Orchards of Paradise | Fruits mentioned in the Holy Koran

Jabir ibn Abdullah portrays, “The Holy Prophet came to us and stated: ‘O individuals, there are multitudes of Allah’s blessed messengers who come to Dhikr meetings on earth and remain there. So eat wholeheartedly from the nurseries of Paradise.’  The Companions submitted, ‘Where are the gardens of Paradise / fruits of jannah in quran the Holy Quran ?’ He replied, ‘Dhikr sessions. So remember Allah morning and evening and continually remind yourselves of Him. Whoever wants to know his own status and station in the sight of Allah should see what he deems of Allah, because Allah  ranks a person as he believes Him in his heart.’”      Hakim said in al-Mustadrak (1:671,672#1820) the chain of narrators of the tradition is sahih (sound).

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  • . Hakeem Tirmidhi, Nawadir-ul-usul fi ahadith ar-rasul (2:126) Tabarani gave a brief version of the narration in al-Mujam-ul-awsat (3:67#2501).
  • Mundhiri said in at-Targhib wat-tarhib (2:261#2325) Ibn Abi Dunya, Abu Yala, Bazzar, Tabarani, Hakim and Bayhaqi related the tradition and Hakim declared its transmitters sahih (sound).
  • Anas ibn Malik said that the nabi PBUH said, “At the point when you pass the nurseries of Paradise, eat generously.” Aswad ibn Halal Mahārbi narrates, “Muādh (ا) said to me, ‘Sit with us so that we may believe for a moment, i.e. we remember Allah’”4(Tirmidhi, as-Sunan (5:532#3510)
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  13. Ibn Sābit narrates that Abdullah ibn Rawahah would take some of his companions by their hands and say, “Come, let us accept for a second; come, let us recollect Allah and upgrade our (condition of) confidence.

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Medical Fruits in the Holy Quran

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