The Quran (Arabic Only) by MAKTABET AL IMAN

The Koran: Man has been bestowed with reason and wisdom of high quality. This faculty of human being distinguishes him from animals. If a man does not use his reason and follow something blindly, he is no more than an animal. The Koran for dummies means the same view that is for the people who follow their forefathers blindly and do not use their own sense. The Koran invites such people to come and read it. It has the guidelines for them which will unveil the darkness that has spread on their hearts and eyes. Koran is the holy book that has been revealed to the last prophet of Allah. It is full good tidings for those who act upon its teachings and remain virtue and avoid evils.

Koran is the book of Allah that is read and recited by the Muslim daily in their everyday life. It is the book that the Muslims believe that it is the infallible word of God and the final wording of Allah Almighty has come through this holy book. The Koran is not only the religious book of the Muslims but also contains the golden rules and code of conduct to lead and spend the life according to the pattern and suggestions placed in the Holy Quran for the betterment of the human beings.


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Koran offers success for those who observe certain rules and regulations in their life and it also bears warnings for those who go astray from the right path and true path. They are promised to meet their end and to get the reward of their wrong doings and those who act upon the teachings and code of conduct should be rewarded dully for their good deeds in the form of Jannah (paradise), the place of heavenly peace and calm. The Koran is the sure way of success and bears the news that those who are right and on the right path are those who are loved by Allah and are safe from hell and the hellish harms.

The Koran consists of 114 chapters. Each chapter narrates the story of some past nation which has been perished away due to its some deeds. These stories give the message of some moral or lesson for the betterment and welfare of the human beings. The teachings of the Quran are permanent and everlasting. These are for all the times and all the ages. Though revealed 1400 years ago, yet the teachings of the holy Koran are still fresh and modern.

The Koran must be in your home for blessings and peace. The Koran is a precious gift and is the part of the life of every Muslim. The English translation is for the people who face any difficulty in the Arabic language. You can trust the site for the original, authentic and accurate translation of the holy quran. Place the order and get the first copy as soon as early

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