River God (The Egyptian Series Book 1) by Wilbur Smith

River God:  River god is the first novel of the new book series Egyptian series. The life in the palaces was the most difficult and risky. The people living in the palaces were, on one hand, the cause of the pride and envy while on the other hand, they were always at the mystery of the unknown forces to be killed or thrown out of the palace at any time. Life was most uncertain for them as they can at any time fell from prosperity to depravity. They used to have friends as well as enemies. River God by Wilbur Smith is new adventure for the lovers of the adventures and suspense.  

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It is the well known proverb about the life of the palaces that fame and popularity breed envy in high places. It is also said that adulation of the mob is fickle. The people of the palaces are of fluctuate nature and their pleasures and worries are equally fluctuant. These people are in the habit to tear down the very idols of which they have become tired and sick. These are the very idols which are adorned by them in the earlier time. Living in the unknown condition is far better than enjoying the fame and popularity in the public. The same was done in the other book, Ancient Egypt, by the same novelist Wilbur Smith.




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The hero of the novel Taita is to go through the incredible journey to achieve the targets hat are set for himself to reach at. He is the all rounder type of personality. He is gifted with so many traits of personality. Whatever the circumstances are, he is willing and is ready to face the consequences of his decisions. Poetry, art, medicine, engineering are the fields where he is proficient in. he has another quality of keeping the secrets of the others. He is a man of determination, courage and will power. Lord Intef is the mark of the book and is the hidden treasure for the hero of the novel. He has a beautiful wife, Lostris. Taita is interested in her but when her father decides to get her married with the king Pharaoh; he does not show any resistance and resigns to the decree of the fate. He is asked to follow her in letter and spirit. This commandment further deteriorates the condition. He is now indulged more deeply in the world of deception and intrigues.

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On the other hand, the situation outside the palace is not good either. The kingdom of Pharaoh is divided in two parts. This division of the kingdom poses greater threat and danger to the survival of the state.  The situation is getting even worse than ever before. Enemies are approaching and trying to devour the state but one power is standing like man in the way to smash the evil intentions of the enemies.

The novel is packed with suspense, mystery and thrill. The readers would surely enjoy reading the novel. Hurry up and get the copy of the book as soon as possible to go through the thrilling series.   

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