Lebanese Arabic: The Easy Way to Learn Lebanese Grammar by Ali Matar

Lebanese Arabic: The book is useful for the new learners in learning the basic reading of the Arabic language. It is based on the distinctive technique. This technique provides the best way for building language skill. This skill is helpful in reading the Arabic language and writings. The book is of great value for the learners of the intermediate leveled learners. The book has the qualities of engaging readings of progressive difficulty that permits the students and learner the readers to get the understanding of the readings easily and rapidly. Lebanon is one of the Far East countries where three great religions are present including Muslims, Christian and Jews. The national language of the country is Arabic and the people speak this language. The language spoken in this country is also called the Levantine Arabic language.

The book is useful for the people who are interested in visiting the country and have the enjoyment of the travel and culture of this ancient country of the world. The country is famous for its deserts and ancient remains of the human history. The country is attached with the significance for the Muslims as well as the other religion of Jews and Christian. Teaching Arabic language to the adult as well as the learners is the sole object of the book series. The main feature of the book is the unique method that the writer has applied in this book. The two major aspects of the language learning are the listening and speaking. These two aspects play key role in the life of the people who want to learn any foreign language. These two aspects have been addresses very skillfully by the writer of the book.




113 Pages


The book series addresses all the group age irrespective of their nationality and geographical background. This series is divided into five parts in order to meet the requirements of the readers. The readers of the book series would definitely enjoy the experience of the book reading and learning the Arabic language that is specially spoken in the Arab country Lebanon. The writer has used the simple method of learning the language. The natural way of learning is said to be the best way to learn the language and this method of learning is used by the writer of the book. This is why the book becomes very easy and quite understandable for the learners even if they are not using Arabic as the native language.

The book would definitely prove useful for the learners to consult for learning the specific Arabic language that is used in the Arab countries and especially Lebanon. This country is the center of the three big religion of the world.

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