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The meaning of Arabic phrase ماشاءالله is “that which God wanted”. ماشاءالله is often said to show appreciation, Dua, Prayer, May Allah increase You All for something happening for a person. It’s a way for Muslims and New Muslims to show respect, and serves as a reminder that everything (Rizq, Health, wealth, knowledge, eeman ) is achieved by the will of God. It’s a way for us to acknowledge that Allah Almighty, the creator of all things in this world, has bestowed upon us a blessing. Appreciate in Arabic is a way to express amazement.

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In Arabic mashallah: ما شاء الله TO protect from Devil AND JEALOUSY. In Islam, we believed it all thing from to Allah. When Allah gave Much to any person, we say Masha allah . For example, if you just had a new car  you would say ‘Masha Allah ’ to show gratitude the gift of  Allah has bestowed and to avoid risking the baby’s future health. 


These two words (MASHALLAH OR INSHALLAH) These are Two words  but have different meaning , which is why it’s easy to get confused between the Mashallah and Inshallah. The difference inshallah is said to wish for a future :

  • Mashallah = Allah has willed
  • Inshallah = if Allah wills it.
  • Example of Inshallah: I hope for getting  the new Car, inshallah.
  • Example of Mashallah:  Mashallah, what a beautiful baby. 

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Some  examples we compiled from social media Facebook, Twitter and Whats App profiles of Muslim’s using the word ماشاء الله naturally:

Example #1:

Watching the sun rise fills me with a Happy Mood i can’t express. absolutely gorgeous, ماشاء الله.

Example #2:

ماشاء الله my sweet baby Abdullah. May Allah bless him with this smile throughout his life.

Example #3:

More power to Hijabs and Niqabis as well, out there! Mashallah!

Example #4:

ماشاء الله I’m getting such good marks in Matric Exams even though they’re not that great but it’s still good.

Example #5:

I love his recitation masha’allah!

Arabic Phrases : ما شاء الله

English Arabic
Subhan Allahسبحان اللہ

Masha Allahماشااللہ

Bohat Khoobبہت خوب

Wah Wahواہ واہ


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