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What is Islam?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Islam all of teachings, Lesson for Kids and belief are written in the Quran Kareem and Hadith. They believe that the Quran Pak was spoken to Muhammad by the angel Jabra eel, and that it is the word of God (or Allah). They view Hazrat Muhammad PBUH as a prophet and messenger of Allah Almighty. Other beliefs and rules about what Muslims should There are many religions practiced all over the world, and the second most popular religious is Islam.

Islam is a true religion that believes in one god called Allah Almighty. People who practice Islam are called Muslims, and there are nearly one billion Muslims on this planet! Islam began thousands of years ago, and now people have many unique and different Islamic traditions (according to Quran and hadith) to honor their Muslim faith.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Most Muslims belong to one of two groups. The most common is group in Islam Sunni Islam (Maximum 75–90% of all Muslims are Sunni Muslims). The second group in Islam is Shia Islam (Maximum 10–20% of all Muslims are Shias – also called Shiites). But there are many more groups like the Alevis in Turkey State. With about 1.75 billion followers (Maximum 24% of the world’s population), Islam is the second-largest religion in the whole world. Islam is also the fastest-growing religion in the whole world. Islam is also the second-largest religion -growing its religious teachings (Fundamental Teaching of Islam )in Europe countries.

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Other Types of Islam

Dear, Other, smaller Muslim denominations within the Sunni and Shiite groups exist. Some of these division include:

  • Wahhabi: This Sunni sect, made up of members of the Tameem tribe in Saudi Arabia (Imam Hamble flowers), was founded in the 18th century. Imam Hamble Followers observe an extremely strict interpretation of Islam that was taught by Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhab.
  • Alawite sec: This Shiite form of Islam religion is prevalent in Syria. Followers hold similar beliefs (Imam jafar Flowers teachings) about the caliph Ali but also observe some Christian and Zoroastrian holidays.
  • Nation of Islam: This mostly African countries (Sun continent of Africa)-American, Sunni sect was founded in the 1930s in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Kharijites sect: The Kharijites sect in Islam broke from the Shiites after disagreeing over how to select a new leader. They are known for basic fundamentalism, and today are called Ibadis.
Best Islamic All Lesson for Kids PDF Free Download, Teaching basics, teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons, Educational Resources, Kharijites

Additional Resources-Lesson for Kids

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