The Koran (Penguin Classics S)- N.J. Dawood

The Quran (Arabic Only) Beruit Quran Medium SizeThe Quran and the teachings of the Quran have universal appeal to all the human beings. Qur’anic Pictures of the Universe is the book that covers the thematic effects and appeal of the Quran on the human beings. The importance of the Quran and its teachings cannot be denied and is accepted universally by every man irrespective of his caste, creed or colour. It is for all men and for all times. It is beyond time and space. The major themes of the Quran are the matters related to the day to day life of human beings. These theme explain to him how a man can improve his life and can make his life worth living in this temporary world where our stay is not permanent and one day we have to return to our Creator and held answerable to our deeds. 

The Quran is being presented and offered by the website which is in Arabic language, the original Arabic language.  The Quran is printed in fine prints and has the beautiful thematic cover which has the soothing effects on the minds and hearts. The Quran has the key role in the life of the Muslims and is read and recited in every home daily. It is the only book in the world which is recited more than any other book daily. Millions of the people daily recite the holy Quran and millions of the people learn it by heart. It is also the one and the only book in the entire world which is learnt by heart and is present in the memory of the million of the Muslim. No other book has such privilege as the Quran has in the lives of the Muslims.

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The Qu’ran presents the complete solution our present problems and issues. It is acted upon and followed in the day to day life my millions of the Muslims. The Muslims keep it dear and sacred and don’t dare to violate the rules described in this highly life changing book. Many non Muslims accepted and embraced Islam by reading and understanding the message and teachings of Islam. The Quran has the power to change the entire concept of life if it is read and studies with proper explanation and references.   

The present book of Quran is the published by the well known and trusted company of Saudi Arab. The company is well known for printing Quran. It has two bookmarks on it which are the mark of high quality and standard. The most reliable thing about the Quran in book form is that it bears the bookmark which belongs to Jarir bookstore. It is the famous and the most reliable book store and people living in Saudi Arabia know the value of the bookmark of Jarir store. The store has been known as having the emotional attachment with the publication of Quran and they print and publish it with great care and affection.

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It is valuable gift for the Muslims especially in this holy month of Ramadhan. Hurry up and place your order to get copy of this sacred book.

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