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Language of Quran

Dear Students, Allah, the Almighty and Wise, has selected and pulled out Arabic from all the languages of the Whole world to be the medium for His final Revelation to the all humanity. This should be sufficient reason for Muslims to learn Arabic. Surely, Allah Almighty (Allah is one and Only) could have revealed the Qur’an Pak in any language but He Himself states in the Holy Qur’an: “Verily, we sent it down as an Arabic Language Qur’an PAk in order that you may understand”. To be a Better Muslim

Hazrat Umar R.A  said: “Learn the Sunnah and learn Arabic Language (Learn Arabic in 30 Days), learn the Qur’an Pak in Arabic for it is in an Arabic”.

He also said:

“Learn Arabic Language for it is part of your Religion and learn how the estate of the deceased should be divided for these are part of your Religion”.

Imam al-Shafi‘iyy is reported to have said that he studied Arabic for twenty years in order to understand the Holy Qur’an. Some scholars also uphold that learning Arabic Language is must on every Muslim. The reason behind this is learning Quran is compulsory on every Muslim man and woman since to understand the Quran Pak one needs to understand Arabic Language so learning Arabic Language is also a compulsion. Avoid being deceived or deviated from Truth

Dear Students, many problems create from translations of the Holy Quran, When You cannot understand Arabic Language (Best Arabic Sources PDF). It can be complete misinterpretation to poor quality and sub-standard translation. This is another reason why Muslims should learn Arabic Language. It was said by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) that Islam will break down into different sects.

This saying has come to pass as more and more of Muslims depend on translated versions of the Quran Pak, making them vulnerable to being deprived of the real meaning and fundamental teachings of Islam (Free Islamic Books PDF) as they are unable to correspond directly with the Quran without an intermediary party (translator). When a person learns Arabic, the language of Quran, one can easily remove any misconceptions and incorrect facts by having their own, true deep understanding of both religion and the Holy Quran.

Arabic Tutor pdf | Arabic Lesson for Beginners, learn Arabic, Arabic words, Arabic grammar in English, Arabic grammar, simple Arabic

Language of Shari’ah

Dear Students Along with the language of Qur’an Majeed  and Prophet’s Sunnah, Arabic is also the language of our respected Islamic law (As-Shari’ah), so when we learn it, we are not being a nationalist or racist rather we are proudly defending the language of our religion i.e. Islam.

Improves cognitive ability:

It is doubtless that learning a new language directly benefits your cognitive abilities, especially your memory. There have been various studies that have found that those who are bilingual or multilingual have better critical thinking abilities, are effective communicators and have strong memories. In addition to that, learning Arabic will allow to explore the Islamic culture and further your knowledge, providing you with a more global and intercultural understanding.

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Arabic Tutor pdf | Arabic Lesson for Beginners, learn Arabic, Arabic words, Arabic grammar in English, Arabic grammar, simple Arabic


Dear Students, Congratulations! You’ve decided to learn Arabic Language. This is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. Arabic Language is the sixth most spoken language in the whole world, with nearly 420 million people speaking it worldwide. Learning a new language (Arabic Lesson for Kids) is always a difficult  but when the new language doesn’t share a root with your native tongue, it’s even more difficult.

Dear Students, So that, Arabic Language can present some different  challenges for native English speakers that can slow the learning process down. For example:

Arabic Language  uses a completely new all alphabet (a-z).

  • There is almost no shared vocabulary between Arabic language and Latin language -based languages. Every single word you learn is a new word.
  • Arabic is a highly inflectional tongue. Main Subject, tense, Present Tense, future Tense , and mood are communicated by how you inflect your tone.
  • There are ten usual verb patterns, and students must memorize the conjugation and vocalization for the active and passive voices.
  • Plurals and their agreements with numbers are more difficult and complex than what we are used to in English.

Step 1.  Decide which form of Arabic language you want to learn

There are many forms of Arabic. It is the mother tongue and official language of nearly 40 countries in the middle east and northern Africa. There are different accents and a form of local pronunciations. If you’re decide  to spend time in one area, you’ll want to choose the variation that pertains to that Area..

Step 2. Start with the basics

Dear Students It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to learn Arabic by transcribing words instead of learning the Arabic all alphabet first. Dear Students, Think about how we learned English back in school or Home. First, you learn your Alphabets letters, then you form those letters into words, then you learn how to form small sentences, and then you learn more about proper syntax and Basic Arabic grammar. Taking shortcuts will only slow you down.

Step 3. Learn to use the Arabic dictionary

Dear Students, . In an Arabic dictionary, Alphabets words are generally organized around three-letter roots. To look up a Alphabets words, you need to know what the basic root is and what alphabets letter the root starts with – which is not necessarily the first Alphabets letter in the word. Using the Arabic dictionary takes practice, but the sooner you learn it the Much better. It will make the whole  process easier and more enjoyable.

Step 4. Immerse yourself in study and Arabic practice

This is a critical step in learning any language, but doubly so when learning Arabic Language. Dear Students, The best and right way to Arabic learn a new word is to see it, hear it, write it and speak it, so combine those activities as much as you can.

One way for beginners to practice a foreign language is to watch Kids and children’s television programs in that language. Dear Students, The vocabulary is easier, and the educational nature of those programs can be totally helpful to new students of any age. As you gain proficiency, another act is to watch movies in the foreign language with English subtitles on. That way you gain a better “ear” for listening, and the subtitles give you the translation for what you’re hearing. Exactly you’ll be able to switch off the subtitles and still understanding what is being said.

Step 5. Speak the Arabic language

Dear Students, Seeing and hearing isn’t enough, however. It’s critical that you converse in Arabic language with other people. Thankfully, modern technology can do a lot to solve that problem in a minute.

There are many groups for students of Arabic learning online (Best Arabic Learning Websies), and it’s become much easier to find Arabic tutors who will coach you and help you in your studies in a right way. Take advantage of these resources.

Step 6. Never stop learning Process

These 6 steps are just the beginning. It’s easy to begin the journey of learning Arabic language, but challenging to see it through.

Dear Students, Ready to dip your toes in the water? Try out a free lesson.  We’ll be glad to help you take your first steps so you can learn to speak Arabic online.

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Arabic Tutor pdf | Arabic Lesson for Beginners, learn Arabic, Arabic words, Arabic grammar in English, Arabic grammar, simple Arabic

Dear Students, Easy Access

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