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In this Article We will learn about Stoker.  A Stoker, Name or thing that stokes a working person employed to tend and fuel a furnace, especially a forge used to generate steam. a mechanical device for supplying coal


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Stoker Definition & Stoker Meaning

Dear Students, you searched English word “Stoker” Urdu meaning “بھٹی میں ایندھن جھونکنے والا”. Roman Urdu is bhatti mein endhan jhonknay wala. You know that Stoker is a Noun. We Spell Stoker as [stoh-ker]. Stoker meaning in Urdu has been searched more or Less   607 times till today 06/09/2021.  The word Stoker in Urdu and Roman Urdu. WE will Learn how to speak Stoker Word in Urdu and English language

Stoker in English to Urdu, English, Spanish, Arabic , French, German, Hindi and other languages.


  • Shelf stacker
  • night filler
  • shelf stacker
  • stacker
  • stock assistant
  • stock replenisher
  • store attendant
  • warehouse operative
  • warehouse worker

Basic Words

  • common
  • dull
  • established
  • formal
  • normal
  • ordinary
  • overused
  • regular
  • routine
  • standard
  • staple
  • stereotyped
  • conventional
  • customary
  • hackneyed
  • run-of-the-mill
  • traditional


  • abnormal
  • different
  • disorderly
  • eccentric
  • extra
  • extraordinary
  • infrequent
  • irregular
  • rare
  • secondary
  • uncommon
  • unconventional
  • unusual
  • original
  • Nearby Words
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  • stock exchange
  • stock exchanges         
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  • stocked up with          
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  • stock dilution
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Related Words and Phrases

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  • stocks
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  • stockpot
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7-letter Words Starting With

s– st-sto- stoc- stock- stocke

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