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Arabic Quotes About Life – A few thoughts to help you think about your personal perception of your globe… Inspiring in the writings of Immanuel Kant, in the year 1790. the concept of Weltanschauung (German meaning “worldview”), this philosophical idea is a key element in the evolution of psychoanalysis. And like its name implies it is related to the concept of the world.

 Do you have a unique and authentic perception of the world or do you have many more? Based on the statistics for 2020 the population of the world is 7.753 billion. This is about how many different views of the world we’ve got given that every one has a unique identity, and every person has their own interpretation of reality

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Arabic Quotes About Life – Proverbs, aside from their philosophical content, are the basis of all people’s wisdom or their view on the globe. This blog is about wisdom from all over the world and the way it is expressed by Arabic. Arabic language.

Basic Phrases

Meeting and Greeting

Motivational Quotes and Phrases in Arabic

kun al-ttagyira al-adii turidu `an tarahu fii al-‘alam.Be the change you wish to witness around the globe.
la yuugadu tariqun muhtasar `ila makanin yastahiqu al-ddahaba `ilayih.There is no shortcut to any location worth visiting.
lan takuna qaadiran ‘ala qat’i al-muhit `ida lam yakun ladaika al-saga’ah `an tahasr mar`a al-ssati`.It is impossible to walk across the ocean unless you are brave enough to look away from the shoreline.
al-hataru al-`a’zamu ‘ala mu’zamina huwa laisa `an yakuuna hadafuna ‘aalin giddan, wa `an nuhfiqa fii tahqiqahi, ball `an yakuuna sahlaan giddan wa nuhaqiqahu.The most significant risk for the majority of us isn’t the fact that our goal is too high and we fail to reach it, but that we aim for the goal is too low and we fail to get there.
da`iman hud fii ‘aini al-`i’tibari `anna qarara al-nnagah huwa `ahammu min `ayyi sai` `ahar.Remember that your determination to achieve your goals is more crucial that any.
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Arabic Quotes About Life – The ability to learn a few phrases and proverbs in Arabic to help you master the language is amazing! But, do you want to learn make it even better? Learn some words which you could use in order to motivate others Arabic learners to continue learning the language! Here are a few Arabic terms and expressions that you could use to do that.

tastati’u `an taf’alaha!You can do it!
mada ladaika litahsarah?What are you willing to risk losing?
la tastaslim!Don’t give up!
`anta lasta wahidan.There is no need to be alone.
istamir bilqiyam bi’amalin gayyid.Keep up the great work.
`ana fahurun giddan bik!I’m very pleased for you!
mada tantazir?What are you waiting on?
intaliq!Do it!
istamir fi al-muhawalah!Keep fighting!
`amin binafsik.Be confident in yourself.
al-`amr yastahiq al-muhawalah.It’s worth taking a chance.

10 bits of Arabic wisdom

1. The value of time is in money.

It is likely that this English phrase is more than just one bell. The Arabs come up with their own distinct method of saying the exact thing.

  • Al wakto men zahab.
  • Literal meaning: Time is gold.

2. You are my favorite thing.

Each child’s name is star to their parents’ eye. Of of course there are various variations of this expression in English just as it is the same in Arabic. But, in order to not lose our minds in the mystery of Arabic grammar, we’ll keep to two-person singulars. Thus you can understand the Arabic phrase goes as follows:

  • Anta Nour ‘aynay (or ‘Oyouny in spoken dialect)
  • Literal Translation: You are the brightest light in my eyes.

3. The person who digs an excavation…

If you’ve ever read the Bible at least once, you’ll have come across The Book of Proverbs and the well-known Proverb 26:27, which states the reader that “He that diggeth a pit, shall fall into it: and he that rolleth a stone, it shall return to him”. The current English version isn’t as in the way of tongue twisting “He that digs a pit will fall into it, and he that rolls a stone, it will roll back on them.”

It is the Arabic version is much more straightforward:

  • Man hafara hufra li akheehi waka’a fiha.
  • Literal Translation: He who digs the pit to find his brother gets swept into it.

4. The path to success is made by dedication.

True in English and Arabic. In the end, the hard work you put into it will pay off regardless of the location. It’s all about the way you communicate the concept. In Arabic it’s like this:

  • Man talaba al ola sahira allayalee.
  • Literal translation : Anyone who is looking for the top must stay up all night

5. A hungry stomach has no ears.

There’s nothing that works in the case of hunger. You’re fumbling around, and you aren’t able to concentrate. If this happens, you can tell yourself:

  • ‘Inda al botoun da’at al ‘okoul.
  • Literal meaning:The mind is lost when it comes to stomach.
  • Don’t take any crucial decisions with empty stomachs.

6. Man can’t fulfill all the desires of his heart.

Whatever the language you use, this applies to you. Consider your own life, do you ever achieve what you would like? Sometimes, it’s just one of “love’s labour’s lost”. In the world of Shakespeare we go back into Arabia’s desert. Arabia and where people put it in the following manner:

Ma kollo ma yatamannaho al mar’o youdrikoho. Tajree arriyaho bima la tashtahee assofono.

The literal translation is: One will not achieve everything he wants. A more appropriate and informative translation would be “The winds blow unlike what the ships wish for.”

7. You can kill two birds in one shot.

When you are trying to accomplish two goals in one go and you do it, you declare that. The idea of killing thought to have its roots in Greek mythology and specifically, the story that tells of Daedalus and Icarus who got out of from the Cretan maze by flying. Legend says the two bird killed using one stone , and then removed feathers so that they could make wings.

It is not clear if Arabic speakers are of the same opinion or not, it is impossible to determine for certain. We do know that they are able to use the same notion of efficacy as English speakers as their interpretation of this phrase is:

  • Darabt ‘asfourayn bi hajar wahid.
  • Literal Translation: I hit two birds with one stone.

8. Forbidden fruit is one of the sweetest.

We’ve all heard that the pasture that lies to the part of the water is more lushbut let’s introduce another English phrase to the equation. This is where coveting gets started. It is true that the pasture might not be as banned like the fruits… This same concept is aptly expressed in the Arabic saying below:

  • Kol mamnou’s marghoub.
  • Literal Translation: Whatever is forbidden is the thing to be avoided.

9. The use of brevity and good taste makes sense.

“Short and sweet”, or “Less is more”, as Westerners often claim. The ability to communicate concisely is essential to get your message through as quickly and clearly as you can.

  • Khairo al kalam makalla wa dal, which is the Arabic for it.
  • Literal meaning: The best speech is short and revealing.

10. A man with knowledge encircles his words.

If you are more knowledgeable than anyone else that you are You’re better off keeping your silence.

Literal Translation: If speech is silver and silence is gold, then silence is also gold.

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Arabic Proverbs

What is the definition of a proverb?

Arabic Quotes About Life – Proverbs are a short, straightforward, and traditional saying that gives advice from experience. They are often used as metaphors or allegories. Proverbs are a very popular language and the foundation of a culture passed down through generations.

.Arabic Quotes About Life – The collection of Arabic proverbs, phrases and sayings is rich and extensive. More than 420 million people worldwide use Arabic, from Oman in India to Mauritania in the Atlantic Ocean. This means that there is a wide variety of wisdom that has been passed down through generations in the form of proverbs. Below are the most popular and well-known Arabic Proverbs. They have been translated into English. ).

Arabic Quotes About Life – Six things can make a man foolish: Anger without cause and speech without profit. Change without progress. Inquiry without object. Putting trust in strangers. Mistaking foes for friends. “

  • “A house divided can’t stand.” “
  • “A paradise without people doesn’t make it worth going in.” “
  • “A pebble can support an entire barrel.” “
  • “A tree starts with a seed.” “
  • “Actions speak louder that words.” “
  • “Arrogance decreases wisdom.” “
  • Ask the experts rather than the novices. “
  • “Exclude all that requires an apology. “
  • Avoid the company of liars.
  • Be patient, and you will get what you want. “
  • “Beware of him whom you have been kind to. “
  • If they are angry, beware of the calm and level-headed. “
  • “Blood doesn’t become water.” “
  • “Close the door that lets in the wind, and you can relax. “
  • “Days are similar to countries. “
  • “Determination is key to all things.” “
  • “Discipline your child when he is young and be his friend as he grows up.” “
  • “Distance equals disaffection. “
  • “Don’t buy the news or the moon, because they will both be out in the end. “
  • “Don’t delay today’s work for tomorrow. “
  • “Don’t eat your bread at someone else’s table. “
  • “Eat less to get more sleep. “
  • “Even honey is a friend, don’t lick it all up. “
  • “Every rooster sings from its own dunghill. “
  • “Every sun must set. “
  • “Experimentation, the greatest science.-
  • Falsehood lasts for an hour; truth lasts until the end. “
  • “Put the lid on the mouth of the jar and the daughter will emerge like her mother. “
  • “Forgetting is the plague to knowledge.” “
  • Give your friends blood and money, but don’t justify it. . “
  • “Agree with the lesser evil of two. “
  • “Good health is more important than the crown of the sick. “
  • “He makes a pyramid out of a grain. “
  • “He who wants the top must sit up many nights. “
  • “He who sees other people’s calamities finds his own calamity light. “
  • “He who has a house made of glass shouldn’t throw stones at people.” “
  • “I curse my child, but I hate anyone who says amen.” “
  • “If the wind blows ride it. “
  • “If you’re charitable, you’re rich.” “
  • “If you are unable to reward, make sure to thank. “
  • “Ignorance can be the most horrible friend.” “
  • “Habituality can lead to regret. But patience and care will bring you peace and safety. “
  • “Keeping a secret is an obligation. “
  • “Lacking intelligence is the greatest form of poverty.” “
  • “Laughing without a reason can be rude. “
  • “Like a fish swimming in water. “
  • “Make distance between yourself and all dirtiness. “
  • “More skilled than a silkworm. “
  • “Movement can be a blessing. “
  • “Necessity, the mother of invention is.” “
  • “Oh, bald man! We’re not sure where to kiss you. “
  • “One cannot achieve everything he wants. “
  • “Opinion is more important than the bravery of braves. “
  • “Planning is half the life. “
  • “Receiving blows from a stick is different than counting them. “
  • “Rooster dies with his eyes still fixed on the dunghill. “
  • Send a wise man, don’t advise him. “
  • “Speaking is different from seeing. “
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