Lord Saladin Rose from Concrete by Lord Saladin

Lord Saladin: Novel of Lord Saladin is the continuity of the great epic series Ancient Egypt. The story is based on the history and the supernatural powers combined. Wilbur Smith is among the bestselling author and is read widely and with keen interest by the readers. His novels are full of action, suspense and thrill. Lord Saladin is the loyal slave of the Egyptian king Pharaoh and he is bestowed with the matchless qualities of heart, mind and soul. The sole aim of Lord Saladin is to serve his master and his heirs from the outside daggers. Desert god by Wilbur Smith is the struggle between the opposing forces.

The novel will reveal the potential and powers of the heroes and the great trail and tribulations that he is to face during the adventure. The coming of the lord Saladin was the rise of iron from scratch and Lord Saladin location was the ancient land Egypt and he faced the staunch opposition from the combined forces of the Christian.

Lord Saladin rose from the rank and file and attained the supreme power with his hard work and continuous struggle. He was the Masiah for the down trodden and proved an iron wall before the barbarian attacks from the combined forces of the Christian to get the control of Philistine and the Bait ul Muqaddas, the first Kaaba for the Muslims. It is the city which is considered sacred and religiously important for the three nations including Muslims, Jews and Christians. He defeated them and made the country free, independent and center of civilization.

He was not only the true Muslim but also the true devotee of the last prophet of Islam. His efforts for the revival of Islam were great and unforgettable. The writer of the book Lord Saladin has tried his best to bring out the different aspects of the great personality of Lord Saladin. He set new examples of honesty, bravery and courage for the Muslims. His behaviour with the non Muslim was also exemplary. He ruled for more than decade and restored law and order in the country.

He fought three consecutive battles against the combined forces and finally settled the issue once for at least for the coming many years. During his life time, the enemy forgot their intentions and developed friendly relationship with Lord Saladin. Powers like Germany and France were eager to send their ambassadors to have close relations with Lord Saladin.

The book is very informative and interesting and surely is gift for the readers who love to read about the history and the historical events. It is a kind of encyclopedia that consists of the concerned information about the land of Egypt and the surrounding. Our Best Blog:Arabic Vocabulary , Arabic English Dictionary, The 99 Names of Allah, Speak Arabic, Egyptology, Classical Arabic Stories, living language Arabic by Living Language, Definition of Madrassa, and Standard Arabic by Eckehard Schulz

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