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The Koran for Dummies:   There are four scriptures that have been bestowed upon the four prophets of Allah for the guidance of the human being.  Of all these four scriptures, three have lost the major portions of their key teachings or have been amended but are not present in their true origin. The Koran for Dummies is the last book that is revealed upon the last prophet of Allah. The magnificence of Quran is about the miracles of Quran that are still present and are challenge for all the human beings irrespective of their religion or faith. It has been almost 1400 years since the holy Quran has been sent but not a single error or defect is present or observed in its letters, words, sentences and even the punctuation.

The Koran is the best book on Islam and includes all the teachings that Islam wants its followers to follow in their daily life. The Koran addresses the human beings and asks them to use their reason in every matter of life and choose only what is lawful for them and leave which is not lawful for them. The Koran claims with evidence that it has signs for those who have the habit of viewing things around them with keen observation and ponder over the system of the universe. All these signs are from Allah Almighty for the guidance of human beings towards the right path. Allah has put before human beings the option of good and evil and it is up to human to choose the right and lawful from them.

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Man has been bestowed with reason and wisdom of high quality. This faculty of human being distinguishes him from animals. If a man does not use his reason and follow something blindly, he is no more than an animal. The Koran for dummies means the same view that is for the people who follow their forefathers blindly and do not use their own sense. The Koran invites such people to come and read it. It has the guidelines for them which will unveil the darkness that has spread on their hearts and eyes.

The Quran for dummies is the call for the people who are leading the life of ignorance and in activeness. They are asked to break the shackle that has chained their souls and minds. The Koran for Dummies is written in simple and easy English which even a common man living in the English speaking countries can understand it. It will help in understanding the historical background, the structural and basic tenets of the holy book of Islam. We can safely say the Quran is the basic tool and source to understand the true spirit of Islam and Islamic teachings.

Place the order and get the copy in the first attempt as it would enlighten your mind and heart with knowledge and spiritual zeal and zest. Don’t get late.

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