The Holy Month of Ramadan Blessings

Ṣaum Ramadhān: The Holy Month of Ramadan Blessings

Dear brothers and Sisters in this Article we will learn about and free download The Holy Month of Ramadan Blessings. Ramadhān is a religious obligation by authority of the Qur’ān, the Sunnah and a consensus of Muslim scholars. The month of Ramadan Blessings [is that] in which was disclose the Qur’ān, advice for the people and clear proofs of guidance and basis. So, whoever is present [at his place of residence] during the month, let him fast it.  You know Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam (Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, Sawm, Hajj) and that denial of this obligation removes one from the religion.  It became obligatory on Monday, the 2nd of Sha‘bān (Islamic Month) in the second year after the  Hijrah. 

Dear Users, one force wonder why Allah has made fasting a month out of every year compulsory or why has He required from us certain acts of worship in view of the fact that He is self-sufficient and not in need of anything from His servants. 

The answer is that every duty force by Allah Almighty has wisdom and benefit behind it. We may or may not comprehend it; or we may perceive part of it while much more is concealed from us. The Allah Almighty certainly did not rules fasting to make people suffer,

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam Allah does not intend to make any difficulty/ hardship for you, but He intends to purify you and complete His favor upon you that you may be grateful. The purpose of fasting has been stated along with the command of Allah Almighty; it is to promote Taqwā and refine the soul. Although one has the ability to indulge his physical desires, he refrains out of willing obedience, which helps him to develop an attitude of indifference toward the present world and a preference for the Hereafter. Ramdhan Fasting strengthens the will and conditions a person to cope with difficulties in all aspects of his life.  And it helps to develop the qualities that successful people possess: willpower, strength and capability.

Allah Almighty is especially attentive to one who is fasting. The Messenger of Allah said “There are three whose prayers is not rejected.”  (At-Tirmidhi, Aḥmad and Ibn Majah – ṣaḥeeḥ)

Ramadan Blessings provides an opportunity for earning forgiveness from Allah Almighty and release from the burden of one’s sins. It is the month of fasting and prayer. It is the month for performing good deeds and giving charity. It is the month when the gates of the heavens are opened and the rewards for deeds are increased many times over. The Ramadan Blessings is the month of Qur’ān and the month of Allah, The month of Virtue, The Month of Jannah and The month of remembrance of Allah Almighty.

The Holy Quran was sent down therein from the eternal register containing Allah’s decrees to the lowest heaven. Every year in Ramadhān Blessings, the Messenger of Allah reviewed all that had been revealed to him to date with angel of Hazrat Jibreel, and in the year before his death he did so twice.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Fasting is a test imposed upon the believer by his Lord, and Ramadhān is similar to a training course for believers, who share an experience therein which brings them closer together.  During in   this month, they classify most of their worldly go into and fill their time with deeds of goodness.  For them it is not a pullback from life but a addition to it, offering a program not only of fasting and patience, but of self-discipline, good manners and worship through Nafl (Salat ul Taubah, Salaat ul Istikhaarah, Salaat ul Hajaat, Tahajjud Salaah, Salaat ul Chaasht, Tahiyyat ul Wudhu, Tahiyyat ul Masjid,Salat ul Hajat) and Dua (Laylat Al Qadr,Sincerity,Purity,) through reading and the Holy Qur’ān, and through righteous deeds of all kinds, especially the charities that assist others.

Dear in the Holy Month of Ramadan Blessings Believers prove their overcoming their desires when necessary, so they feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment at the end of the month and wish that the atmosphere of Ramadhān would continue throughout the year.

The Messenger of Allah mentioned additional benefits of Ramadhān: The Holy Month of Ramadan Blessings has come. Allah has required you to fast it. During the Paradise doors are opened, the doors of Hell are closed and devils are chained.  Allah said in Quran Surah Qadar, In Surah Qadar  there  is a night better than a thousand months.  Whoever misses its benefit has surely been deprived. (Aḥmad and  an-Nasā’i)

The five prayers (Fajr , Dhuhr, Asr – Maghrib , Isha’a) and prayer of Jummah and Ramadhān to Ramadhān are expiation for what is between them when the major sins are avoided. (Muslim) If you do perform ‘umrah in Ramadhān is equal [in reward] to a ḥajj. (Aḥmad and al-Bukhāri)

The five prayers (Fajr , Dhuhr, Asr –, Maghrib , Isha’a) and prayer of Jummah and Ramadhān to Ramadhān are expiation for what is between them when the major sins are avoided. (Muslim) If you do perform ‘umrah in Ramadhān is equal [in reward] to a ḥajj. (Aḥmad and al-Bukhāri)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, here are many Ramadan Books. We often see some people (Muslims, New Muslims) curious about what is Ramadan and how do Muslims celebrate it. So, Please Share it to others.

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