Surah Yunus , Translations, Benefits, Tafseer, PDF

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In this Article We will Learn about Quran Chapter 10, Translations, Benefits, Tafseer, PDF Download. Surah Yunus is the 10th Surah of Noble Quran. It was revealed in the city of Mecca on The Messenger of Allah (SAW). This Younas Surah (Quran Chapter 10) contains 109 verses, 11 rukus, and is the first of six Surahs which open with the tri-letters Alif, Lam and Ra’. The initial verses of the Younas Surah discuss the dialogue between Islam and non-believers, and rest is based on stories of Prophet Nuh (A.S.), Prophet Musa (A.S.), and Prophet Yunus (A.S).

Benefits of reciting Surah Yunus:

Dear Brothers and Sisters, those who recites Surah Yunus once in two or three months would have no fear of being counted among the ones who live in ignorance, Shatan, and Allah Almighty would raise him on the day of judgment, The Next World among the favorites of Allah Almighty. Special reward is mentioned for those who recite this Surah Younas (Quran chapter 10, ) in verse 26: “For those who do good is the best reward and more.

Neither darkness nor ignominy shall cover their faces. They are the habitant of the garden where they will abide forever.” The reward of reciting this Surah is equal to number of persons who have testified Allah. For getting closeness to Allah Almighty this Surah has been recited.

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Free PDF Download

All the individuals who want to check and also improve their level of general knowledge about Holy Quran, Quran Translation, Quran with Tajweed, Arabic Learning, Quran Surah-1, Quran Surah-2, Quran Surah-3, Quran Surah-4, Quran Surah-5, Quran Surah-6, Quran Surah-7, Quran Surah-8, Quran Surah-9 can attempt the following PDF that includes mcq’s questions, information related to the Ruku’s, Haroof, Manzil, Ayats and Para Numbers of the Yunus.

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Al Corao Sura 10 Yunus Portugues PDF Download

Arabi Chapter 10 Yunus Free PDf Download

Coran Sourate-10 Yunus la vache Francais Traduction

El Sagrado Coran Espanol Sentidojonah in the Quran

Para 10 in Hindi Language Free PDF Download

Para 01-10 in Hindi Language Free PDF

Quran Chinese Translation Quran Chapter 10 PDF

Quran Chapter 10 Yunus -Sayaqul Para sipara

Quran Russian Translation Surah-10 Yunus

Quran Chapter 10 -Bangla Translation

Quran jonah in the Quran Al Anfal Bahasa Indonesia

Quran jonah in the Quran Swahili PDF Download

Surah-Yunus in Persian Free PDF Download

Tafseer Ibn Kaseer English Free PDF Download

Tafseer Ibn Kaseer Arabic Free PDF Download

Surah Yunus Urdu Translations

Urdu Tafseer jonah in the Quran -Ayat-21-30-Part3

Urdu Tafseer jonah in the Quran -Ayat-31-52-Part2

Urdu Tafseer jonah in the Quran-Ayat-75-109-Part4

Urdu Tafseer Surah e Yunus -Ayat-1-20-Part1

Urdu Tafseer SurahYunus-Ayat-1-20-Part2

Urdu Tafseer Quran Chapter 10 -Ayat-1-20

Urdu Tafseer Surah Yunus-Ayat-1-20-Part4

Urdu Tafseer Surah e Yunus -Ayat-21-30-Part1

Urdu Tafseer jonah in the Quran-Ayat-21-30-Part2

Urdu Tafseer Surah e Yunus-Ayat-31-52-Part3

Urdu Tafseer jonah in the Quran -Ayat-31-52-Part4

Urdu Tafseer SurahYunus-Ayat-53-74-Part1

Urdu Tafseer Surah e Yunus-Ayat-53-74-Part2

Urdu Tafseer Surah e Yunus-Ayat-53-74-Part3

Urdu Tafseer SurahYunus-Ayat-53-74-Part4

Urdu Tafseer Surah Yunus -Ayat-75-109-Part2

Urdu Tafseer Surah e Yunus -Ayat-75-109-Part3

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