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Are you in search of Dua prior to leaving at home or A prayer before leaving your home. It is essential to perform dua before you leave the house. When you leave your home, you may encounter numerous dangers, such as you could get into an accident, or being victimized by theft, crime or other crimes. If you trust Allah by making a small dua, He will guard you.

Dua Leaving House – Our Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu alaihi wassalam claimed that whoever is able to recite this dua before leaving home , it will be given the following message:

  • You will be guided.
  • You are defended,
  • You are secure,

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The devil will be far from you.

There are four angelic duas to be read by the person who has this before leaving home. The person will be guided. He/she will be guarded. He will be safe and He/she will be shielded from the devil.

Dua When Leaving Home:

Before leaving home and heading to the pub (Gher Se Nikalne Ki Dua) and recite the following verses:

“In the name Allah I put my faith in Allah and I know that there is no strength or power other than Allah.

Another Dua While Leaving the Home:

Allaahumma innee a’oothubika an adhilla, aw udhalla, aw azilla, aw uzalla, aw adhlima, aw udhlama, aw ajhala aw yujhala ‘alayya.
O Allah I pray for refuge in You in preventing others from being led off the path and making others slip, or being enticed to slip by other people performing wrong, being mistreated by others or acting foolishly, or being treated in a foolish manner by other people.

It’s the truth, the moment a person puts his trust in Allah regarding a subject, Allah never breaks that faith of His people. Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind Allah every day and to perform dua to honor Allah.

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Bismillaahibismi llhi,In the Name of Allah
tawakkaltutawakWaltuI’ve placed my faith in you.
‘alallaahi`ala~ llhiin Allah
wa laa hawlaWala Hawlathere is no way to be strong.
wa laa quwwatawala quwWa@aand no power
‘ illaa billaahilWa billhiOther than Allah

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Dua Leaving House – It is essential and vital for you to be able to recite an Dua before leaving your home. You may also recite Ayat-ulKursi if you are unable to recall any other duas at the moment. This Dua can also shield your from mishaps and will allow you to be safe when you return home.

Also, you should say Dua before you leave your home to ensure your safety.


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