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Dear brothers and Sisters, Surah al-Fatihah (Arabic: سُورَةُ الْفَاتِحَة) is the 1st chapter (surah) of the Noble Quran. Its seven verses (ayat) are a prayer for the guidance, lordship and mercy of God (Allah Almighty). Surah Fatihah has an essential role in Islamic prayer (salat).

The primary literal meaning of the expression “al-Fatihah” is “The Opener,” which could refer to this Surah Al Fatihah being “the opener of the Book (Holt Book)” (Fatihat al-kitab), to its being the first Surah Al Fatihah recited full in every prayer (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha) cycle (rakʿah), or to the manner in which it serves as an opening for many functions in everyday Islamic life. Some Muslims Explain it as a reference to an implied ability of the Al Fatihah to open a person to faith in Allah Almighty.

The name al-Fatihah (“the Opener or the opening”) is due to the subject-matter of the Surah Fatihah  is that which opens a subject or a book or any other thing. In other words, a sort of preface. The Arabic word الفاتحة came from the root Arabic word فتح which means to open, explain, disclose, keys of treasure etc. That means Al Fatihah is the summary of the whole Noble Quran. That is why we recite another Ayat or sura along with Surah Al Fatihah in our prayers. That is, Al Fatihah  is paired with rest of the whole Quran.

It is also called this Surah Faithah (Umm Al-Kitab),  and Umm Al-Quran (“the Mother of the Quran”); Sab’a al Mathani (“Seven repeated [verses]”, an appellation taken from verse 15:87 of the Noble Quran); Al-Hamd (“praise”), because a hadith narrates Muhammad as having said that GOD says: “The prayer [ Al Fatihah] is divided into two halves between Me and My servants.

When the servant of Allah says, ‘All praise is due to Allah ‘, the Lord of existence, God says, ‘My servant has praised Me’.”; Al-Shifa’ (“the Cure”), because a hadith narrates Muhammad as having said: “The Opening of the Book is a cure for every poison.”; Al-Ruqyah (“remedy” or “spiritual cure”)., and al-Asas, “The Foundation”, referring to its serving as a foundation for the entire The Noble Quran.

The Surah Al Fatihah

Begins with the words Al Hamdulillah, signifying that all praise belongs to Allah Almighty. Anyone praises anything anywhere, anytime in the world is praising all Allah Almighty. The translation of the entire Al Fatihah (Chapter) is as follows

Persian Quran Translation PDF – The Noble Quran Kareem has a great significance for All the Muslims Ummah as it is their holy book. The best thing about the book is that after over 1,400 years, it is still in the original state. On the other side, a large number of Huffaz Karam present all around the globe memorizes it word to word. It is a reason that the Noble Quran Farsi Tarjuma and translation in other languages are now present for the readers of the Holy Book of Allah.

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Introduction to Sutah Al-Fatihah (the Opening)

Surah Al Fatihah No
Meaning of Surah Al FatihahThe Opening
No. of ayaat Surah Al Fatihah07
Revealed inMakkah
Revelation order05
Sujood (al-Tilaawah)0
Rukūʿ1 (Ayaah 7)
Hizb break(s)1 (Ayaah 1)
Juz Number Surah Al Fatihah1
Surah Al Fatihah Page # ^1
No. of pages1
Link (Quran with Tajweed) Free Tajweed Books in English Free PDF Download
Number of verses7
Type of Surah Al FatihahMeccan
The Title Refer to (The Noble Quran)Whole Surah
Haroof Muqatta’at (Isolated Letters the Nobel Quran)
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QuranMualim, it is much easier to download and learn the Persian, English, Urdu, Quran Translation PDF Free Download. This page Surah Al Fatihah offers you to simply read the Ayats of The Noble Quran with tarjuma in Farsi Zaban, English, Urdu, Hindi, word by word in the simple PDF format. Another great thing is that the full Holy Quran with All Languages Persian translation para 1 to 30 PDF can be read here Free of cost and All Surah of the Quran.

If you do not have Basic, Medium or high command on the Arabic language, then this website is just perfect in this regard. On this page, you can simply learn Quran Kareem via full Persian, Hindi, Urdu, English, Russian, Bungla, Portugues, and So on, Quran Translation PDF Free Download.

You can also access the Quran vocabulary, madni Qaida and  All Surah in the Quran different languages, Al-Fatihah , Al-Baqarah , Aali Imran , An-Nisa’ , Al-Ma’idah , Al-An’am , Al-A’raf , Juz Al-Anfal , Juz At-Taubah , Yunus , Juz Hud ,Yusuf , Juz Ar-Ra’d , Juz Ibrahim , Al-Hijr , An-Nahl , Al-Isra’ , Al-Kahf , Maryam , Ta-Ha , Al-Anbiya Al-Haj. Al-Mu’minun, Alphabet printable Worksheets, Arabic Grammer, Arabic Verb, Islamic Books In Urdu and English, Dua/Prayers Books, 1440 Lost of Hijri Calendar, Learn Arabic with Tutor, A Level Islamiyat Books , Arabic Alphabet Flashcards, Arabic Sources , Arabic Worksheets for Kindergarten,  Free Islamic Books  in Persian PDF to truly understand

There is so much more to learn about  Al-Fatiha, Meaning, Tafseer and Surah Al Fatihah benefits. Check out these essays and Free resources of our Site. This basic breakdown of the line-by-line focuses  does the surah Faithah  justice. But, even learning this small amount from that one halaqa helped recenter my love for this  Al Fatihah, meaning, Translation, Benefits,  Al Fatihah Tafseer and its importance in our lives. It also reminded me of how important it is to keep learning and relearning – in big and small ways – about the Noble Quran throughout our life’s journey and the nest world

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Surah Fatiha Explanation:

In This Surah Al Fatihah is 1st Chapter of the Holy Quran consist of 7 verses. This Surah Fatihah gives us the guideline about prayers, Dua, Salah and mercy of ALLAH SUBHANAHU’WA’TALA. Surah Al Fatihah is very essential for recitation that’s why ALLAH made it a part of Namaz.

Although, sometimes we are unable to read the Noble Quran, like when we are in traveling or going to bazar it is very much difficult to carrying a Noble Quran. In this way, people will be looking for online off line sources so that they can read the Noble Quran or desire Surah on their electronic devices (Mobile, Laptop).

So, if you are still searching out an authentic and reliable website ( where you can read/listen PDF  Al Fatihah or even a whole Noble Quran you may simply access and facilitate your need.

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This web page also provides Al Fatihah, Tafseer, Transaltion in different Languages with English, Hidi, Chines, translation and Urdu translation. In this regard, if you want translation the page has the capability to translate the whole Surah into your desired language. At the same time, you can Free Download and get PDF  Al Fatihah in your mobile phones, PC, laptops, or tablets.

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