Anthropomorphism in Islam by Livnat Holtzman

Examines the issue of anthropomorphism as a major source of contention in the between the 8th and 14th centuries of Islamic theology

As with any other topic on the table Islamic theology, the concept of anthropomorphism (tashbih) was at the center in a variety of theological disputes and was often addressed in the traditionalist circles of Islam. 

The way that scholars interpret the anthropomorphic representations that were given to God from the Qur’an or in the Hadith (for instance God’s handor God’s laughter, or God’s seat on the throne of Heaven) often indicated his social and political status as well as his theological affinities.

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 This book provides a thorough literary study of the textual and non-textual components of ahadith al-sifat, the religious texts that portray God as well as His characteristics through an theologically anthropomorphic way.

 It also addresses the in-depth debates that are raging among the prominent traditionalistic educational centers in the Islamic world about how to interpret and understand these anthropomorphic practices. Through an attentive and contextualized study of Hadith compilations as well as theological treatises and other historical sources The book offers an analysis and understanding of traditionalist attempts to define anthropomorphism during the most important and most crucial period of Islamic thinking.

Key Features

  • Included are case studies on traditional anthropomorphic practices, tribal history and legends and the Hashwiyya as well as the traditionalists
  • Investigates non-textual aspects in the anthropomorphic tradition (including body-gears, mimicry and body-hands)
  • Researches the use of the use of rhetorical devices and rational argumentations in the writings of traditionalist theologians.
  • The first comprehensive analytical study in linguistics and literature of material anthropomorphic in the Hadith

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