Ramadan Facts | Rules of Fasting in Islam

In this consists of those problems which Muslims and new comer Muslims faces during the month of Ramadhan and Eid. They are handover beautifully in an utmost easy way. I hope people with relish will benefit from this work. Benefit would have been increase if examination of few more jurists is included.

Fasting (Rules of Fasting)

Every Muslim is expected to fast from Morning to Evening (sunset). Muslims must not eat or drink (anything for the sake of Allah Almighty) during all the hours of Fasting. During Ramadan Muslims get up early in the morning before dawn (Fajr) and have a soft meal. This time is known as Suhoor (Sehri Time).

Dear Brothers and Sisters At the end of every day in Ramadan (Maghrib Time), Muslims traditionally break their fast with a meal (Iftar with salt, Water and Date this is the sunnah of (the Holy Messenger of Allah) called the iftar. Dear Users, there are Some custom of Prophet Muhammad, the Ramadan Facts is often broken with dates, then followed by a prayer and dinner.

Tooth Treatment Use of Toothpaste, Use of Tooth Picks or Dental Floss Use of Eye Drops and Nasal Drops Use of Perfumes and Itr (Fragrance) Use of Shampoo and Soap, Oiling Hair or Applying Any Cream Use of Lipstick, Blood Donation to Gurgle

Definition of Fasting Terminological Meaning Types of Fasting

Examples of Obligatory Fasts Intention for Fasting. How Delayed the Intention Can Be?

Fast Abolishes

  • (Things which make a Fast void)
  • Eating and Drinking
  • Letting Thick Dust Reach Throat
  • Ascribing false things to Almighty Prophets (A.S.) or to the Infallibles (A.S.)
  • Immersing complete head in water
  • To vomit intentionally
  • Masturbation (Istimna)

Smoke of Buses and cars:

  • Immersing complete head in water:
  • Masturbation: vomiting:
  • sexual intercourse (establishing sexual relations):
  • Remaining in the state of jamaat till the call for fair prayers, bath for touching dead body and fast:
  • For a woman, after the end of menstruation (haidh or nifas), non- performance of bath (ghusl) before the call for fair prayers: some general rules
  • If any of the fast suppress is performed forgetfully then the fast does not become void.
  • If a fasting person forgetfully carry out an act which disprove fast and thinks that since fast has already become void, purposefully eats or drinks or carry out any other take action which disprove fast, his fast will be void now.
  • If a fasting person is obligatory for example something is let go (of) under protest down the throat or firmly shove and as a result complete head is submerge even then the fast does not become void.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam in the month of Ramadhan, one invalidates his fast without any reason or cause then:

  • His fast is void
  • But it is not permissible to eat or drink till Maghrib.
  • Neither any other act is permitted which invalidates a fast.
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The Rules of Itikaaf

Detailed instructions and regulations of I’tikaf are explained in  THE pdf Books. You can free Download here in the Download button I’TEKAF means: to stay in the mosque while keep going certain conditions. This is a recommended worshipping act. MUTAKIF means:   One observing I’tekaf


Today is the day of 29th of Ramadhan. Iftar time is about to approach.

FITRAH (fitrah meaning)

  • Fitrah is a type of Zakat.
  • This guarantees acceptance of the fasts of the holy month of Ramadhan and peace & security till the next year. (Mafatih-ul-Jinan)
  • In next few pages, Decrees regarding fitrah are explained briefly in such a manner that Momineen may easily fulfill their responsibilities. For details, refer to the books of Jurisprudence.
  • Hujjat-ul-Islam Wal-Muslimeen Maulana Ali Nasir Mehdavi had a look and gave valuable suggestions regarding this part of the booklet. I am thankful to him.

 Some Important and events  in Ramadhan

  • Background: Ramadan Facts (Islamic Calendar, free fasting plan Fasting, fasting during ramadan, )Fasting in Quran, zakat fitr, zakat ramadan, pay fitrana, sadaqah fitr and Ramadan roza
  • Meals: Suhur, (suhur ramadan, ramadan suhur, Iftar, iftar meaning, iftar food, iftar and suhoor)
  • Prayers and observances: Tarawih, (tarawih rakaat, iqamah tarawih, wirid tarawih dan witir)
  • Laylat al-Qadr  🙁 laylat al qadr surah, laylat al qadr prayer, laylat al qadr Mubarak and Jumu’atul-Wida)
  • Ramadan culture (date palm fruit,, dry date, khajur fruit, dry khajur, kharek fruit, khajoor fruit)
Ramadan Facts | Rules of Fasting in Islam, fasting in ramadan rules,rules of fasting, suhur ramadan, iftar suhoor, zakat and fitrah

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