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This is a fascinating story of human evolution as well as survival and growth. Of our colorful past. of world history. Find out how we got to where that we are today . an adventure around the world which spans the span of 200,000 years of human time. It was the Stone Age, development of tools and domestication of animals and the beginnings of agriculture. 

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The beginning of recorded human time, classical Greece and The Indian Middle Kingdom, and the Qin Dynasty. It was the Middle Ages and the eruptions of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. The Age of Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, and the Scientific Revolution. Explore the evolution of humanity through the earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia as well as the fall and rise of the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, Age of Discovery, and the French and American Revolutions. 

Explore the historic figures that have pushed us forward, including Buddha, Confucius, Genghis Khan, Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther as well as Karl Marx. History of the World: Ancient History in Mesopotamia to Modern History – The Events people, Leaders, and People that shaped Our Planet provides a fascinating view of our extensive and diverse history that is will surely inspire you to further research. 

Through the book you’ll see the interplay of cultures which led to the development of technological advancements and science, as well as arts literature, religions, and more as well as how our ancestors’ beliefs, theories and beliefs have shaped our current state of mind. 

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It will show how traditional methods are superior to contemporary methods, and how modern methods have changed the landscape of the world, for better or for worse. Begin your journey through the world’s history today with History of the World: Ancient History in Mesopotamia to Modern History – The Events, People and Leaders that have shaped our Planet

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