ja^alnal-layla libasa.
  11. Wa ja^alnan-nahara ma^asha.
  12. Wa banayna fawqakum sab^an shidada.
  13. Wa ja^alna sirajaw-wahhaja.
  14. Wa ‘anzalna minal-mu^sirati ma’an thajjaja.
  15. Li nukhrija bihi habbaw-wanabata.
  16. Wa jannatin ‘alfafa.
  17. ‘Inna yawmal-fasli kana miqata.
  18. Yawma yunfakhu fis-suri fa ta’tuna ‘afwaja.
  19. Wa futihatis-sama’u fa kanat ‘abwaba.
  20. Wa suyyiratil-jibalu fa kanat saraba.
  21. ‘Inna Jahannama kanat mirsada.
  22. Lit-taghina ma’aba.
  23. Labithina fiha ‘ahqaba.
  24. La yadhuquna fiha bardaw-wa la sharaba.
  25. ‘Illa hamimaw-wa ghassaqa.
  26. Jaza’aw-wifaqa.
  27. ‘Innahum kanu la yarjuna hisaba.
  28. Wa kadhdhabu bi ‘ayatina kidhdhaba.
  29. Wa kulla shay’in ‘ahsaynahu kitaba.
  30. Fa dhuqu fa lan nazidakum ‘illa ^adhaba.
  31. ‘Inna lil-muttaqina mafaza.
  32. Hada’iqa wa ‘a^naba.
  33. Wa kawa^iba ‘atraba.
  34. Wa ka’san dihaqa.
  35. La yasma^una fiha laghwaw-wa la kidhdhaba.
  36. Jaza’am-mir-Rabbika ^ata’an hisaba.
  37. Rabbis-samawa ti wal-‘ardi wa ma baynahumar-Rahmani la yamlikuna minhu khitaba.
  38. Yaw ma yaqu mur-ruhu wal-mala’ ikatu saffa,* la yatakallamuna ‘illa man ‘adhina lahur-Rahmanu wa qala sawaba.
  39. Dhali kal-yawmul-haqq(u), fa man sha’at-takhadha ‘ila Rabbihi m’aba.

Dear Students, In this surat al naziat , we will learn surah naziaat , Translation, an Naziat Surah with Tajweed, surat al naziat meaning, download Surat al naziat pdf, surah Naba Arabic text, surat al naziat in English, neat and clean pdf in English , Printable worksheet and urdu and surah Naba Tafseer.

 Surah Naziat


  1. Wan-nazi^ati gharqa.
  2. Wan-nashitati nashta.
  3. Was-sabihati sabha.
  4. Fas-sabiqati sabqa.
  5. Fal-mudabbirati ‘amra.
  6. Yawma tarjufur-rajifah.
  7. Tatba^uhar-radifah.
  8. Qulubuy-yawma’idhiw-wajifah.
  9. ‘Absaruha khashi^ah.
  10. Yaquluna ‘A’inna la marduduna fil-hafirah.
  11. ‘A’idha kunna ^idhaman-nakhirah.
  12. Qalu tilka ‘idhan karratun khasirah.
  13. Fa ‘innama hiya zajratuw-wahidah.
  14. Fa ‘idha hum bis-sahirah.
  15. Hal ‘ataka hadithu Musa.
  16. ‘Idh nadahu Rabbuhu bil-wadil-muqaddasi Tuwa.
  17. ‘Idhhab ‘ila Fir^awna ‘innahu tagha.
  18. Fa qul hal laka ‘ila ‘an tazakka.
  19. Wa ‘ahdiyaka ‘ila Rabbika fa takhsha.
  20. Fa ‘arahul-‘ayatal-kubra.
  21. Fa kadhdhaba wa ^asa.
  22. Thumma ‘adbara yas^a.
  23. Fa hashara fa nada.
  24. Fa qala ‘ana rabbukumul-‘a^la.
  25. Fa ‘akhadhahul-lahu nakalal-‘akhirati wal-‘ula.
  26. ‘Inna fi dhalika la^ibratal-li may-yakhsha.
  27. ‘A’antum ‘ashaddu khalqan ‘amis-sama’u banaha.
  28. Rafa^a samkaha fa sawwaha.
  29. Wa ‘aghtasha laylaha wa ‘akhraja duhaha.
  30. Wal-‘arda ba^da dhalika dahaha.
  31. ‘Akhraja minha ma’aha wa mar^aha.
  32. Wal-jibala ‘arsaha.
  33. Mata^al-lakum wa li ‘an^amikum.
  34. Fa ‘idha ja’atit-tammatul-kubra.
  35. Yawma yatadhakkarul-‘insanu ma sa^a.
  36. Wa burrizatil-jahimu li may-yara.
  37. Fa ‘amma man tagha.
  38. Wa ‘atharal-hayatad-dunya.
  39. Fa ‘innal-jahima hiyal-ma’wa.
  40. Wa ‘amma khafa maqama Rabbihi wa nahan-nafsa ^anil-hawa.
  41. Fa ‘innal-Jannata hiyal-ma’wa.
  42. Yas’alunaka ^anis-sa^ati ‘ayyana mursaha.
  43. Fima ‘anta min dhikraha.
  44. ‘Ila Rabbika muntahaha.
  45. ‘Innama ‘anta mundhiru may-yakhshaha.
  46. Ka’anna hum yawma yarawnaha lam yalbathu ‘illa ^ashiyyatan ‘aw duhaha.

Surah ^Abasa

Dear Students, In this surah al Abasa , we will learn surah naziaat , Translation, Abasa Surah with Tajweed, Abasa meaning, download Abasa pdf, surah Abasa Arabic text, surat Abasa in English, neat and clean pdf in English , Printable worksheet and urdu and Tafsir Surah Abasa.


  1. Abasa wa tawalla.
  2. ‘An ja’ahul-‘a^ma.
  3. Wa ma yudrika la^allahu yazzakka.
  4. ‘Aw yadhdhakkaru fa tanfa^ahudh-dhikra.
  5. ‘Amma manistaghna.
  6. Fa ‘anta lahu tasadda.
  7. Wa ma ^alayka ‘alla yazzakka.
  8. Wa ‘amma man ja’aka yas^a.
  9. Wa huwa yakhsha.
  10. Fa ‘anta ^anhu talahha.
  11. Kalla ‘innaha tadhkirah.
  12. Fa man sha’a dhakarah.
  13. Fi suhufim-mukarramah.
  14. Marfu^atim-mutahharah.
  15. Bi ‘aydi safarah.
  16. Kiramim bararah.
  17. Qutilal-‘insanu ma ‘akfarah.
  18. Min ‘ayyi shay’in khalaqah.
  19. Min nutfatin khalaqahu fa qaddarah.
  20. Thummas-sabila yassarah.
  21. Thumma ‘amatahu fa ‘aqbarah.
  22. Thumma ‘idha sha’a ‘ansharah.
  23. Kalla lamma yaqdi ma ‘amarah.
  24. Falyandhuril-‘insanu ‘ila ta^amih.
  25. ‘Anna sababnal-ma’a sabba.
  26. Thumma shaqaqnal-‘arda shaqqa.
  27. Fa ‘ambatna fiha habba.
  28. Wa ^inabaw-waqadba.
  29. Wa zaytunaw-wa nakhla.
  30. Wa hada’iqa ghulba.
  31. Wa fakihataw-wa ‘abba.
  32. Mata^al-lakum wa li ‘an^amikum.
  33. Fa ‘idha ja’atis-sakhkhah.
  34. Yawma yafirrul-mar’u min ‘akhih.
  35. Wa ‘ummihi wa ‘abih.
  36. Wa sahibatihi wa banih.
  37. Li kullimr’im-minhum yawma’idhin sha’nuy-yughnih.
  38. Wujuhuy-yawma’idhim-musfirah.
  39. Dahikatum-mustabshirah.
  40. Wa wujuhuy-yawma’idhin ^alayha ghabarah.
  41. Tarhaquha qatarah.
  42. ‘Ula’ika humul-kafaratul-fajarah. quran surat at takwir

Surah takwir

Dear Students, In this surah Surah al takwir, we will learn Surah Takweer , Translation, Abasa Surah with Tajweed,  Surah Takwir with urdu Translation, Surah al takwir,  meaning, download Surah al takwir,   pdf, Surah al takwir, Arabic text, Surah al takwir,  in English, neat and clean pdf in English , Printable worksheet and urdu and Quran Surah at Takwir.


1.’Idhash-shamsu kuwwirat.

  1. Wa ‘idhan-nujumu-nkadarat.
  2. Wa ‘idhal-jibalu suyyirat.
  3. Wa ‘idhal-^isharu ^uttilat.
  4. Wa ‘idhal-wuhushu hushirat.
  5. Wa ‘idhal-biharu sujjirat.
  6. Wa ‘idhan-nufusu zuwwijat.
  7. Wa ‘idhal-maw’udatu su’ilat.
  8. Bi ‘ayyi dhambin qutilat.
  9. Wa ‘idhas-suhufu nushirat.
  10. Wa ‘idhas-sama’u kushitat.
  11. Wa ‘idhal-jahimu su^^irat.
  12. Wa ‘idhal-Jannatu ‘uzlifat.
  13. ^Alimat nafsum-ma ‘ahdarat.
  14. Fa la ‘uqsimu bil-khunnas.
  15. Al-Jawaril-kunnas.
  16. Wal-layli ‘idha ^as^as.
  17. Was-subhi ‘idha tanaffas.
  18. ‘Innahu laqawlu Rasulin karim.
  19. Dhi quwwatin ^inda Dhil-^arshi makin.
  20. Muta^in thamma ‘amin.
  21. Wa ma sahibukum bi majnun.
  22. Wa laqad ra’ahu bil-‘ufuqil-mubin.
  23. Wa ma huwa ^alal-ghaybi bi danin.
  24. Wa ma huwa bi qawli shaytanir-rajim.
  25. Fa ‘ayna tadhhabun.
  26. ‘In huwa ‘illa dhikrul-lil-^alamin.
  27. Liman sha’a minkum ‘ay-yastaqim.
  28. Wa ma tasha’una ‘illa ay-yasha’ Allahu Rabbul-^alamin.


Dear Students, In this surah Surah al Infitar , we will learn al Infitar, Translation, al Infitar Surah with Tajweed,  Surah al Inftar with urdu Translation, Surah Surah al Inftar,  meaning, download Surah Surah al Inftar,   pdf, Surah Surah al Inftar, Arabic text, Surah Surah al Inftar,  in English, neat and clean pdf in English , Printable worksheet and urdu and Quran Surah Surah al Inftar.


  1. ‘Idhas-sama’u-nfatarat.
  2. Wa ‘idhal-kawakibu-ntatharat.
  3. Wa ‘idhal-biharu fujjirat.
  4. Wa ‘idhal-quburu bu^thirat.
  5. Alimat nafsum ma qaddamat wa ‘akhkharat.
  6. Ya ‘ayyuhal-‘insanu ma gharraka bi Rabbikal-Karim.
  7. ‘Alladhi khalaqaka fa sawwaka fa ^adalak.
  8. Fi ‘ayyi suratim ma sha’a rakkabak.
  9. Kalla bal tukadhdhibuna bid-Din.
  10. Wa ‘inna ^alaykum lahafidhin.
  11. Kiraman katibin.
  12. Ya^lamuna ma taf^alun.
  13. ‘Innal-‘abrara lafi na^im.
  14. Wa ‘innal-fujjara lafi jahim.
  15. Yaslawnaha yawmad-Din.
  16. Wa mahum ^anha bi gha’ibin.
  17. Wa ma ‘adraka ma yawmud-Din.
  18. Thumma ma ‘adraka ma yawmud-Din.
  19. Yawma la tamliku nafsul-linafsin shay’a, wal-‘amru yawma’idhil-lillah.
  21. Suratul-Mutaffifin   

Dear Students, In this Surah Sijjin , we will learn  Surah Mutaffifin full, Translation, Surah Mutaffifin full Surah with Tajweed,  Surah Mutaffifin full  with urdu Translation, Surah Mutaffifin full,  Sijjin  meaning, download Surah Mutaffifin full  ,   pdf, Surah Mutaffifin full  , Arabic text, Surah Mutaffifin full  in English, neat and clean pdf in English , Printable worksheet and urdu and Surah Mutaffifin full..


  1. Waylul-lil-mutaffifin.
  2. ‘Alladhina ‘idhaktalu ^alan-nasi yastawfun.
  3. Wa ‘idha kaluhum ‘aw wazanuhum yukhsirun.
  4. ‘Ala yadhunnu ‘ula’ika ‘annahum mab^uthun.
  5. Li yawmin ^adhim
  6. Yawma yaqumun-nasu li Rabbil-^alamin.
  1. Kalla ‘inna kitabal-fujjari lafi Sijjin.
  2. Wa ma ‘adraka ma Sijjin.
  3. Kitabum-marqum.
  4. Wayluy-yawma’idhil-lil-mukadhdhibin.
  5. ‘Alladhina yukadhdhibuna bi yawmid-Din.
  6. Wa ma yuka dhdhibu bihi ‘illa kullu mutadin ‘athim.
  7. ‘Idha tutla ^alayhi ‘ayatuna qala ‘asatirul-‘awwalin.
  8. Kalla bala rana ^ala qulubihim ma kanu yaksibun.
  9. Kalla ‘innahum ^ar-Rabbihim yawma’idhil-la mahjubun.
  10. Thumma ‘innahum lasalul-jahim.
  11. Thumma yuqalu hadhal-ladhi kuntum bihi tukadhdhibun.
  12. Kalla ‘inna kitabal-‘abrari lafi ^illiyyin.
  13. Wa ma ‘adraka ma ^illiyyun.
  14. Kitabum marqum.
  15. Yashhaduhul-muqarrabun
  16. ‘Innal-‘abrara lafi na^im.
  17. ^Alal-‘ara’iki yandhurun.
  18. Ta^rifu fi wujuhihim nadratan-na^im.
  19. Yusqawn mir-rahiqim makhtum.
  20. Khitamuhu misk,* wa fi dhalika fal yatanafasil-mutanafisun.
  21. Wa mizajuhu min tasnim.
  22. ^Aynay-yashrabu bihal-muqarrabun.
  23. ‘Innal-ladhina ‘ajramu kanu minal-ladhina ‘amanu yad-hakun.
  24. Wa ‘idha marru bihim yataghamazun.
  25. Wa ‘idha-nqalabu ‘ila ‘ahlihimu-nqalabu fakihin.
  26. Wa ‘idha ra’awhum qalu ‘inna ha’ula’i ladallun.
  27. Wa ma ‘ursilu ^alayhim hafidhin.
  28. Fal-yawmal-ladhina ‘amanu minal-kuffari yad-hakun.
  29. ^Alal-‘ara’iki yandhurun.
  30. Hal thuwwibal-kuffaru ma kanu yaf^alun.


Dear Students, In this Surat al Insyiqaq , we will learn  Surat al Insyiqaq , Translation, Surat al Insyiqaq Surah with Tajweed,  Surat al Insyiqaq with urdu Translation, Surat al Insyiqaq , Surat al Insyiqaq meaning, download Surat al Insyiqaq,   pdf, Surat al Insyiqaq, Arabic text, Surat al Insyiqaq in English, neat and clean pdf in English , Printable worksheet and urdu and Surat al Insyiqaq..


  1. ‘Idhas-sama’u-nshaqqat.
  2. Wa ‘adhinat li Rabbiha wa huqqat.
  3. Wa ‘idhal-‘ardu muddat.
  4. Wa ‘alqat ma fiha wa takhallat.
  5. Wa ‘adhinat li Rabbiha wa huqqat.
  6. Ya ‘ayyuhal-‘insanu ‘innaka kadihun ‘ila Rabbika kadhan
  7. Fa ‘amma man ‘utiya kitabahu bi yaminih.

8.Fa sawfa yuhasabu hisabay-yasira.

  1. Wa yanqalibu ‘ila ‘ahlihi masrura.
  2. Wa ‘amma man ‘utiya kitabahu wara’a dhahrih.
  3. Fa sawfa yad^u thubura.
  4. Wa yasla sa^ira.
  5. ‘Innahu kana fi ‘ahlihi masrura.
  6. ‘Innahu dhanna ‘allay yahur.
  7. Bala ‘inna Rabbahu kana bihi basira.
  8. Fa la ‘uqsimu bish-shafaq.
  9. Wallayli wa ma wasaq.
  10. Wal-qamari ‘idhat-tasaq.
  11. La tarkabunna tabaqan ^an tabaq.
  12. Fa ma lahum la yu’minun.
  13. Wa ‘idha quri’a ^alayhimul-Qur’anu la yasjudun.
  14. Balil-ladhina kafaru yukadhdhibun.
  15. Wallahu ‘a^lamu bima yu^un.
  16. Fa bashshirhum bi ^adhabin ‘alim.


Dear Students, In this Surah Burooj , we will learn  Surah Burooj, Translation, Surah Burooj with Tajweed, Surah Burooj with urdu Translation, Surah Burooj, Surah Burooj meaning, download Surah Burooj pdf, Surah Burooj, Arabic text, Surah Burooj in English, neat and clean pdf in English , Printable worksheet and urdu and Surah Burooj..


  1. Was-sama’i dhatil-buruj.
  2. Wal-yawmil-maw^ud.
  3. Wa shahidiw-wa mashhud.
  4. Qutila ‘ashabul-‘ukhdud.
  5. An-Nari dhatil-waqud.
  6. ‘Idh hum ^alayha qu^ud.
  7. Wa hum ^ala ma yaf^aluna bil-mu’minina shuhud.
  8. Wa ma naqamu minhum illa ay-yu’minu billahil-^Azizil-Hamid.
  9. ‘Alla dhi lahu mulkus-sama wati wal-‘ard,* wallahu ala kulli shay’in shahid.
  10. ‘Innal-ladhi fatanul-mu’minina wal-mu’minati thumma lam yatubu fa lahum ^adhabu jahannama wa lahum
  11. ‘Inna batsha Rabbika la shadid.
  12. ‘Innahu Huwa yubdi’u wa yu^id.
  13. Wa Huwal-Ghafurul-Wadud.
  14. Dhul-^arshil-majid.
  15. Fa^^alul lima yurid.
  16. Hal ‘ataka hadithul-junud.
  17. Fir^awna wa thamud.
  18. Balil-ladhina kafaru fi takdhib.
  19. Wallahu miw wara’ihim muhit.
  20. Bal huwa Qur’anum majid.
  21. Fi lawhim mahfudh


Dear Students, In this Sura at Tariq, we will learn Sura at Tariq, Translation, Sura at Tariq with Tajweed, Surah e Tariq with Urdu Translation, Surah e Tariq, Surah e Tariq meaning, download Surah e Tariq pdf, Surah e Tariq , Arabic text, Surah Tariq in English  , neat and clean pdf in English , Printable worksheet and Urdu and Surah e Tariq Translation..


  1. Was-sama’i wat-tariq.
  2. Wa ma ‘adraka mat-tariq.
  3. ‘An-najmuth-thaqib.
  4. ‘In kullu nafsil-lamma ^alayha hafidh.
  5. Fal yandhuril-‘insanu mima khuliq.
  6. Khuliqa mim ma’in dafiq.
  7. Yakhruju mim baynis-sulbi wat-tara’ib.
  8. ‘Innahu ^ala raj^ihi la qadir.
  9. Yawma tublas-sara’ir.
  10. Famma lahu min quwwatiw wa lah nasir.
  11. Was-sama’i dhatir-raj^.
  12. Wal-‘ardi dhatis-sad^.
  13. ‘Innahu la qawlun fasl.
  14. Wa ma huwa bil-hazl.
  15. ‘Innahum yakiduna kayda.
  16. Wa ‘akidu kayda.
  17. Fa mahhilil-kafirina ‘amhilhum ruwayda Suratul-‘A^la

Dear Students, In this Surat Sabbihsma, we will learn Sabbihisma Rabbikal aala, Translation, Sabbihisma Rabbikal with Tajweed, Surah e Tariq with Urdu Translation, Surah e Tariq, Surah e Tariq meaning, download Surat al la , Surat Sabbihisma Rabbika, Arabic text, Surah Alla in English  , neat and clean pdf in English , Printable worksheet and Urdu


  1. Sabbihisma Rabbikal-‘a^la.
  2. ‘Al-ladhi khalaqa fa sawwa.
  3. Walladhi qaddara fa hada.
  4. Wal-ladhi ‘akhrajal-mar^a.
  5. Fa ja^alahu ghutha’an ‘ahwa.
  6. Sa nuqri’uka fala tansa.
  7. ‘Illah ma sha’allah,* ‘innahu ya^lamul-jahra wa ma yakhfa.
  8. Wa nuyassiruka lil-yusra.
  9. Fa dhakkir ‘in nafa^atidh-dhikra.
  10. Sa yadhdhakkaru may yakhsha.
  11. Wa yatajannabuhal-‘ashqa.
  12. ‘Al-ladhi yaslan-naral-kubra.
  13. Thumma la yamutu fiha wa la yahya.
  14. Qad ‘aflaha man tazakka.
  15. Wa dhakara-sma Rabbihi fa salla.
  16. Bal tu’thirunal-hayatad-dunya.
  17. Wal-‘akhiratu khayruw wa ‘abqa.
  18. ‘Inna hadha lafis-suhufil-‘ula.
  19. Suhufi ‘Ibrahima wa Musa.


Dear Students, In this Surat Ghashiyah, we will learn surah al Ghashiyah, Translation, Surah al Ghashiya with Tajweed, surat al ghashiya with Urdu Translation, Surah Ghashiya Full, Surah al Ghashiyah Transliteration , Surat Sabbihisma Rabbika, Arabic text, Surah al Ghashiya in English  , neat and clean pdf in English , Surah Ghashiya with Urdu Translation , Surah al Ghashiyah in English     


  1. Hal ataka hadithul-ghashiyah.
  2. Wujuhuy-yawma’idhin khashi^ah.
  3. ^Amilatun-nasibah.
  4. Tasla naran hamiyah.
  5. Tusqa min ^aynin ‘aniyah.
  6. Laysa lahum ta^amun ‘illa min dari^.
  7. La yusminu wa la yughni min ju^.
  8. Wujuhuy-yawma’idhin na^imah.
  9. Li sa^yiha radiyah.
  10. Fi Jannatin ^aliyah.
  11. La tasma^u fiha laghiyah.
  12. Fiha ^aynun jariyah.
  13. Fiha sururum marfu^ah.
  14. Wa ‘akwabum mawdu^ah.
  15. Wa namariqu masfufah.
  16. Wa zarabiyyu mabthuthah.
  17. ‘Afala yandhuruna ‘ilal-‘ibili kayfa khuliqat.
  18. Wa ‘ilas-sama’i kayfa rufi^at.
  19. Wa ‘ilal-jibali kayfa nusibat.
  20. Wa ‘ilal-‘ardi kayfa sutihat.
  21. Fa dhakkir ‘innama ‘anta mudhakkir.
  22. Lasta ^alayhim bi musaytir.
  23. ‘Illa man tawalla wa kafar.
  24. Fa yu^adhdhibuhu-llahul-^adhabal-‘akbar.
  25. ‘Inna ‘ilayna ‘iyabahum.
  26. Thumma ‘inna ^alayna hisabahum.


Dear Students, In this Surah al Fajr , we will learn Surat al Fajr Translation, Surah al Fajr  with Tajweed, surat al Fajr  with Urdu Translation, Surah Fajt Full, Surah e Fajr Transliteration , surah fajr translation, Surah 89, Surah fajr Read, neat and clean pdf in English , Surah Fajr Translation in Urdu ,  surah fajr equran, surah al fajr full, Surah Al Fajr in English, Free Download Quran surah al fajr


  1. Wal-Fajr.
  2. Wa layalin ^ashr.
  3. Wash-shaf^i wal-watr.
  4. Wal-layli ‘idha yasr.
  5. Hal fi dhalika qasamulli dhi hijr.
  6. ‘Alam tara kayfa fa^ala Rabbuka bi^ad.
  7. ‘Irama dhatil-^imad.
  8. ‘Allati lam yukhlaq mithluha fil-bilad.
  9. Wa thamudal-ladhina jabus-sakhra bil-wad.
  10. Wa fir^awna dhil-‘awtad.
  11. ‘Alladhina taghaw fil-bilad.
  12. Fa ‘aktharu fihal-fasad.
  13. Fa sabba ^alayhim Rabbuka sawta ^adhab.
  14. ‘Inna Rabbaka labil-mirsad.
  15. ‘insanu ‘idha mabtalahu Rabbuhu fa ‘akramahu wa na^^amahu fa yaqulu Rabbi ‘akraman.
  16. ‘idha mabtalahu fa qadara ^alayhi rizqahu fa yaqulu Rabbi
  17. Kalla bal la tukrimunal-yatim.
  18. Wa la tahadduna ^ala ta^amil-miskin.
  19. Wa ta’kulunat-turatha ‘aklal-lamma.
  20. Wa tuhibbunal-mala hubban jamma.
  21. Kalla ‘idha dukkatil-‘ardu dakkan dakka.
  22. Wa ja’a Rabbuka wal-malaku saffan saffa.
  23. yawma’idhiy-yatadhakkarul-‘insanu wa ‘anna lahudh-dhikra.
  24. Yaqulu ya laytani qaddamtu li hayati.
  25. Fa yawma’idhil-la yu^adhdhibu ^adhabahu ‘ahad.
  26. Wa la yuthiqu wathaqahu ‘ahad.
  27. Ya ‘ayyatuhan-nafsul-mutma’innah.
  28. ‘Irji^i ila Rabbiki radiyatam-mardiyyah.
  29. Fadkhuli fi ^ibadi.
  30. Wadkhuli Jannati.
  31. Upon Continuation: * bi Jahannama


Dear Students, In this Surah al Balad , we will learn Surat al Balad Translation, Surah al Balad  with Tajweed, surat al Balad   with Urdu Translation, Surah Balad Full, Surah Balad Translation, Balad Surah, Surah 89, , neat and clean pdf in English , Surah al Balad Arabic ,  surah al fajr full, Free Download Quran surah al Balad   , Surah 90, Quran Surat al Balad, Surat al Balad in English.

  1. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.
  2. La ‘uqsimu bihadhal-balad.
  3. Wa ‘anta hillum bihadhal-balad.
  4. Wa walidiw wa ma walad.
  5. La qad khalaqanal-‘insana fi kabad.
  6. ‘Ayahsabu ‘allay yaqdira ^alayhi ‘ahad.
  7. Yaqulu ‘ahlaktu malal lubada.
  8. ‘Ayahsabu ‘allam yarahu ‘ahad.
  9. ‘Alam naj^al lahu ^aynayn.
  10. Wa lisanaw wa shafatayn.
  11. Wa hadaynahun-najdayn.
  12. Fa la qtahamal-^aqabah.
  13. Wa ma ‘adraka mal-^aqabah.
  14. Fakku raqabah.
  15. ‘Aw ‘it^amun fi yawmin dhi masghabah.
  16. Yatiman dha maqrabah.
  17. ‘Aw miskinan dha matrabah.
  18. Thumma kana minal-ladhina ‘amanu wa tawasaw bis-sabri wa tawasaw bil-marhamah.
  19. ‘Ula’ika ‘ashabul-maymanah.
  20. Wal-ladhina kafaru bi ‘ayatina hum ‘ashabul-mash’amah.
  21. ^Alayhim narum-mu’sadah.


Dear Students, In this Surah Shams , we will learn Surat al Shams Translation, Surah Shams meaning ,As Shams Surah surah al shams with Tajweed, surah ash Shams  with Urdu Translation, Surah e Shams, Balad Surah, Surah 89, , neat and clean pdf in English , Surah Shams Full , Surah 91, Quran Surah Shams in English, Wa Shamsi Wa Duhaha. surah shams translation ,  Surah Shams Translation in Urdu, surah al shams in English 

  1. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.
  2. Wash-shamsi wa duhaha.
  3. Wal-qamari ‘idha talaha.
  4. Wan-nahari ‘idha jallaha.
  5. Wal-layli ‘idha yaghshaha.
  6. Was-sama’i wa ma banaha.
  7. Wal-‘ardi wa ma tahaha.
  8. Wa nafsiw wa ma sawwaha.
  9. Fa ‘alhamaha fujuraha wa taqwaha.
  10. Qad ‘aflaha man zakkaha.
  11. Wa qad khaba man dassaha.
  12. Kadhdhabat thamudu bi taghwaha.
  13. ‘Idhi-mba^atha ‘ashqaha.
  14. Fa qala lahum Rasulullahi naqatallahi wa suqyaha.
  15. Fa kadhdhabuhu fa ^aqaruha fa damdama ^alayhim Rabbuhum bi dhambihim fa sawwaha.
  16. Wa la yakhafu ^uqbaha.
  17. Suratul-Layl

Dear Students, In this Surah Layl , we will learn Surat al ayal Translation, Surah Shams meaning , Surah al layl with Tajweed, surah al Layl  with Urdu Translation,  , Surah Al Layl neat and clean pdf in English , Surah LAyl Full , Surah 91, Quran Surah Shams in English, Wa Shamsi Wa Duhaha. surah shams translation ,  Surah al lail Transliteration ,

  1. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.
  2. Wal-layli ‘idha yaghsha.
  3. Wan-nahari ‘idha tajalla.
  4. Wa ma khalaqdh-dhakara wal-‘untha.
  5. ‘Inna sa^yakum la shatta.
  6. Fa ‘amma man ‘a^ta wattaqa.
  7. Wa saddaqa bil-husna.
  8. Fa sanuyassiruhu lil-yusra.
  9. Wa ‘amma mam bakhila wastaghna.
  10. Wa kadhdhaba bil-husna.
  11. fa sanuyassiruhu lil-^usra.
  12. Wa ma yughni ^anhu maluhu idha taradda.
  13. ‘Inna ^alayna lal-huda.
  14. Wa ‘inna lana lal-‘akhirata wal-‘ula.
  15. Fa ‘andhartukum naran taladhdha.
  16. La yaslaha illal-‘ashqa.
  17. ‘Alladhi kadhdhaba wa tawalla.
  18. Wa sayujannabuhal-‘atqa.
  19. ‘Alladhi yu’ti malahu yatazakka.
  20. Wa ma li ‘ahadin ^indahu min ni^matin tujza.
  21. ‘Illa btigha’a wajhi Rabbihil-‘A^la.
  22. Wa la sawfa yarda.
  23. Suratud-Duha

Dear Students, In this Surah Duha , we will learn Surat ad Duha , Surah ad Duha meaning ,Surat adh Duhah, Surah al Duha  with Tajweed, Surah Duha  Translation, Surah al Zuha, Balad Surah, Surah 89, , neat and clean pdf in English , Surah Shams Full , Surah 91, Quran Surah Duha  in English Surah Duha Meaning.,  Surah Duha wirh Urdu  Translation, Wa Duha, surat wazuha, duha prayer surah, wa duha surah, Surah Duha Full, surah ad duha with translation

  1. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.
  2. Wad-duha.
  3. Wal-layli idha saja.
  4. Ma wadda^aka Rabbuka wa ma qala.
  5. Wa lal-‘akhiratu khayrul-laka minal-‘ula.
  6. Wa la sawfa yu^tika Rabbuka fa tarda.
  7. ‘Alam yajidka yatiman fa ‘awa.
  8. Wa wajadaka dallan fa hada.
  9. Wa wajadaka ^a’ilan fa ‘aghna.
  10. Fa ‘ammal-yatima fa la taqhar.
  11. Wa ‘ammas-sa’ila fa la tanhar.
  12. Wa ‘amma bi ni^mati Rabbika fa haddith.
  13. 17 Suratul-Inshirah
  14. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim
  15. ‘Alam nashrah laka sadrak.
  16. Wa wada^na ^anka wizrak.
  17. ‘Alladhi anqada dhahrak.
  18. Wa rafa^na laka dhikrak.
  19. Fa ‘inna ma^al-^usri yusra.
  20. ‘Inna ma^al-^usri yusra.
  21. Fa ‘idha faraghta fansab.
  22. Wa ‘ila Rabbika farghab.


Dear Students, In this Surah Tin, we will learn Surat Tin Translation, Surah Tin  meaning , watini wa zaitun surah Tin   with Urdu Translation,  , Surah Tin  neat and clean pdf in English , Surah LAyl Full , Surah zaitoon in English, Wa Shamsi Wa Duhaha. surah shams translation ,  Surah Tin  Transliteration ,  Surah Tin Benefits, Surah 95, Tafsir Surah at tin,  Surah at tin meaning , Surah watini  Wazaitun, surah at tin ayat 8, Surah Tin Tafseer, al Quran surat at tin

  1. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim
  2. Wat-tini waz-zaytun.
  3. Wa turi sinin.
  4. Wa hadhal-baladil-‘amin.
  5. La qad khalaqnal-‘insana fi ‘ahsani taqwim.
  6. Thumma radadnahu ‘asfala safilin.
  7. ‘amanu wa amilus-salihati fa lahum ajrun ghayru
  8. Fa ma yukadhdhibuka ba^du bid-Din.
  9. ‘Alaysal-lahu bi ‘ahkamil-hakimin.
  10. 19   Suratul-^Alaq
  11. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim
  12. ‘Iqra’ bismi Rabbikalladhi khalaq.
  13. Khalaqal-‘insana min ^alaq.
  14. ‘Iqra’ wa Rabbukal-‘akram.
  15. ‘Alladhi ^allama bil-qalam.
  16. ^Allamal-‘insana ma lam ya^lam.
  17. Kalla ‘innal-‘insana la yatgha.
  18. ‘Ar-ra’ahu-staghna.
  19. ‘Inna ‘ila Rabbikar-ruj^a.
  20. ‘Ara’aytal-ladhi yanha.
  21. ^Abdan ‘idha salla.
  22. ‘Ara’ayta in kana ^alal-huda.
  23. ‘Aw ‘amara bit-taqwa.
  24. ‘Ara’ayta ‘in kadhdhaba wa tawalla.
  25. ‘Alam ya^lam bi ‘annal-laha yara.
  26. Kalla la ‘illam yantahi la nasfa^am bin-nasiyah.
  27. Nasiyatin kadhibatin khati’ah
  28. Falyad^u nadiyah.
  29. Sa nad^uz-zabaniyah.
  30. Kalla la tuti^hu wasjud waqtarib.


Dear Students, In this Surah al Qadr, we will learn Surat Inna Anzalna surah Translation, Surah lailatul qadr meaning , lailatul qadr surah surah Qadr  with Urdu Translation,  , Surah Qadr in  English , Surah Qadr  Full Surah Qadar   Transliteration ,  Surah Qadar  Benefits, Surah 97, Tafsir Surah al Qadar,  Surah at tin meaning , Qadr Surah

  1. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim
  2. ‘Inna ‘anzalnahu fi laylatil-Qadr.
  3. Wa ma ‘adraka ma laylatul-Qadr.
  4. Laylatul-Qadri khayrum min ‘alfi shahr.
  5. Tanazzalul-mala’ikatu war-Ruhu fiha bi’idhni Rabbihim min kulli ‘amr.
  6. Salamun hiya hatta matla^il-fajr.
  7. 21 Suratul-Bayyinah
  8. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim
  9. Lam yakunil-ladhina kafaru min ‘ahlil-kitabi wal-mushrikina munfakkina hatta ta’tiyahumul-bayyinah.
  10. Rasulum-minallahi yatlu suhufam-mutahharah.
  11. Fiha kutubun qayyimah.
  12. Wa ma tafarraqal-ladhina ‘utul-kitaba illa mim ba^di ma ja’at-humul-bayyinah.
  13. Wa ma ‘umiru illa li ya^budullaha mukhlisina lahud-Dina hunafa’a wa yuqimus-Salata wa yu’tuz-Zakah,* wa dhalika Dinul-qayyimah.
  14. ‘Innal-ladhina kafaru min ‘ahlil-kitabi wal-mushrikina fi nari Jahannama khalidina fiha, ‘ula’ika hum sharrul-bariyyah.
  15. ‘Innal-ladhina ‘amanu wa ^amilus-salihati ‘ula’ika hum khayrul-bariyyah.
  16. Jaza’uhum ^inda Rabbihim jannatu ^adnin tajri min tahtihal-‘anharu khalidina fiha ‘abada,* radiyallahu ^anhum wa radu ^anh,* dhalika liman khashiya Rabbah.
  17. Upon Continuation:
  18. yu’tuz-Zakata
  19. ‘abadar-radiyallahu
  20. ^anhu


Dear Students, In this Surah al Surat al Zalzalah , we will learn Surah zilzal Translation, Surah az zalzalah meaning , Surah Zazalah  surah iza zulzilatil, Surah iza zulzilatil, surah zalzalah in english, Surah iza zulzilatil   Full, surah iza zulzilatil  Transliteration ,  Surah Qadar  Benefits, Surah 99, Quran surat al zalzalah,  Surah at tin meaning , Qadr Surah    , Tafsir surah al zalzalah, Surah zilzal benefits , Free download surat al zalzalah, surah zalzalah word by word

  1. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.
  2. ‘Idha zulzilatil-‘ardu zilzalaha.
  3. Wa ‘akhrajatil-‘ardu ‘athqalaha.
  4. Wa qalal-‘insanu ma laha.
  5. Yawma’idhin tuhaddithu akhbaraha.
  6. Bi ‘anna Rabbaka ‘awha laha.
  7. Yawma’idhiy-yasdurun-nasu ashtatal-liyuraw ‘a^malahum.
  8. Fa mayya^mal mithqala dharratin khayray-yarah.
  9. Wa may-ya^mal mithqala dharratin sharray-yarah.
  10. 23 Suratul-^Adiyat
  11. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim
  12. Wal-^adiyati dabha.
  13. Fal-muriyati qadha.
  14. Fal-mughirati subha.
  15. Fa ‘atharna bihi naq^a.
  16. Fa wasatna bihi jam^a.
  17. ‘Innal-‘insana li Rabbihi la kanud.
  18. Wa ‘innahu ^ala dhalika la shahid.
  19. Wa ‘innahu lihubbil-khayri la shadid.
  20. ‘Afala ya^lamu ‘idha bu^thira ma fil-qubur.
  21. Wa hussila ma fis-sudur.
  22. ‘Inna Rabbahum bihim yawma’idhil-la khabir.


 In this Surah qari ah, we will learn Surah al Qarish  Translation, Surah al Qariah  meaning , Surah al qariah translation, explanation of surah al qariah in English,  Surah al qariah translation in English, qariah Surah

  1. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.
  2. ‘Al-Qari^ah.
  3. Mal-Qari^ah.
  4. Wa ma ‘adraka mal-Qari^ah.
  5. Yawma yakunun-nasu kal-farashil-mabthuth.
  6. Wa takunul-jibalu kal-^ihnil-manfush.
  7. Fa ‘amma man thaqulat mawazinuh.
  8. Fa huwa fi ^ishatir-radiyah.
  9. Wa ‘amma man khaffat mawazinuh.
  10. Fa ‘ummuhu hawiyah.
  11. Wa ma ‘adraka ma hiyah.
  12. Narun hamiyah.
  13. Suratut-Takathur
  14. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim
  15. ‘Alhakumut-takathur.
  16. Hatta zurtumul-maqabir.
  17. Kalla sawfa ta^lamun.
  18. Thumma kalla sawfa ta^lamun.
  19. Kalla law ta^lamuna ^ilmal-yaqin.
  20. La tarawunnal-jahim.
  21. Thumma la tarawunnaha ^aynal-yaqin.
  22. Thumma la tus’alunna yawma’idhin ^anin-na^im.


Dear Students, In this Surah Al Asr we will learn Wal Asr Translation, Surah al Asr   meaning , Surah al Asr in English , surah al asr translation, surah asr tafseer in urdu, wal asr meaning, quran surat al ashr, sura al asar, surah al asr in english writing, al asr in english

  1. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim
  2. Wal-^Asr.
  3. ‘Innal-‘insana lafi khusr.
  4. ‘Illal-ladhina ‘amanu wa ^amilus-salihati wa tawasaw bil-haqqi wa tawasaw bis-sabr.
  5. 27 Suratul-Humazah
  6. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim
  7. Waylul-li kulli humazatil-lumazah.
  8. ‘Alladhi jama^a malaw wa ^addadah.
  9. Yahsabu anna malahu akhladah.
  10. Kalla layumbadhanna fil-hutamah.
  11. Wa ma ‘adraka mal-hutamah.
  12. Narullahil-muqadah.
  13. ‘Allati tattali^u ^alal-‘af’idah.
  14. ‘Innaha ^alayhim mu’sadah.
  15. Fi ^amadim mumaddadah.
  16. 28 Suratul-Fil
  17. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim
  18. ‘Alam tara kayfa fa^ala Rabbuka bi ‘ashabil-fil.
  19. ‘Alam yaj^al kaydahum fi tadlil.
  20. Wa ‘arsala ^alayhim tayran ‘ababil.
  21. Tarmihim bi hijaratim min sijjil.
  22. Fa ja^alahum ka^asfim ma’kul.

Suratu  Quraysh

Dear Students, In this Surah Quraysh  we will learn Surah Al Quraish Translation, surah Quraish word by word, surah quraish in hindi pdf, Surah Quraish Arabic, Surah al quraish english translation and Secret of surah Quraish

  1. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.
  2. Li ‘ilafi Quraysh.
  3. ‘Ilafihim rihlatash-shita’i was-sayf.
  4. Fal ya^budu Rabba hadhal-bayt.
  5. ‘Alladhi ‘at^amahum min ju^iw wa ‘amanahum min khawf.
  6. 30 Suratul-Ma^un
  7. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.
  8. ‘Ara’aytal-ladhi yukadhdhibu bid-Din.
  9. Fa dhalikal-ladhi yadu^^ul-yatim.
  10. Wa la yahuddu ^ala ta^amil-miskin.
  11. Fa waylul-lil musallin.
  12. ‘Alladhina hum ^an salatihim sahun.
  13. ‘Alladhina hum yura’un.
  14. Wa yamna^unal-ma^un.
  15. 31 Suratul-Kawthar
  16. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.
  17. ‘Inna ‘a^taynakal-Kawthar.
  18. Fa salli li Rabbika wanhar.
  19. ‘Inna shani’aka huwal-‘abtar.
  20.  Suratul-‘Ikhlas

Dear Students, In this Surah al Ikhlas  we will learn Surah Al Quraish Translation, Ikhlas in English, Surah ikhlas translation, Surah ikhlas translation in urdu, Surah ikhlas in urdu, surat 3 qul, qul ho wallah hu ahad, surah ikhlas meaning in english, surah ikhlas meaning in urdu, al ikhlas meaning, Suratul iklas, Quran surah ikhlas, qul hu allah hu ahad meaning, al ikhlas surat, Surah ahad translation, Quran surah 112


  1. Qul Huwal-lahu ‘Ah
  2. ‘AllahusS
  3. Lam yalid wa lam yu
  4. Wa lam yakullahukufuwan ‘ah


  1. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahi
  2. Qul ‘a^udhu bi Rabbil-falaq.
  3. Min sharri makhalaq.
  4. Wa min sharri ghasiqin ‘idhawaq
  5. Wa min sharrin-naffathati fil-^uq
  6. Wa min sharri hasidin ‘idhah


  1. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahi
  2. Qul ‘a^udhu bi Rabbin-na
  3. Malikin-na
  4. ‘Ilahin-na
  5. Min sharril-waswasil-khanna
  6. ‘Alladhiyuwaswisu fi sudurin-na
  7. Minal-jinnati wan-na
  8. END OF THE 30th Juz
  9. Suratul-Fatihah
  10. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahi
  11. ‘Al-Hamdu lillahi Rabbil-^alami
  12. ‘Ar-Rahmanir-Rahim
  13. MalikiYawmid-Di
  14. ‘Iyyaka na^budu  wa ‘iyyaka nasta^i
  15. ‘Ihdinassiratal-Mustaqi
  16. Siratal-ladhina ‘an^amta ^alayhim ghayril-maghdubi ^alayhim wa laddalli
Juz Amma 30 | Juz Amma for School Students pdf , juz 30 surahs pdf, Surahs in Para 30, Amma Para All Surah, 30 para, Al Quran 30 para, ,Amma ka Para

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Juz Amma 30 | Juz Amma for School Students pdf , juz 30 surahs pdf, Surahs in Para 30, Amma Para All Surah, 30 para, Al Quran 30 para, ,Amma ka Para

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