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Dear brothers and Sisters, do you know when we recite a letter from The Noble Quran, we get 10 good deeds. Do you know that the best of people is those who teach the Quran and learn The Noble Quran? I am sure our young friends, Brothers and Sisters would like to be among the best of people. In this Article Learn to Read the Quran Online Academy, we have gathered some useful resources to help you learn Arabic – the language of Quran. Happy Reading!

 How to Read the Quran

Dear Brothers and Sisters, learning how to Learn to Read The Quran Online Academy is very difficult nowadays if one does not have a skilled and competent teacher. For this reason, another effective, Useful and efficient way of learning the reading of Learn to Read The Quran Online Academy is through online video lessons, Online Tutor, Online Teaching via Skype.

The very first  step that a learner of the Quran (Quran with Tajweed, Quran with Tafseer, Quran word by word) should take is learning the Arabic alphabet (Arabic Books, Arabic Grammar PDF, Best Arabic Verb )

Lie and Share Learn to Read The Quran PDF

Easy way to Learn to Read Quran

Dear Brothers and Sisters, we teach a comprehensive Tajweed course (Quran with Tajweed, Quran with Tafseer, Quran Reading, Short Surah of the Quran) because we understand that reading and reciting the Quran in a beautiful voice is not the same. We will help you follow the rules of Quran Tajweed ( Izhaar 2- Idghaam 3- Iqlaab 4- Ikhfaa,

The Rules of Meem Saakinah-Ikhfaa Shafawy, Idghaam Shafawy, Izhaar Shafawy, Laam Shamsyiah & Qamaryiah, .Izhaar Idgaam, Alif Madd, The Ghunnah for the Ikhfaa, 1- Heavy Ghunnah, 2- Light Ghunnah, The Tajweed way of pronunciation, Al-Madd can be Long from two to six beats depending upon its kind. Three Main Types of Madd: – Madd Tabee’ee, • Madd Al-Badal,Madd Ewadh, Madd Aaridh Li-Ssukoon , Madd Al-Leen , Madd Waajib Muttasil, Madd Jaa’ez Munfasil, Madd Laazim ­) while reading the verses.

The Quran is the divine Book of Allah and hence we must read the Book of Allah properly and accurately. Join our reading course if you are in search of an Learn to read the Quran Online Academy. Tajweed will not only teach you the reading of the verses accurately, Good Pronunciation, but you will also read beautifully. Our Learn to read the Quran Online Academy offers you the best chance to acquire this knowledge and become a proficient reciter on your door Step. Kids’ Reading Learn to Read The Quran Online Academy  Program

Dear Students, Start learning the Quran with us by contacting us today. Our Learn to read the Quran Online Academy remains open 24 hours a day and we are also available 24/7. Parents also prefer our KIDS READING THE QURAN program for easy and convenient learning. We are here to solve the difficulties of parents who cannot drop their kids to mosques or madrassas. We are proud to provide good Online the Quran education to all the students including the kids. We are performing this duty well with the help of our qualified Online The Quran teacher.

You must have a PC or an Android device with a fast speed internet connection for starting the online class. You must also have headphones, microphone, and Skype to start the Tuition online.


  • A computer, a laptop or an Android device
  • Internet connection
  • headphones
  • microphone
  • Skype

Free Download Learn to Read The Quran Course PDF

Do not worry if you do not find a Quran tutor because we offer distance Quran learning to all the Muslims around the world. We are the Good learning Academy of the Quran for busy people because we offer flexibility in time. Students can choose any time when you are available. Contact us to start to Learn to Read The Quran Online Academy (Alasad Online Quran Tutor)

Our Islamic, Arabic and Quran Publications: Dua Book pdf , Free Islamic Books , Islamiat All Grades Worksheets, Islamic Studies Books Grades 1-12 , Arabic Taj ul Uroos Classic Arabic Dictionary , Lisan al-‘Arab (لسان العرب) Dictionary, 33 Short Surah of Quran , Miracles of Quran,


Ahsanul Qawaid Tajweed Book PDF

Arabic Alphabet Book Free PDF Download

Beginners Guide To Arabic Book-1

Beginners Guide To Arabic Book-2

Beginners Guide To Arabic Book-3

My Arabic Alphabet Workbook PDF

Simple Rules of Tajweed Free PDF Download


1st Year-English Free PDF Download

2nd Year-English Free PDF Download

3rd Year-English Free PDF Download

4th Year-English Free PDF Download

5th Year-English Free PDF Download


The Enduring Legacy Of Muslim Civilisation Arabic

The Enduring Legacy Of Muslim Civilisation English

A Muslim Childs way of life-English

Dua for kids - Aussie Muslim Kids- English

Islam for children-Chinese Language PDF

Kids Ramadan Journal Green dot PDF Download

Let's Perform Ablution Arabic PDF Download

Let's Perform Ablution English PDF Download

Let's Perform Umrah English PDF Download

Let's Perform Umrah Arabic and English

Let's Pray (Female Namaz Method ) PDF

Let's Pray- learn to read Quran online PDF

Qasas Al-Anbeyaa Arabic Only PDF

Qasas-al-Anbeyaa PDF Download

Seerah The Last Prophet (PBUH) PDF Download

Stories of the Sahabah [r.a] for Children

Stories Prophets PDF Free Download

The Prophet Musa A.S Free PDF Download


Dear Students, Learning of the Holy Quran can make us successful in this life and the day of Judgment. In fact, after learning the Quran, Quran with Tajweed, Quran with Tafseer, Quran Meaning, Quran Word by word, we must follow its teaching to become obliged towards our Allah Almighty. Certainly, we must recite it regularly basis. Above all, its recitation and memorization (Short Surah of the Quran, Hifz Quran,) can bless us in many ways. You can check our Plan

May the Allah Almighty help us through its blessings (The Quran) and guide us in the right Path. The teaching of the Quran will certainly change our life i this World and help us the Day of Judgment. Being Muslim, it is our Duty to learn the Quran. It’s the biggest blessing of Allah Almighty sent through its last Messenger (P.B.U.H). The Holy Quran can lead us towards a righteous path. May Allah strengthen, guide us to learn and follow its teachings.

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