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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam: In this Article We will learn and Free Islamic Books PDF on Supplication Download. All praise is due to Allah is One and Only, the Lord of all creation in the Heaven and Earth; may Allah Almighty extol the mention of our noble Prophet the Messenger of Allah Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him (Prophets and Messengers in Islam,) in the highest company of All Angels and grant him peace and security―and his family, his Companions and all people who follow him closely until the establishment of the Hour.

We need to accept that these trials are either:

  1. An expiation for our sins.
  2. Prayer is a form of spiritual elevation.
  3. A means of grow our status in the sight of our Allah.
  4. Dua means of attaining closeness to Allah Almighty.
  5. Prayers are needed for us to grow as human beings.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, So Always thank Allah Almighty One and Only and Glorify him and do not look down on others. Pray to Allah Almighty to make him beautiful in imaan beauty and Taqwa and steadfast in Religion (Islam). The rest will follow automatically in sha Allah.

The Prayers believer also places things where they belong by recognizing:

  1. that his fate is in Allah’s control
  2. that Allah does whatever Allah Almighty Pleases with it
  3. Dua his destiny takes place according to the Divine Plan
  4. that his own existence is subject to whatever Allah Decrees
  5. that he has no power to alter his decree except as Allah Wills
  6. that he cannot bring about his own birth, death, or on the day of judgement
  7. that (Du’as and Zikrs) the servant can neither bring benefit nor harm to himself
  8. that he is completely dependent on his Creator, Cherisher, Sustainer, and Lord

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Read below or Free Islamic Books PDF Prayers Download. And scroll down for an English and Urdu version of Beautiful supplications i.e., 1000 the Sunan, A Great Gift Urdu Duaain, Ramdhan Supplications, Arabic prayers, Dua Book, Dua khatam ul Quran (Dua e Khatme Quran), Du’as and Zikrs Cards Explaining the Dua of Qunoot in the witr Prayer (witr ki dua in english) Making Duaa through the names of Allah and Zikrallah Khair. Please share to others Allah will reward You. Inshaallah Thanks Fe Aman Allah.

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Duas that changed the world :Dua Books

Dua of Qunoot in the witr Prayer

Golden Supplications : Islamic Urdu books

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Making Duaa through the names of Allah

Prophetic Duaas : Islamic Urdu books

Ramadan Duas English : Islamic Urdu books

Zikrallah English : Islamic Urdu books

Conclusion:Free Islamic Books PDF

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, These Supplications are one of many reminders to bring us near to Allah Almighty through sincerity, humility, gratitude, submission, and acknowledgement of His (Allah Almighty, Allah is One and Only) Majesty and the status of His (Allah Almighty) Speech. and its meanings, pray with it frequently, and teach it to your loved ones, and may Allah the Exalted rectify your affairs, relieve you of your difficulties, and give you immensely for your patience and good deeds in this life and the next.

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