Daily Duas & Azkar (Supplications and Adhkar)

Dua is a Powerful Tool. Dua  can change the good Goals and can also turn the sad, worries, grief moments in to happiest one. Although every person says different duas according to his needs. You know Arabic is the best language.  but there are also some specific Arabic duas which are essential for every Muslim, New Muslim such as dua for after namaz, Dua for morning, Dua for sleeping, Dua for travelling, Dua for rest, Dua for Mosque, Dua for leaving mosque and Much more. All these duas (Prayer) are short which you can easily learn by heart and if you have android phone, Laptop, Small Phone then Free Download .

The best Islamic dua (Prayer) and azkar PDF  to quickly learn by heart the beneficial duas (Prayer). These beautiful Duas also provide you the translations of each dua so you can easily understand the meanings and Tafseer. The day and night zikar of Allah Almighty will give comfort to your heart and automatically provide you the best solution of your all problems

Daily Duas & Azkar (Supplications and Adhkar)

So let’s Free PDF Download which are the best dua and azkar PDF for You and Your family.


Dua  after Salah – What to Say after Every Obligatory/Fard Salah? Voluntary Prayers / Salatut-Tatawwo’u

  1. أذكار Remembering Allah Morning and Evening:
  2. When you wake up PDF
  3. Morning Zikr PDF
  4. Evening Zikr PDF
  5. Morning Zikr PDF
  6. Evening Zikr PDF
  7. Before you sleep PDF
  8. Supplications for Kids PDF
  9. 1000 Sunan PDF
  10. 1000 Sunan Nabi Hazrat Muhammad
  11. 25 Qur’anic Du’aas
  12. 40 Rabbana Du’aas from the Qur’an
  13. comprehensive all-in-one Du’aa
  14. Azkaar After Obligatory Salah
  15. Azkaar and Du’aas in Salah
  16. Best Times to Make Du’aa
  17. Daily Du’aa Book
  18. Du’aa Booklet PDF
  19. Du’aa Cards PDF
  20. Du’aa Qunoot PDF
  21. Du’aas of the Prophets PDF
  22. Dua (Khatm ul Quran PDF
  23. Hisnul Muslim PDF
  24. Prayers in the Qur’an PDF
  25. Jawame Du’aa PDF
  26. Key to A Successful Day PDF

Dear Brother and Sisters, This Islamic dua and azkar Free PDF  is different from the all Blogs because it only tells you about the best Qruanic duas that are beneficial for all specific occasions and start with the word “Rabbana” and so on. You can know the meanings of each dua (Prayer), Here You can Free Download.

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40-Rabbana in the Holy Quran PDF Download

Additional-Prayer Salatut Tatawwo PDF Download

Azkaar After Salah Free PDF Download

Best times to make Duaa PDF Download

Best Dua Book Free PDF Download

Dua for Beneficial Knowledge Rizq

Dua for Forgiveness by 70,000 Angels (2)

Dua for Healthy Body, Hearing, Sight

Dua for Jannah Free PDF Download

Dua for Mercy Assistance PDF Download

Dua For Pardon Well-Being PDF Download

Dua For Protection Against Devil PDF Download

Dua for Protection from All Evil PDF Download

Dua for Protection from Shirk Riya PDF Download

Dua for Relief Distress, Laziness, Debts

Dua for Reward and Protection PDF Download

Dua khatm ul Quran Recitation PDF Download

Dua To Be Pleased PDF Download

High Reward Dhikr after Fajr Prayer PDF Download

Morning - Good of this day PDF Download

Morning Dua For Thanks To Allah PDF Download

Morning Protection Azkar PDF Download

Morning Remembrance PDF Download

Prayers Book Free PDF Download

Protection From The Fire PDF Download

Sayyidul Istighfar Free PDF Download

Supplemental About Adhan PDF Download

supplications Free PDF Download

The key to a successful day PDF Download

Zikr To Work Out What You Are Worried PDF Download

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