Qur’anic Pictures of The Universe by Osman Bakar

Qur’anic Pictures Of The Universe by Osman Bakar: The Quran and the teachings of the Quran have universal appeal to all the human beings. Qur’anic Pictures of the Universe is the book that covers the thematic effects and appeal of the Quran on the human beings. The importance of the Quran and its teachings cannot be denied and is accepted universally by every man irrespective of his caste, creed or colour. It is for all men and for all times. It is beyond time and space. The major themes of the Quran are the matters related to the day to day life of human beings. These theme explain to him how a man can improve his life and can make his life worth living in this temporary world where our stay is not permanent and one day we have to return to our Creator and held answerable to our deeds. 

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Through the present book, the writer has tried to make an important contribution in understanding the contemporary foundation of scripture of Islamic cosmology. The book is the beautiful expression of the teachings that changed the entire Arab world and transformed the illiterate Arabs into the leaders of the world. The writer has tried to explore the hidden aspects of the Islamic cosmology. The Quranic pictures are not mere image but the representation of some real and valuable norms and moral based stories from the different regions, periods and times.


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The book Quranic Pictures of the Universe has made a serious attempt to give us the epistemology of scientific exegesis. The writer has given insight into the Quranic pic that is really helpful for the people who take interest in knowing and increasing their knowledge deeply about the Quran and its message on the cosmos, natural science, religious and physical science. The teachings of the Quran are everlasting and are guide and light for everyone to seek guidance and leadership in the world. The book has multi topic themes which deal with the practical human life covering each and every aspect of life.

The teachings of Quran can be put into practice successfully and are proved beneficial for each age group and for each department and institution. The Quranic picture and Quran pic ore are definitely attractive and appealing for the people. This is really a valuable gift for the Muslims in the sacred month of Ramadhan. The people who have some aesthetic sense could also look upon it and seek the aesthetic effect.

The book is a sacred gift for the Muslims and can help you improve your basic knowledge about the basic teachings of Islam and Islamic teachings.

About Author:

Osman Bakar is the well known and well equipped writer in writing the books on the Islamic teachings and Islam in different facets. He has the doctorate degree from well known university of Temple University Philadelpha and is working as the Professor and Director at the University Brunei Darussalam. He has worked at different levels and different capacities in almost all the well known institutions of Arab lands. He is among the most 500 influential personalities in the world and is the author of almost 20 books on different topics and about 300 articles in the well known publications of the world.

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