Arabic Vocabulary | Translation of “Positions” in Arabic

In this Article We will learn about Arabic Vocabulary | Translation of “Positions” in Arabic. We are going to learn the direction, Arabic Vocabulary, Position of Words, Arabic Alphabets, Arabic Grammar, Arabic Poems for Kids or position in Arabic.

In our daily routine  conversations, it’s very common to talk about someone’s occupation, Positions, Work, especially when getting to know the person for the first time. Everybody all over the  world has an occupation; it’s one of those things that tell a lot about that person. That’s why, in this “Learn Arabic” post, we’ve chosen to give you a some  common jobs.

  • Direction in Arabic is جِهَةٌ
  • Directions in Arabic is جِهَاتٌ
  • Position in Arabic is مَكَانَةٌ
  • Positions in Arabic is مَكَانَاتٌ

Arabic Vocabulary | Translation of "Positions" in Arabic

Position in Arabic and examples

  1. تَحْتَ (tahta), means under/below.

يَنَامُ القِطُّ تَحْتَ الكُرْسِيِّ- The cat sleeps under the chair.

  1. عَلَى means on.

الكُرَةُ عَلَى المَكْتَبِ- The ball is on the table.

  1. أَمَامَ , means in front of; opposite to.

السَّيَّارَةُ أَمَامَ البَيْتِ- The car is in front of the house.

  1. خَلْفَ means behind; back.

تَقِفُ مَرْيَمُ خَلْفَ أُمِّهَا- Maryam stands behind her mother.

  1. فَوْقَ means above.

الطَّائِرَةُ فَوْقَ المَدِيْنَةِ- The plane is above the city.

  1. وَسَطَ means middle; center.

أَبِيْ وَسَطَ زَوْجَاتِهِ- My father is in the middle of his wives.

  1. بَيْنَ means between.

القَلَمُ بَيْنَ كِتَابَيْنِ – The pen is between two books.

  1. دَاخِلَ means inside.

أَحْمَدُ دَاخِلَ السَّيَّارَةِ – Ahmad is inside the car.

  1. فِي means in.

أَيْنَ الطُّلاَّبُ ؟- Where are the students?

الطُّلاَّبُ فِي الفَصْلِ- The students is in the class.

  1. حَوْلَ (ḥawla), means around.

يَجْلِسُ الأَوْلاَدُ حَوْلَ الطَّاوِلَةِ – The boys sit around the table.

  1. عِنْدَ (‘inda), means with.

أَيْنَ المُدَرِّسُ ؟ – Where is the teacher?

المُدَرِّسُ عِنْدَ المُدِيْرِ – The teacher is with the headmaster.

  1. خَارِجَ means outside.

المُدَرِّسُ خَارِجَ الفَصْلِ – The teacher is outside the class.

Directions in Arabic

  • غَرْبًا means west.
  • شَرْقًا means east.
  • شَمَالاً means north.
  • جَنُوبًا means south.
  • شِمَالاً or يَسَارًا  means left.
  • يَمِينًا means right.
  • بِجَانِبِ means beside.

In the above, only the masculine forms are given, except for the last one. Dear Keep in mind, that the feminine form can be easily extracted from the masculine form by adding the “taa’ marbuta ة, ــة ”. Although, that is not always the case. We will definitely have another post to talk about some other common job, Work, titles and occupations that include the feminine forms as well. Thanks for learning with us.

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