100 Hundred Authentic the Sunnah | Hadith Collection

  1. A Muslim man knows well the importance of the Hadiths of the messenger (PBUH) of Allah. Bases of Islamic knowledge are on the two major sources. First is Quran and second is the Sunnah. We find the the Sunnah from the Hadiths. . More over the messenger (PBUH) of Allah said us that while spreading the Hadiths remain careful so as not to change any part of it. Otherwise “He can carried his place/positions in the fire o hell” In this book dozens of Hadiths are in corporate so that every Muslim specially youth many easily be accustomed to the worlds o the Holy Prophet.  All these Hadith are linked with the important matter o our religion, where of knowledge, one must have. I realized that many Muslims youth have not memorized even one Hadiths of messenger (PBUH)  of Allah. That’s why smaller Hadith to be easily learned by Heart by the youth mentioned here. and these Hadiths can be spread to other, so that his friends and relative can memorized the worlds of the messenger (PBUH)  of Allah and this act will give them advantage in the hereafter. Since, I as an author want that the knowledge of Hadiths should be disseminated to everyone in the world,  I made this book without any copy rights.
  2. Thus, if someone wants to translate this book are any part of this book with the view of free distribution are to sell is allowed to do so and to seen my permission for this purpose is not mandatory and those people who will translate it and send it to the other people will get reward from the Allah almighty. I thank Allah and hope to be this book source of reward and light for me on the day of resurrection.  To Allah all might is the all praise:   
  3. According to the Arabic language, any news are statement are discussion are talks in regard of religion are worldly affair is called Hadith the scholars of the Hadith has described three kind of Hadith, Hadith of talking, Hadith of actions and Hadith of response.
  4. Hadith of talking, In these Hadith, talks and discussion of the messenger (PBUH) of Allah have been described.
  5. Hadith of Actions. in these Hadiths, acts and actions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) have been described.
  6. Hadith of Response: These are the Hadith in which Holy Prophet liked or kept silent on the actions of the companion and he did not forbid those actions.
  7. Hadith of divine: The interpreters of Hadith have described the forth kind of Hadith too. In these Hadith, the messenger of Allah (PBUH) narrates of from the Allah almighty.
  8. Meaning of The Sunnah. According to the scholars of Hadith, words of the Sunnah and Hadith are synonym. so for the sayings, actions, and responses of the messenger of Allah (PBUH). The world the Sunnah is also used.
100 Hundred Authentic the Sunnah | Hadith Collection , Sunnah, , the authority of sunnah, , the quran and the sunnah, للهم صل علی محمد و آل محمد"

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