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Arabic Questions Vocabulary- In this Article We will learn about Arabic Question Words Vocabulary . Now we will try to implement the adverbs into Arabic sentences. That way you will be able to use Questions Vocabulary not only by itself but Merge in a structure. Here We will learn about Arabic Questions Vocabulary “how” commonly used adverbs to express the interrogative form in Arabic Sentences. Dear Users, whenever a question needs to be asked, one of them should be used. Here the following the table contains 2 columns (English, Arabic, meaning). You can learn and improving your pronunciation.

In the next Article you will learn how to form negative yes-no questions and how prepositions, Arabic Tense, Arabic Verb, Arabic Grammar are used with the seven interrogative nouns.

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Arabic Questions in a Sentence (Questions Voc)

Sr No English Arabic
001Can I come?هل يمكنني المجيء؟
02Can I help you?أيمكنني مساعدتك؟
03Can you help me?هل يمكنك مساعدتي؟
04Do you know her?هل تعرفها؟
05Do you speak English?هل تتكلم بالإنجليزية؟
06How difficult is it?ما مدى صعوبتها؟
07How far is this?كم هو بعده؟
08How much is this?بكم هذا؟
09How would you like to pay?كيف تريد أن تدفع؟
10What is this called?ما إسم هذا؟
11What is your name?ما إسمك؟
12What time is it?كم الساعة؟
13When can we meet?متى يمكننا ان نلتقي؟
14Where do you live?أين تعيش؟
15Why is it expensive?لماذا هي مكلفة؟
16Can you repeat?هل يمكنك تكرير ما قلته؟
17Can you speak slowly?هل يمكنك التحدث ببطء؟
18Did you understand what I said?هل فهمت ما قلته؟
19Don't worry!لا تقلق
20Excuse me? (i.e. I beg your pardon?)المعذرة؟
21How do you say "OK" in French?كيف يمكنك أن تقول "اوكي" بالفرنسية؟
22I don't know!لا أعرف
23I don't understand!لا أفهم
2I need to practice my Frenchأنا بحاجة لممارسة الفرنسية
25Is that right?هل هذا صحيح؟
26Is that wrong?هل هذا خطأ؟
28My French is badلغتي الفرنسية ليست جيدة
29No problem!ليس هناك أي مشكل
32Sorry (to apologize)آسف
33To speakيتحدث
34What does that word mean in English?ماذا تعني هذه الكلمة بالإنجليزية؟
35What is this?ما هذا؟
36What should I say?ماذا يجب أن أقول؟
38What's that called in French?ماذا يسمى هذا بالفرنسية؟
39Write it down please!أكتبها من فضلك
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