Surah Ar-Rad, Translations, Benefits, Tafseer, PDF

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In this Article we will learn about Surah Ar-Rad, Translations, Benefits, Tafseer, PDF. The basic theme of the Surah Ar-Rad is divine guidance, directions, Teachings, and Counselling’s. Allah Almighty has created the entire universe. Allah knows what is in the wombs and everything is under His knowledge and sight. He sent His beloved prophets, Messengers, Nabi, and guides to all human beings for their guidance and now the Last Messenger Hazrat Muhammad has come.

Main Sections Ar-Rad:

Allah’s Almighty signs in nature. Allah Almighty knows each and everything; the whole universe praises, worship, glory Him. Those who have eyes can see the truth. The truth has an everlasting power. The faithful and unfaithful, their characters and their ends of lives. The comfort of the hearts is in the remembrance of Allah Almighty. Those who deny, refuse, Allah Almighty, no signs or miracles, Mystery can help them.

People in the past also denied or refuse Allah’s Prophets and laughed at them, but what were their ends. Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him is the Messenger of Allah. The witness is Allah Almighty and all those who have the knowledge of the Scriptures, or expression, Sign of Allah. The word ar-Ra’d (thunder), which this Surah is named after, is used in the 13th Surah of the Noble Qur’an, in the 13th Juzz and is the 13th Ayat of the Noble Quran.This Surah has 43 Ayaat.

Introduction to Surah Ar-Rad PDF

Surah Ar-Rad #13
Surah Ar-Rad MeaningThe Thunder
Surah Ar-Rad No. of ayaat43
Surah Ar-Rad Revealed inMakkah
Revelation order96
Sujood (al-Tilaawah)1 (Ayaah 15)
Surah Ar-Rad Rukūʿ6 (Ayaah 7, 18, 26, 31, 37, 43)
Hizb break(s)3 (Ayaah 4, 18, 34)
Surah Ar-Rad Juz13
Surah Ar-Rad Manzil3
Surah Ar-Rad Page # ^249
Surah Ar-Rad No. of pages06
The Six Kalimas
Haroof MuqattaatAlif Lam Mim Ra
Title Refferv. 13 [
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Dear Brothers and Sisters, whoever recites this surah Ar Rad many times lightning would never srike him; if he loves, faith, sympathy Ali and Ahl ul Bayt (Prophet family), would go into paradise without reckoning; he would have the entitlement, right, claim, permission, to intercede on behalf of his friends, relatives near and Dear ones.

Whoever recites this surah Ar Rad daily or weekend, his reward would be equal to the number of clouds, number of stars, number of sands which have passed over the earth; and on the day of reckoning he would be among those who had fulfilled their promise made with Allah Almighty. If this surah Ar Rad is written on paper after praying salat tahajjud and hung on the door of a tyrant (caesar, despot, dictator, führer. (orfuehrer), oppressor, pharaoh, strongman, ) he would die soon.

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