Azkaar | Dua Book PDF | Dua Books PDF in Urdu

Dear Student, in This Article You Will read and Fee Download Supplications. You know that Amazingly beautiful and highly recommended prayer taught by Imam as-Sajjad, peace be upon him, asking Allah to purify our Heart and souls, and make us people of virtue and good and Ikhlas manners. His Supplication on Noble Moral Traits Acts Pleasing to God (Supplication – 20)

Dear Students, This Prayers has been taught by Imam Sajjad (as) and is a clear indication of the loftiness of moral virtues expected of a believer. Islam believes in the elevation of the humanity, that a human being is a great and excellent creation of the Allah, far above the animal world. One of the signs of this dignity is the possession of noble and Good qualities.

So that in order to get this behavioral Magnificent, man needs to overcome his base and selfish manners, and cultivate good qualities. Dear Students, In Dua the Imam specifies these qualities, and shows how we can try to inculcate them in ourselves. Taken as a lesson in Akhlaq like in Surah Ikhlas Purity, the Du’a is a Powerful program for those who wish to excel in good manners and Qualities. Get Merits of the Heart and Soul   Stay away from Diseases of the soul & Sins Know about Ethics

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