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Dear Brothers and sisters, in this article, we will learn about Quran word by word English Translation PDF Download. I have put together my study notes, Quran word by word, Arabic Grammer PDF course material and other online resources ( Ayatul kursi Transliteration, Quran Dictionary, Quran Lughat, Ayatul Kursi Tafseer PDF, different languages of Quran Translated, Juz Amma 30 , Quran with Tajweed rules, List of Hijri Months, Top Arabic Short Stories, Arabic Verb, Arabic Flash Cards, Dua Book pdf,  words by words Quran ) to help give you a better understanding of what are root words as pertaining to the Arabic language, Arabic Alphabet, Verb, Serf and the study of the Noble Quran, The Student of the Arabic Grammer, The Student of the Holy Quran and The Students of Islamic Scholars .

What are root words

Root words are the Arabic letters (أَلِف, بَاء, تَاء, ثَاء, جِيم, حَاء, خَاء, دَال, ذَال, رَاء, زَاي, سِين, شِين, صَاد, ضَاد, طَاء, ظَاء, عَيْن, غَيْن, فَاء, قَاف, كَاف, لاَم, مِيم, نُون, هَاء, وَاو, يَاء, هَمْزة, أَلِف هَمْزة, وَاو هَمْزة, يَاء هَمْزة, أَلِف مَدَّة, تاء مربوطة, الف مقصورة,) that form the main part of a word.  These root Quran word by word letters provide the basic meaning of a word.  The root letters Quran word by word, Arabic Verb, Serf and Nehw are joined together with other Arabic letters to form different words which have related different meanings.

Example: the root of a plant will control the type of plant, or the hereditary of a person hereditary the characteristics of a person, so similarly the root word will hereditary the meaning of the word.

Example: the root letters ر ح م meaning joins together to form the native word Mercy رَحِّم.

Mercy springs from the womb, meaning if we understand the mercy of a mother, then we can understand the concept of mercy that is related to this root word.  The root words give the characteristic of mercy.

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How many letters in a root word?

Most Arabic words have three-letter roots, Two Words, very rarely it will have four or five Arabic letters, The Koran letters: 320015 Total letters, The Koran words: 77439 Total words, The Koran verses: 6236 Total verses, The Koran chapters: Total 114. Root letters always maintain a specific order.  Example:   substitute the order will give a completely different meaning.

  • ع ل م = knowledge
  • ع م ل = action

Why are root words important?

  • To analyze the word
  • To know the translation of the word
  • To understand the meaning of the word
  • To know how to use the Arabic dictionary

The Quran Words


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