The Magnificence of Quran by Mahmood Bin Ahmad Bin Saaleh

The Magnificence of Quran: There are four scriptures that have been bestowed upon the four prophets of Allah for the guidance of the human being.  Of all these four scriptures, three have lost the major portions of their key teachings or have been amended but are not present in their true origin. The Holy Book of Allah is the last book that is revealed upon the last prophet of Allah. The Quran is about the miracles of Quran that are still present and are challenge for all the human beings irrespective of their religion or faith. It has been almost 1400 years since the holy Quran has been sent but not a single error or defect is present or observed in its letters, words, sentences and even the punctuation.

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The Quranic verses (The Magnificence of Quran) are the true proof that they are not human made but are revealed by some heavenly power and that power is none other than Allah Almighty. The message of the corn book is simple and clear. It deals with the betterment and welfare of the human beings. There some principals, some stories of the past nations and guidelines for leading well balanced and well-planned life. The word magnificence is the suitable and equal word for the definition and greatness of the holy Quran. The greatness of the holy Book of Allah cannot be judged by the human beings completely. So there is dire need to understand the book for our own benefit and welfare as it is sent to legalize and regularize the lives of ours and not for non-human beings.



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The stories from The Magnificence of Quran are the tales of the nations that were once the part and live on the face of the earth but they were perished or destroyed by Allah Almighty for their wrong doings and bad deeds. These stories are told in a very impressive and effective manner to teach us the lesson that we should not involve in the deeds that have been forbidden by Allah in His message that is present in the shape of the Holy Book of Allah.  These stories are the lesson for those who have led astray from the right path which is the path of the virtue and the pious people.

The Magnificence of Quran is very precious gift for the Muslims to read and learn the golden rules and guidelines that are given in detail for the human life on the earth.  The main objective of the Divine Book quotes and Quranic verses is to teach the various aspects and concepts of the greatness and splendor of Quran. The book also reveals the fact that The Magnificence of Quran was sent through the last prophet of Allah. This book of holy Book of Allah is in fact the great gift for the human beings which guide and lead the human beings to the right path. This path is the favorite and chosen path of Allah Almighty.

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