Summer Vacation Task of All Classes (Grade 1- Grade12)

Dear Parent and Students, To keep the students active, busy, keep working and active during the Summer Break also known as Summer Vacation. Students are given some Home tasks/ homework to complete during the Holidays break. Centers of Excellence School, College, Academies  also give Summer Vacation Work to its students from Class 1 to Class 12. To find your class Summer Vacation Work for this Year , it is requested to please click on the Download Button below and get Free PDF WhatsApp No +923017363500.

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Home Work 2 Week 6

  • Overview of Project Based Activities
  • Photo Flash Cards
  • LEVEL 1 Activities and Worksheets

Home Work 2 Week 5

  • Home Work 2 Week 5 Overview of Fables
  • Truthfulness and Honesty
  • Printable Worksheets for Fables (Level 1)

Home Work 2 Week 4

  • Coordinates and Expanded Noun Phrases
  • Maths Mastery (Level 1)
  • Animal Adjectives (Arabic Level 1)
  • The Zoo Reading Worksheets -Level 1)
  • Map Coordinates (Level 1 Worksheets)
  • What Am I Wild Animals (Level 1)
  • Zoo Coordinates (Level 1 Worksheet)
  • Coordinates Maths (Level 2)
  • Word Mat (Level 2 – Arabic)
  • Coordinate Challenges Reading Comprehension

Summer 2 Week 3

  • Parts Of The House.
  • Resources to Support Level 1 Learners
  • A House Poster Printable Worksheets
  • Word Mat Sets (Arabic)
  • Present Indefinite Tense Worksheets
  • Verb Labelling (Verb +ing)
  • Go (Home Sorting Activity)
  • Who, Doing What,What, Where

Home Work 2 Week 2

  • Using ‘and’ to Joining Words and Clauses
  • Conjunctions Wordmat (Arabic)
  • Conjunction Resources Posters

Home Work 2 Week 1

  • Read Write and Convert Time Between Analogue and Digital English)
  • Telling the Time – 1/2 (Arabic)
  • Time Vocabulary (Arabic)
  • Write the Time – Level 1
  • Write the Time – Level 2
  • Parts of a Flower Clock
  • 5 Minute Intervals Game Matching

Home Work-  Week 5

  • Overview of Food Worksheets
  • Food Chain Word Mat (Arabic)
  • Food Chains Powerpoint (Arabic)
  • Overview of Planets and Space
  • Space Word Mat (Arabic)

Home Work Week 3

  • Fractions Overview (04.05.20)
  • 1.Read and Colour Fractions (Arabic)
  • 2.Halves and Quarters Sorting Worksheet (Arabic)
  • 3.Finding one half-Worksheet (Arabic)
  • Fractions word mat (Arabic)

Home Work Week 2

  • Week 2 – Parts of a Body
  • Week 2 – Flowering Plant Life
  • Week 2 – Plant Growth
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Kids Blogs

Summer 2 Week 1

Cut out Parts of a flower clock Worksheet

Matching Analogue and Digital cards

Telling The Time peg Matching Game o clock

Time vocabulary word mat Arabic Worksheet

Time vocabulary word-mat Arabic Worksheet

Summer 2 Week 2

Conjunctions wordmat arabic Worksheet

Summer 2 Week 3

Parts of the House Free Worksheet

Resources to Support-level-1 Worksheet

The verb to be in the present-tense

Where does it go Home sorting Activity

who doing what, where cut up sentence Activity

Summer 2 Week 4

Animal Adjectives Arabic level-1 Free Worksheet

Coordinate challenges Free Worksheet

Coordinates and expanded noun Free Worksheet

The zoo vet reading comprehension

Truthfulness and the boy who cried wolf

Summer 2 Week 5

Summer 2-week-5 Free Worksheet

Summer 2 Week 6

Minibeasts Photo-flash cards Arabic English

Project based-Activities Free Worksheet

Summer Week 2

Plant Growth Sequencing Activity Arabic

What am I Guessing Game Cards Food Arabic

Summer Week 5

Food chain Activities and worksheets

Food Chains Free Printable Worksheet

Planets and Space Free Printable Worksheet

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