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Start with Bismillah by Muslim Notebooks:  Islam is the religion of peace and the followers of Islam are Muslims. They believe in the existence of some power that is running this world is the master and owner of all the worlds and all the things present in all the worlds. They believe in the oneness of Allah, the creator and sustainer of all the universes. For the unlimited blessings of Allah almighty for the human beings, they believe that it is their sheer duty to become grateful and obliged of that power. If they feel obliged and offer gratitude to Allah Almighty, the number of blessings would be doubled and tripled by Allah Almighty. It is decreed and ordered by the Almighty to Start with Bismillah whatever and whichever the work is to be done.

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Alasad Online Quran Tutor,Free Islamic and Educational Platform

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Bismillah is an Arabic word and the definition of Bismillah is to utter in the name of Allah who is the most merciful and gracious. Bismillah in Arabic language has the same meaning as the words that are said to start any work with. This recitation of the word Bismillah is helpful in increasing the blessings of Allah almighty and to show the modesty that one is obeying his Master in letter and spirit. Bismillah brings blessings to the work which is being done or to be done. Everything that is started in the name of Allah has better and positive results than the work started without uttering the name of Allah almighty.

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Bismillah in Arabic text and Bismillah prayer are the two side of one picture. Bismillah is in fact the starter for the Muslims and they feel satisfied when this sentence of Bismillah is recited before starting the work, food, sleep and drinking. Quite surprisingly, Bismillah exercises magical effects and reaction when it is recited before the beginning of the some difficult work or adventure. It is the part of the faith of the Muslims and they strongly believe that recitation of Bismillah would undoubtedly save them from any bad luck and it will prove good luck for them in their new works and activities.

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Bismillah is in size of  6″ x 9″, comfortable  to carry in your pocket or backpack, for school, home or work wherever you go.

It can be used to record prayer for your hajj pilgrimage, for writing thoughts of gratitude, for your Quran comprehension, for self-reflection, your to-do lists, for planning new projects, for your organization, for your best recipes, brainstorming and much more.

This style of notebook consists of 120 pages, and a flexible paperback covering in professional designed and style of glossy finish. The pages are numbered and can be entered in a personal table of content for quick retrieval.

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