Deciphering Quranic Views: What Does The Quran Say About Homosexuality?

What Does the Quran Say About Homosexuality?” Exploring Insights and Interpretations on LGBTQ+ Matters Within Islamic Scripture”

You can frequently get questions or comments from Muslim students approximately homosexuality in Islam. They usually declare that homosexuality is banned with the aid of the Quran.

But if you continue to invite, they regularly do now not recognise the statements and that they get stuck in “it’s miles simply not allowed, it’s miles haram” .

It is true that there are a number of charges within the Quran referring to the story of Sodom which appear to restrict sex among men. But there’s more to mention approximately it.

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The Quran mentions intercourse among men several times, nearly all of them inside the context of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, wherein a few town inhabitants call for sexual access to the messengers sent by means of God to the prophet Lot (or Lut).

The Quranic tale is sort of similar to the model inside the Bible. Later explanations of the Quran agreed that the “abomination” alluded to with the aid of the Quranic passages changed into tried sodomy (mainly anal sex) among guys.

The sins of the humans of Lut later became proverbial and the Arabic words for the act of anal sex among guys including “liwat” and for a person who plays such acts “Luti”; each derive from the name Lut, despite the fact that Lut changed into not the only worrying intercourse.

Some modern-day homosexual and lesbian Muslim activists disagree with the equation of this rape tale with gay relationships.

Scholars factor out that Muslims’ perspectives on sexual diversity have end up a lot extra conservative inside the closing century, whilst Islam has for hundreds of years been a lot greater tolerant than Christianity.

In addition, colonialism and competition to Western exploitation has created a well-known reluctance against many things that Muslims consider Western (and corrupt). Homosexuality is then used as an issue to show how corrupt the West is.

Gay, bisexual and lesbian Muslims have end up more and more seen in recent years. They often say that we have to not condemn every other, and that Allah himself has created variety.

In records provision, teachers and advisers have to think carefully about the location from which they want to teach approximately this. When you are a Muslim your self, you have a totally distinct position than when you have a unique belief or no religion.

Also, the selection of whether or not you touch upon the Quran and other Islamic regulations is a essential one. It isn’t always beneficial to explain Quranic texts if you aren’t quite professional on Islam. Even in case you do not forget yourself knowledgeable on Islam, ensure now not to teach with a judgmental view.

For non-Muslim teachers and activists we advocate not to get drawn right into a spiritual dialogue however to go into into a speak about democracy and the way we are able to live collectively whilst dealing adequately with variations.

The Wikipedia page on LGBT in Islam is pretty comprehensive approximately the Quran, the opposite non secular texts and the ancient and social context

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Deciphering Quranic Views: What Does The Quran Say About Homosexuality? Quran Chapters, Quran Juz, Quran Arabic Text
Quotes from the Quran

Homosexuality is rejected in a number of places inside the Koran. A few examples: (“Lut” is the same as “Lot” in the Bible)

1.    four:sixteen: “And for the ones amongst your wives who’re guilty of fornication, name up 4 of you as witnesses in opposition to her, and in the event that they testify, lock her up in her house until her demise, or until Allah gives her a And if of you’re guilty of this, punish them each. And in the event that they repent and enhance, then go away them by myself, for Allah accepts repentance and is complete of grace.” (This verse approximately “zina” is commonly interpreted as a prohibition in opposition to any sex outside of marriage and does not relate to 2 ladies).

2.    Sura 7: 80-eighty one: “And Lut said to his people: Will you dedicate a horror that none of the world’s population have devoted for you?”

3.    7: 81-82: “You technique guys with lust rather than girls. No, you are a individuals who move beyond the boundaries.” (additionally translated as: “You are immoderate humans”)

4.    7:84: “And we (Allah) let rain fall on them. Look how that turned into the quit of the wrongdoers.”

5.    11:eighty: “They responded: you (Lut) realize that we are not entitled in your daughters and you understand what we want.”

6.    eleven:eighty three: “When our (Allah’s) command came, we grew to become that town (Sodom) upside down and rained layer upon layer of clay on it.”

7.    11:87: “And his humans rushed to him (Lut); they’d committed horrific deeds earlier than. He said: humans, right here are my daughters, they may be purifier for you. Fear then God and do not disgrace me for my guests. ” (by means of abusing the messenger of Allah)

eight.    11:seventy nine: “They said: You (Lut) realize that we are not entitled to your daughters and you recognize what we need.”

9.    21:75: “And to Lut we (Allah) gave wisdom and understanding. And we delivered him from the metropolis that acted abominably. They have been indeed an irritated and rebellious human beings.”

10. 26: 166: “You technique the guys of all creatures!”

11. 26: 167: “And you leave your wives your lord created for you!”

12. 26: 169: “He (Lut) said,” Really, I despise your behavior. “

thirteen. 27:55: “And Lut, stated to his human beings, do now not commit immorality against your better judgment!”

14. 27:fifty six: “Do you lustfully approach men as opposed to girls? No, you are an ignorant human beings.”

15. 27:fifty nine: “And we (Allah) brought on a rain to stumble upon them, and the rain became terrible for the warned.”

sixteen. 29:30: “Do you men approach with lust and rob you on the street, or even dedicate atrocities on your conferences? But the answer of the humans turned into nothing extra than that they stated: deliver the punishment of Allah upon us as you the fact speaks. “

17. 29:31: “He (Lut) stated:” help me, my lord, in opposition to the those who reason catastrophe. “

18. 29:32: “And while our messengers brought the news to Abraham, they said, We will destroy the humans of this metropolis; for its population are evil.” (literally: “unjust”)

19. 54:37: “And they attempted to shame their guests (with the aid of asking them to have intercourse with them). Then we took their eyes off their eyesight. Then taste my punishments and my warnings.”

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Deciphering Quranic Views: What Does The Quran Say About Homosexuality? Quran Chapters, Quran Juz, Quran Arabic Text
Lesbian sex

There isn’t any clear prohibition of sex between ladies inside the Quran. Some exegetes suppose it’s miles “zina” (the punishable crime of intercourse outside of marriage, but different say can be visible as a sin but now not as against the law that deserves a religious (hadd) punishment


Transgenderism does not arise in the Quran. There are convictions of effeminate guys (probable eunuchs) and “ladies who imitate men” in the Hadith. Allegedly, Mohammed banished effeminate men, but did now not kill them because they had been additionally believers.

In Islam there is a debate approximately whether transgender humans imitate the other intercourse (which is taken into consideration reprehensible) or whether or not they may be inside the wrong body. Suni spiritual leaders started out issuing fatwa’s in opposition to intercourse reassignment for transgender people within the Nineteen Eighties, however created the formal possibility for sex “correction” for peope with an intersex condition.

Ayatollah Khomeini (Shii)issued a fatwa in 1987 authorizing intercourse operations. Nevertheless, Muslim transgender human beings in maximum Muslim nations (inclusive of Iran, despite the fact that they can get operations) nonetheless suffer from discrimination.

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Different interpretations

A extra unfastened interpretation of the Quran is that Allah offers humans their personal duty to steer a good lifestyles. Clergy have to not condemn this, this is the proper of Allah by myself. Like different styles of intercourse, homosexuality would only be terrible on the subject of abuse, extra or violation of public honor.

Some current homosexual and lesbian Muslim activists disagree with this interpretation, arguing that the humans of Lot had been destroyed not due to participation in equal-intercourse acts, however due to misdeeds which blanketed refusing to worship one God, brushing off the authority of the Prophets, and attempting to rape the tourists, a crime made even worse through the fact that the travelers were beneath Lot’s safety and hospitality (as an example: Kuggle, Scott, and Stephen Hunt.”Masculinity, Homosexuality and the Defence of Islam: A Case Study of Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s Media Fatwa.”Religion and Gender 2, no.2 (2012):271-272).

Since the Nineteen Nineties there were extra homosexual, bisexual, lesbian and transgender Muslims. They show that it’s far viable to be homosexual / lesbian and non secular. They frequently avoid talking about the Quran, due to the fact it is so touchy nowadays.

But when they respond to this, they often emphasize that “Allah is infallible and has made us all distinctive” (regarding Sura 5:48), and that “people should not choose every other, simplest Allah is authorized” (referring to Sura forty nine:eleven). More feedback on LGBTI and Islam can be observed on the internet site of Muslims for Progressive Values and a list of assets on PFLAG.

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Dealing with judgmental views

It is right to recognize that such “unfastened” interpretations are not (but) not unusual in mainstream Islamic communities. The mainstream Muslim opinion is that the Quran texts have been passed on by means of Allah to Muhammad as literal reality and recommendations.

Orthodox Muslims agree with – just like Orthodox Christians – that “consequently” no discussion is possible approximately this. In this sort of context, records and talk on human rights associated with sexual range becomes surely not possible.

In training classes for companies which consist of orthodox believers, teachers and counselors regularly strategically keep away from conversations of “sacred” texts. Broadly speaking, there are four approaches of dealing with faith-primarily based convictions of homosexuality. The first two of them address the content of the conviction, the alternative deal with favored conduct.

Dialogue approximately convictions

1. Discussion on the translation of “holy texts”

2. Discussion of the non-public relationship with God/Allah

Dialogue about behavior

three. Discussion approximately variety and human rights

4. Discussion of concrete every day manners and respect

The preference of approach relies upon on who you’re, what you know and the sort of institution you train. If you’re a Muslim yourself, you have a special function than when you have a specific notion or no faith. Also, the selection of whether or not you comment on the Quran and other Islamic rules is a vital one.

It is not really useful to give an explanation for Quranic texts if you are not fairly professional on Islam. Even if you keep in mind your self knowledgeable on Islam, make certain now not to train with a judgmental view.

For non-Muslim teachers and activists we propose not to get drawn right into a religious discussion but to go into into a communicate about democracy and the way we are able to live collectively even as dealing effectively with variations. It is likewise frequently useful to “degay” the challenge (to cite comparable examples from other contexts; consisting of comparing Islamophobia to homophobia; we do not want both).

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Deciphering Quranic Views: What Does The Quran Say About Homosexuality? Quran Chapters, Quran Juz, Quran Arabic Text
Overt of implicit Islamophobia

Many non-Muslim educators have been encouraged by way of current anti-Muslim rhetoric. Such rhetoric often declare that Muslims are backward, anti-emancipation and prudish.

If you have such critiques, it is crucial to recollect that your own cultural values may still be corresponding to Muslim values in many methods. What do you take into account “incorrect” or “first rate”?

Every subculture and character has their own, frequently strong views on this. For instance, many Muslim boys bathe with their pants on due to the fact even a casual look at their genitals is already taken into consideration haram (shameful / impure). But this kind of disgrace isn’t always typically Islamic.

If gay guys or lesbian ladies kiss each different on the street or stroll hand in hand, that is additionally seen by using many human beings as hectic or provocative. In some Christian circles, even pronouncing which you are gay, bi or lesbian can be skilled as shocking and provocative. Blaming homophobia mainly on Muslim values is Islamophobic.

Teachers and activists will need to discover a way of their training to discuss with their students how we cope with such shameful or aversive feelings.

In a democratic country you are encouraged to experience the whole lot and to have any opinion, however you can no longer express all your aversions disrespectfully or violently. So the point is to look for a social dating wherein we deal with our variations with respect.

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