Islamic Homosexualities: Culture, History, and Literature

Islamic Homosexualities: The idea of homosexual relation is not new and has been present in the different societies of the world and is still present in the modern-day world. Though, its impact on the different societies is felt greater in the modern-day world. Different cultures and religions and societies show different reactions against the concept of homosexualities. Some cultures and societies react strongly and put strict restrictions and declared heavy punishment against the violators and those who are involved in this heinous act. Some societies and cultures did not react strongly and quite relaxation was granted to the doers of the homosexuality.

The concept of the homosexualities was also present in the Muslims culture of the Midle East and this concept of the homosexuality is the topic and theme of the book by Stephen o Murray. The Islamic authors have also confessed and described the events that showed the trends of the homosexuality in the Muslim culture.

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The book is the first anthropological collection that shows the different patterns where male and female were involved in the homosexuality. But it must be kept in mind that the punishment for such kind of the crimes was also equally heavy and memorable for not only the victims but also for the other observers. The Islamic fundamentalism in the present day world has been stressed upon more than anything else but the concept of the homosexuality has been ignored and attentions of the world have been diverted to some other things.

The stereotypes show the different drawbacks that are found in the Muslim cultures and history as well. These drawbacks include the backwardness, poor economic conditions, hyper patriarchal and fanatically religion. These conditions are present almost in all the Muslims countries except some Arab countries of Engulf and Middle East.





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It remains the fact that the Islamic world consists of the grand variety in the form of culture and diversity in the culture of gender roles and sexuality. The book in the hand presents the first collection of the historical and anthropological aspects. The study of the homosexuality in the Muslim world shows the concept of the homosexuality was present in the Muslim world from the day one and it grew within the premises of the Muslim world.

This concept is wrong that in the Muslim world, the concept of the homo sex was not present. On the other hand, same sex relations were not present in the Muslims world but also they were tolerated to some extent. While on the other hand, the concept of the same sex relations was present in the Christianity world in less number as compared to the Muslim world. The author presents his theory with the help of the different studies and historical references from the different books and travelogues and even the biographies of the Muslim writers.

 Homosexuality in the Muslim World includes cultural and historical analyses of the entire Islamic world, not just the so-called Middle East. Essays show both age-stratified patterns of homosexuality, as revealed in the erotic and romantic poetry of medieval poets, and gender-based patterns, in which both men and women might, to varying degrees, choose to live as members of the opposite sex.

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