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Arabic Vocabulary Notebook: Language is the basic tool to convey the message and to develop the relations with the other human beings and society. Language is the only mean to have discourse and conversation in the society. Meaningful language and the pragmatic aspects of the language help people to understand and convey their feelings in the form of short sentences or even using the idioms. No language in the world can be possible which is only found in the written forms and Arabic vocabulary is missing in it. Phrases and clauses are the life and soul of the language and are used in the day to day life. These clauses and phrase enhance the beauty of the language. The user must have the basic knowledge of the basic units and portion of the grammar. The Egyptian Arabic vocabulary is included the Arabic greetings and Arabic lessons. The Arabic pronunciation is also very important and can be learnt easily with the help of phrases and clauses.

The vocabulary note book is the work in the language field that cannot be matched with other works of similar nature and type. Arabic vocabulary words are the cause of frustration and tension. These words cannot be handled easily but with the book in hand. Such issues and problems can be handled skillfully and craftily. Words are the basic units in the learning of any country and origin. If the person has the basic knowledge of the language but his vocabulary about the specific language is limited and not satisfactory, he would not be able to convey even the single sentence correctly and accurately.



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Playing with the words is art and it comes through experience as well as the hard work. The learning about the words play key role in learning the language both for speaking purposes as well as the written language point of view. We can say that words are key figure and all the learning procedure revolves round the correct and accurate use of the words. The function of the words is integral part in the learning process. The present book offers the simple but very authentic method to build vocabulary through graded and selected method. These methods have proved helpful to great extent in learning the vocabulary in terms of words and the uses of the words.

This ruled vocabulary notebook is designed specially for Arabic language.
You have to fill it with your words.

Features and benefits:

✓  the book contains the basic rules in the form of Bilingual English/Arabic
✓  the book Arabic vocabulary notebook consists of 5 columns (word, plurial, synonym, opposite, sentence)
✓ 5 columns are used to teach the words and vocabulary.  (past, present, imperative, infinitive, sentence)
✓ Capacity of more than 3000 words and verbs
✓ 160 pages
✓ 8,5 × 11 in

The purpose of this notebook is to help you memorize and review the words that you have studied.  The book Arabic vocabulary notebook is valuable for learning the words vocabulary. The library without the presence of this book is not worth visiting.

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