Surah Aali Imran, Translations, Benefits, Tafseer, PDF

In this Article We will learn about Surah Aali Imran, Translations, Benefits, Tafseer, PDF. This Surah imran takes its name from v. 33. Al-i-Imran, like the names of many other surahs (Surah Al-Fatihah , Surah  Al-Baqarah , Surah  Imran , Surah  An-Nisa’ , Surah  Al-Ma’idah , Surah  Al-An’am , Surah  Al-A’raf , Chapter  Surah  Al-Anfal , Chapter Surah Chapter  At-Taubah , Chapter Surah  Yunus , Chapter Surah  Hud , Chapter Surah  Yusuf , Chapter Surah  Ar-Ra’d , Surah  Ibrahim , Surah  Al-Hijr , Surah  An-Nahl , Surah  Al-Isra’ , Surah  Al-Kahf , Surah  Maryam , Surah  Ta-Ha , Surah  Al-Anbiya Surah  Al-Haj. Surah  Al-Mu’minun, Surah  An-Nur, Surah  Al-Furqan, Surah  Ash-Shu’ara’, Surah  An-Naml, Surah  Al-Qasas, Surah  Al-Ankabut, , Surah  Luqman), is merely a name to distinguish it from other surahs and does not imply that the family of Imran has been discussed in it. The Period of Revelation Surah Imran 

This Surah Aali Imran   consists of four discourses the first discourses: –

  • Surah Aali Imran first discourse (vv. 1-32) was revealed soon after the Battle of Badr.
  • Surah Aali Imran second discourse (vv. 33-63) was revealed in 9 A. H. on the Time the visit of the deputation from the Christians of Najran.
  • Surah Aali Imran third discourse (vv. 64-120) appears to have been revealed immediately.
  • Surah Aali Imran fourth discourse (vv. 121-200) was revealed after the Battle of Uhd.

Introduction to Surah Aali Imran (the Family of Imran)

Surah Aali Imran #3
Surah Aali Imran MeaningThe Family of Imran
No. of Ayaat/Verses200
Revealed inMedina
Revelation order89
Sujood (al-Tilaawah)0
Rukūʿ20 (Ayaah 9, 20, 30, 41, 54, 63, 71, 80, 91, 101, 109, 120, 129, 143, 148, 155, 171, 180, 189, 200)
Hizb break(s)10 (Ayaah 14, 32, 51, 74, 92, 112, 132, 152, 170, 185)
Surah Aali Imran Juz
3, 4
Page # ^5
No. of pages27
LinkLughat ul QuranQuranMualim
The Title Refer to (The Noble Quran)V (33-35)
Haroof Muqatta’at (Isolated Letters the Nobel Quran)Alif Lam MiM
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Surah Aali Imran The Holy Quran is a perfect source of guidance in this World as it teaches us to spend our lives as per the instructions of Allah Almighty teaching’s. Muslims are residing in different countries and it is a reason that the Holy Quran is now translated into several languages ) Arabic, Bangla, ARABIC TAJWEEDI, Chinese, FARSI, HINDI QURAN JUZZ WISEW Indonesia, Portuguese, RUSSIAN, SPANISH, and SWAHILI languages).

This page QuranMualim is a perfect place for people who want to read or download Surah Aali Imran   PDF. If you are a person who have a good command on English, Urdu, Hindi, Russian and other any languages then it is better for you to download the translation of Surah Aali Imran in the PDF form. However, it allows you to read it as per your convenience on mobile phone, Laptop, Android Phone, tablet, and PC even without the need of internet.

The Surah Aali Imran, Translations, Benefits, Tafseer, PDF allows you to understand the true message of Allah in your own language. Another great thing is that if you want to Free download the translation PDF of other surahs (Surah Al-Fatihah , Surah  Al-Baqarah PDF , Surah  Imran PDF , Surah  An-Nisa PDF’ , Surah  Al-Ma’idah PDF , Surah  Al-An’am , Surah  Al-A’raf  PDF, Surah  Al-Anfal PDF , Surah  At-Taubah PDF , Surah  Yunus PDF , Surah  Hud PDF , Surah  Yusuf , Surah  Ar-Ra’d PDF , Surah  Ibrahim , Surah  Al-Hijr PDF , Surah  An-Nahl PDF , Surah  Al-Isra’ PDF , Surah  Al-Kahf , Surah  Maryam , Surah  Ta-Ha , Surah  Al-Anbiya Surah  Al-Haj. Surah  Al-Mu’minun, Surah  An-Nur, ), you can get them at their respective pages.

Surah Aali Imran translated as “The Family of Imran” is mentioned in The Noble Quran in the third chapter. Surah Imran consists of 200 verses (Ayat). “Imran” in Islam is the name of the father of Hazrat Marium , hence the name, Surah Imran. This name also relates to the family of Imran, which includes Imran (father of Hazrat Marium), Hannah (Mother of Hazrat Marium, and Hazrat Isa (عليه السلام) (Son of Hazrat Marium).

Surah Imran Arabic version has been translated into many languages so that believers who speak and understand different languages (Arabic, Bangla, ARABIC TAJWEEDI, Chinese, FARSI, HINDI QURAN JUZZ WISEW Indonesia, Portuguese, RUSSIAN, SPANISH, and SWAHILI languages) can understand the message contained within. Surah Aali Imran is available on in different formats i.e. audio, translated, text format.

Surah Aali Imran is widely regarded as a Surah revealed in Medina as it has references for both the battles, Uhad and Badr. However, the Aqliat of the verses of this Surah are said to be revealed in the 10th year of Hijra during the visit of the Najran (Nigerian) Christians.

Surah Imran focuses on the divinity of Allah Almighty, it tells us that no one is to be worshiped besides Allah Almighty. It tells Muslims to seek guidance from The Noble Quran. Surah Imran advised the Muslims years ago to believe in Allah Almighty and think of life as a delusion. The best way to spend time is to spend it in the way of Allah Almighty; the Surah Imran gives the example of Hazrat Maryam. Surah Imran the last ayat explains that the purpose of life is not to gain wealth, have kids or eat and drink, it is to live a life remembering Allah Almighty. In Surah Imran ayat 26 the control and sovereignty of Allah Almighty are told. Allah has command over everything.

Surah Imran benefits Muslims in many ways. Prophet Muhammad   said that whoever recites Surah  Imran on Friday, then until the setting of the sun, he will be showered by the Mercy of Allah Almighty and the angels will beg for his forgiveness.

Family of imran (عمران) Question and Answers

  • What is the Lucky Number of Imran?
  • The lucky number related with the name Imran is “1”.
  • What does Imran name mean?
  • Imran meaning in Urdu is “حضرت موسیٰ کے والد کا نام”. and In English, is “The name of Hazrat Musa (A.S)’s father”.
  • What was the religion of the Imran?
  • The religion of the name Imran is Muslim.
  • What is the origin of Imran name?
  • The origin of the name Imran is Arabic.
  • What is the Favorable color of the name Imran?
  • The lucky color is red, violet.
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