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 How gives to Happiness readers, Users, Parents, Children and Teachers more than a Hundred everyday activities they can practice to become happier in the short and long Terms Life . Scholars prepared the comprehensive list of activities after conducting and reviewing years of research about what distinguishes happy from unhappy people in  Life.

To help you decide which of these fresh and positive activities might be right for you and Your family, For more on these fresh and Positive activities, also see www.Quranmualim .com article on 12 Steps to Happiness in Life | About Islam and Free download our worksheets

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These are the following and 12 Steps to Happiness in Life i.e

01-Learn to forgive.

The First Step keep in Mind forgive to anyone who hurt You. Forgiveness is the Main Virtue.

02- Acts of kindness.

The Second Step to Happiness Do good have Good.Do Good  things for others as possible, —whether friends, relatives or strangers, directly, Indirectly or anonymously, spontaneously or planned. .

03-Good relationships.

Develop Good relationship with all people, and giving time and energy in healing, cultivating, affirming, and enjoying it.

04-Cultivate optimism.

You have with positive thinking, Positive thought and write about the best possible future for yourself, or practice looking at the bright side of every situation.

05-Avoid over-thinking

Use strategies to cut down on how often you dwell (To inhabit) on your physically problems, and protect against comparing yourself to others.

06-. Expressing gratitude

The life you are now living is too short, Life is the gift of God… express your gratitude for it. The mistakes you made in the past and all the lessons you’ve learned… express your thanking for them.

  1. Learning to forgive

Learn to forgive every one  and those people who might have hurt you in the life . That moment you forgive, you free yourself from pain and you allow happiness to enter your life once again.

  1. life’s joy

Look at the Sun and Moon, look at the Nature, look at the beauty of nature, beauty of life gave you happiness.


Take a positive approach. Positive thoughts —such as joy, Happiness, gratitude, contentment, inspiration and pride, Good Time , Passions —are not just great at the time. Control Your Emotion in every situation.


No one’s perfect in Life . We have acceptance Nature, Many Problem solve through acceptance .

11- Spiritual connections.

Religious and spiritual people are always happier because of the social connections, Social links they get through their community.

12-Commit to your goals.

 If You have  significant goals that are meaningful to you, and devote time and effort to pursuing them

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