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As the children enrolled in Qāidaĥ classes are at their early ages, this book has been designed  in   view   of  their  intellectual  capacity,  covering  basic  religiou topics including  (Šanā), short and easy Du’ās from the Quran, basic basic beliefs,  ,  knowledge  about angles and   divine  books of Allah,  very basic knowledge about the Holy Prophets PBUH  , blessed companions  of the Holy Messengers  and Auliyā of Allah. of the GOD The presentation of ‘Basic Teaching  of Islam in (Part I) .

There are some important topic are mentioned in subdown PDF books Zakar Sana ,Ta’awwuz, Bismillah, Six Kalmah, Basic Duas, Belief : Faith and types of its descriptions, Basic Information about our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), Our religion, Five Pillars of Islam, The Angles of Allah Mujizat Nabi (PBUH) , The Holy Books of Allah, The Companions of the Messengers of Allah, Act of worship, Complete salah basic Questions, Good intentions for the recitation of the Holy Quran, Madni pearls of  making slam, drinking water, eating food, sneezing method , Yawing, Trimming nails,

In the Second book of basic teaching of Islam basic topics are mentioned in the PDF books, so please free download for continuous reading .

Dua for reading the book, imam and basic belief, Good and bad deeds, The Holy Islamic Months, Manners of the reading the Holy Quran, Azan, warning clothes, respect for the masjid.

In the third book of Basic Teachings Islam, Table of contents are:

Darood sharif, imaaniyat:This belief of the oneness of the Allah and the messenger of rhe Allah in the form of short Questions and answers in the addition to the explanation of some necessary terminology about belief, wajib ul wajoob, Murtad, Oneness of Allah according to Quran examples (Belief in the existence of Allah is in everyone’s nature. It has been observed that even devout [i.e. strong] disbelievers  when  suffering  any  illness,  trouble  or  at  the  time  of  death  mention  the  name  of  Allah  involuntarily.

Let’s learn our beliefs about Allah), the evidence of Risalat, Knowledge of the Rasool and the messenger of Allah, Miraaj Mustafa, Reference for the Holy messenger of Allah, Family of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) Visiting shrines, and beholding graves, Worship of Allah(Types and rulings of impurity in terms of [Taharah], method and manners of Ghusl and Tayammum, preconditions for Azan, Iqamah, Imamat (i.e. the act of leading the Salah), Iqtida, method of offering Taraweeh, taraweeh namaz taraweeh prayer, tarabi ki namaz, namaz e taraweeh,  and Witr Salah and their rulings, method and rulings of Sajdah Sahw and Sajdah of recitation of Holy Quran, excellence and rulings on Salat-ul-Jumu’ah, method of the sermon of Salat-ul-Jumu’ah and Eid Salah, rulings of funeral Salah with funeral rites, burial and Talqeen etc.

Basic Islamic information about Sawm, Zakah, Sadaqah Fitr, Hajj and animal sacrifice.)Types of Impurity, Method of Ghusal and ghusl e janabat, Tayammum, Iqamah, iqama meaning, iqamat salat, hukum iqamah, iqama salah, namaz iqamat,  Recitation of the Holy Quran, Witr Salah, witr salah dua and witr namaz

CEO Alasad online Quran Tutor and owner of the www.Quranmualim

CEO Alasad online Quran Tutor and owner of the www.Quranmualim

CEO Alasad Online Quran Tutoe

CEO Alasad online Quran Tutor and owner of the www.Quranmualim

CEO Alasad online Quran Tutor and owner of the www.Quranmualim

Alasad Online Quran Tutor

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