The Quran Mushaf (Holy Quran) by Allah

The Quran Mushaf: The Quran is being presented and offered by the website which is in Arabic language, the original Arabic language.  The Quran Mushaf is printed in fine prints and has the beautiful thematic cover which has the soothing effects on the minds and hearts. The Quran Mushaf has the key role in the life of the Muslims and is read and recited in every home daily. It is the only book in the world which is recited more than any other book daily. Millions of the people daily recite the holy Quran and millions of the people learn it by heart. It is also the one and the only book in the entire world which is learnt by heart and is present in the memory of the million of the Muslim. No other book has such privilege as the Quran has in the lives of the Muslims.

The demand of reciting the Holy Quran increases in the month of Ramadahan as almost every Muslim tries to recite it once in a day at least. It is because the month of Ramadhan is the month of offering special prayers all the time. It the month for which every Muslim waits impatiently and anxiously the whole year. The Muslim try to recite the Quran which has bold writing and the size of the letters and words is large. It is because this kind of writing does not affect the eye sight.

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Quran Alkareem is full of wit and wisdom. It is a kind of advice and true reflection of our life and the issues that emerge in our daily life. The recitation of Quran also is a blessing for those who recite it. But reading with clear and comprehensive translation in one’s native tongue is twice blessing. Quran reader online is also available for those who do not find time and are literate with the Arabic language fluently. Mushaf is cure for every evil present in our being. No doubt that it is sent for the reformation of the human beings.

The present Quran consists of 611 pages which are very beautiful and durable. It is printed by Othman Taha. He has also taken the care that each page has the list and the list of the Surah is encircled around with symbols in the margins and printed in tinted text boxes that are the intricate borders. The name of Creator Allah is marked in bold with the red font that adds to the beauty of the Quran. The beautiful hardcover of the Quran is very significant addition for the Muslims having Arabic as their national language. The book will be the fine copy for the collection of the books as it is reformer as well as knowledge enhancer.

Let place the order for one copy of this beautiful gift for your precious library. It will be fine addition in your collection.

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