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Dua of Taraweeh – Tarabi Taraweeh Dua [Tarabi Taraweeh dua Do you wish to learn and remember Dua the Taraweeh written in Arabic, Urdu, Bangla, English, and Hindi? and we’ve made available audio mp3s to all Muslims. “Taraweeh” is a word “Taraweeh” is an Arabic word. 

In its literal sense, it means “rest or relax”. It is among the most important parts of Ramadan. This blessed month is when Muslims are gathered inside mosques for give Tarawih and listen to Quran Recitation. 

Taraweeh is considered to be very spiritual experience and a treasured moment for Muslims. This dua is recited following the 4 Rakat within the Namaz in the Namaz of Tarvih.

  • Taraweeh Dua in English, Urdu, and Arabic
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  • Is Taraweeh Sunnah or Nafl?
  • Is Taraweeh compulsory?


Taraweeh Dua in English, Urdu, and Arabic

Dua of Taraweeh – There isn’t any authentic hadith that relates to Taraweeh Dua however the following Dua is endorsed by many Islamic Scholars. 

It is possible to recite this Dua but don’t make it mandatory because anything that isn’t mentioned within the Quran, hadith or Sunnah is known as Bid’ah which is a strict prohibition in Islam.

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“Exalted can be described as the grasper of both the secret and the visible dominion. Exalted is the Possessor of Might, Greatness, Reverence, Power, Pride, and Majesty. Exalted is the Lord, the living One who never does not sleep nor dies. 

All-holy, All-perfect, Our Lord and Lord of angels as well as the souls. O Allah provide us with protection from Hellfire. O Refuge Granter, O granter of refuge O Refugee Granter.”

Tarabi in the Quran

Allah SWT has stated that in the Quran;

“And the most merciful’s servants are those who walk on the earth without difficulty and, when those who are ignorant confront them with a harsh tone and they speak [words of peace. Also, those who devote [part of] their night with their Lord praying and prostrating, and then standing in prayer.”(Quran 25: 63-64)

Allah SWT highly appreciates and is extremely grateful for the prayers of night. He differentiates the people who worship at night and those who do not pray at night . He says

“Is one who is devoutly obedient during periods of the night, prostrating and standing [in prayer], fearing the Hereafter and hoping for the mercy of his Lord, [like one who does not]?” (Quran 39: 9)

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Tarawih Hadith (Tarabi Hadees)

Dua of Taraweeh – The importance of Taraweeh the prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) declared:

“Whoever performs the Taraweeh prayer by believing in the virtue of Ramadan and asks for the divine rewards earned only from Allah, his prior sins are erased.”

Urwa recounts that he was told by Aisha that “Allah’s Messenger (P.B.U.H) was out at the middle of the night to pray in the mosque. A few men followed him in prayer. In the morning, people talked about it and later a large group of them came together and prayed in his direction (on one night). 

The next day, people continued to discuss it and, on the third night the mosque was crowded with many people. The Messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H) appeared and people were praying behind him.

On the fourth night , the Mosque was overflowing with people and was unable to accommodate them. However, The Prophet (P.B.U.H) arrived (only) to say morning prayers. After morning Prayer was completed, he recited Tashah-hud, and (addressing the crowd) declared, “Amma ba’du, your presence was not hidden from me but I was afraid lest the night prayer (Qiyam) should be enjoined on you and you might not be able to carry it on.” Thus Allah’s Apostle was killed and the scenario remained as the present (i.e. prayer was conducted in a group).

How do I ask for Taraweeh?

Unfortunately, the majority of Muslims do not have the knowledge to properly pray Taraweeh. Many of us have a good understanding of this prayer , but are prone to making mistakes when praying it. Here’s the correct method of praying Taraweeh;

It is performed as an ordinary Congregational Prayer with the intention of 2 Rak’ah. It is mandatory to be a follower of the Imam in the same way the same way you would follow him in other prayers.

After 4 Rak’ah Taraweeh Dua as well as salutations will be repeated. When you’ve completed 20 Rak’ahs, 3 Rak’ah of Witr Prayer is offered to the congregation.

How do I pray Tarawih at your home?

If you’re doing Taraweeh at home, adhere to the following steps:

In the beginning, you must make sure that you’re making sure you are praying Taraweeh at the correct time. Taraweeh should be performed during and after the Isha Prayer and Witr commonly referred to in the Odd-numbered prayer.

Taraweeh is comprised of 20 rak’ah. The first 8 rak’at is mandatory. Therefore, you must decide the number of rak’ahs you would like to offer. If you’re healthy, young and fit, you need to pray 20 rak’ah. If not you are able to stop your prayer at 8 rak’ah.

The prayer is performed in two-rak’ah section. In certain areas in the globe, it’s also conducted as four-rak’ah segments. If you would like to pray in four-rak’ah sections you should use the same method that we do in Asr prayer.

After 4 rak’ah Taraweeh Dua as well as salutations will be repeated.

Dua of Taraweeh – You must read a tiny section of Quran within the Taraweeh prayer. Divide the Quran in such a manner that at the conclusion of Ramadan you have completed the Quran. You are able to complete the Quran however, you must not hurry when reciting it. Since staying focused and calm while reciting is essential.

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Taraweeh Prayer FAQs
Which is the most rakats is Tarawih?

The prayer Taraweeh contains 20 Rakats of two each. After 4 rak’ahs Taraweeh Dua with salutations and a recitation of the prayer is said.

Is Taraweeh Sunnah or Nafl?

All Sunnah prayers can be considered Nafl. For example, Tahajud is an optional or Nafl prayer, but it is also referred to as Sunnah since it was executed in the presence of Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H). Similar to Taraweeh, it is an optional Nafl prayer that is also is a Sunnah prayer since it is executed in the presence of Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H).

Is Taraweeh mandatory?

Taraweeh Prayer is not Fardh (compulsory) or Wajib (obligatory) however, based on hadith, we can conclude the prayer is Sunnah. There is no definitive answer on whether Taraweeh is mandatory or not. 

Certain Muslim experts believe it is compulsory, while other scholars think it’s not. The final decision rests with the individual. If one chooses to pray Taraweeh and then pray, they must perform it with the intention that they will please Allah (SWT).

If a person is not at all compelled to pray Taraweeh There is nothing wrong with the person for not doing it. Whatever the situation what is most crucial to do is strive to do the most suitable in the light of the Islamic guidelines of Islam. Allah (SWT) will know what’s in the heart of each one of us and judge us according to that.

Do you have to perform Taraweeh in the Mosque?

Taraweeh is best performed in the mosque because it is more effective, however it is also possible to perform at home, too.

How many Rakats are performed by people during Taraweeh prayer?

In most cases, 20 Rakats are performed.

Are you able to pray Taraweeh at your home?

Yes, you are able to pray both in the Mosque or at your home.

Is taraweeh prayer nafl , or sunnah?

Taraweeh prayer is one of the sunnah.

When does taraweeh start?

Taraweeh begins prior to Witr and then after Isha.

Do you need to pray Taraweeh to be fast?

It’s not true, Taraweeh and fasting are not linked.

Does Taraweeh be prayed using 4 rakats?

Yes, Taraweeh could be made available in four Rakats, similar to that of the prayer in the afternoon (Salat-Al-Asr).

How many rakats exist in Taraweeh?

It is comprised of twenty Rakats which are performed each day during Ramadan between Salat al-Isha and Salat al-Witr.


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