An Introduction to Koranic and Classical Arabic by W.M. Thackston

An Introduction to Koranic and Classical Arabic: Reading the holy Quran without any mistake or error is the dream of every Muslim and this book in hand would surely provide you with the same opportunity. Tajweed rules for reading the Arabic language are necessary to understand for reading the holy Quran smoothly and beautifully. When someone is reading the holy Quran, he should be sure that no mistake or error is made or committed during the recitation of the holy Quran. Such errors and mistakes lead to the wrong meanings and explanation of the different verses and sometimes, they lead to the opposite meanings what is being intended in the correct and true context.  The book would definitely help you to read the holy Quran free of basic errors and mistakes.

The book in hand An Introduction to Koranic and Classical Arabic provides the complete introduction the Arabic language that is used in the holy book of Quran or Koran. The Quran in Arabic is hard to difficult for the people who do have the Arabic language as their native language. We can say that this book is on the introduction and explanation of the ancient Arabic language. The ancient Arabic is also called the classical Arabic which is one of the oldest languages in the human history.  




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An Introduction to Koranic and Classical Arabic addresses the learners of the elementary level learners for understanding the basic Arabic grammar. The main feature of the book is the mode and target of the classical Arabic language. This language is the continuity of the literary norm of the Arabic language which is not changed or undergone any transformation during the last fourteen hundred years. It is very useful and beneficial for the readers who take interest in the Islamic religion, science of the ancestors and the literature of the particular age and period.

For understanding all the features of the Arabic society and the culture of the Arabic region, this book is priceless and outstanding. It gives comprehensive analysis into the insight of the civilization of the Islamic society in the Near East. The readers would surely feel satisfied with the basic and primary knowledge about the sources of the Islamic civilization and culture.

Thackston is Professor of the Practice in Persian and Other Near Eastern Languages at Harvard University. He has the vast knowledge about the two ancient languages of Arabic and Persian. He is well experienced in teaching these two languages at the university level for more than twenty years. He has written many books on the nature and behaviour of the languages especially the Arabic and Persian language. Many articles are published on the different language in the famous journal of the world. The latest book of the writer is the about the English translation of the Babunama. This book is about the story of the century of the princess and is the source of the Timurid History and Art, Tales from Luristan, Fables and Folk Poetry from the Lur of Bla Gariva.

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