Remembrance of God | Angels of Allah-Quranmualim

Abu Huraira said  that the prophet of Allah said, “There are some |  Angels of Allah who go around in search of remembrance gatherings. When they pass by any gathering of remembrance circles, they say to one another, ‘Sit down.’

When the people make supplication, the angels say āmeen (so be it) so that they are granted. When the people send salutations on the Holy Prophet, they also send salutations with them until the proceedings come to an end. Then the angels say to one another, ‘Congratulations to them as none of them is going back without being forgiven.’

If people glorify Allah, angels also glorify Him. If they praise and sanctify Allah, angels also praise and sanctify Him. If people magnify Allah, angels also magnify Him. Then they ascend to the Lord, who knows of His events far more than they do. Even then they say, ‘O our Lord! Your servants glorified You and we also glorified You; they proclaimed Your greatness and we too proclaimed Your greatness; they praised and sanctified You and we also praised and sanctified You.’

Allah says, ‘O My angels! Bear testimony that I have forgiven them.’ The angels submit, ‘There are such-and-such great sinners amongst them.’ Allah says, ‘These are such (blessed) people that the one who joins their company is not left unfortunate (so bear witness that I have forgiven these sinful servants as well).’(Hindi, Kanz-ul-ummal (1:434#1876))

Abu Huraira said  that the Holy Prophet said, “ There are some particular  angles of Allah ,they are searching the session of people who did dikr of Allah in the earth . When they find any such meeting they join in and sit with them….

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Abu Huraira  narrates that the Messenger of Allah  said, “There are Angels of Allah who look only for remembrance sittings and get together with the rememberers. So, when they pass by a remembrance sitting, they form layer upon layer, till they reach the Throne of Allah.” Abu Huraira narrates that the Messenger of Allah said, “Whoever takes a bath on Friday … then when the leader of the riual prayer (imam) comes (for the sermon and ritual congregational prayer of Juma), Angels of Allah also come and listen to dhikr.”Ahmad ibn Hambal, al-Musnad (2:358,359)

  1. Bukhari, as-Sahih (1:301#841) Muslim, as-Sahih, (2:582#850) Tirmidhi said in al-Jami-us-sahih (2:372#499) this tradition is related through Abdullah ibn Amr and Samurah as well. This tradition transmitted through Abu Huraira is hasan (fair) and sahih (sound).
  2. Nasai, as-Sunan (3:99#1388) Abu Huraira narrates that the Holy Prophet said, “When Friday comes, Angels of Allah stand at the door of the mosque and record the people in the order of their arrival –take down first of all the first arrival…. When the imam comes and sits on the pulpit, the angels fold up their sheets, sit down and listen to the remembrance of Allah.”
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  • Khuzaymah also narrated a tradition similar to this one.

  Ahmad ibn Hambal’s al-Musnad (2:460) contains the word aqbalat in the place of hadarat.

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