An Islamic Studies Grade 4 Printable Worksheets Download

Dear Students, Given the most necessity need for English Islamic studies material in schools All Grade 1 to Grade 12 , has struggled  to publish an Islamic Studies series covering all grades from grades 1 through 12 free PDF . This series Islamic Studies Series covers all areas of Islamic studies: The Holy Quran, Quran with Tajweed, Quran with tafsir, ahaddith, tawheed, fiqh, sirah and Islamic History. Given the importance of Islamic Studies  knowledge, every effort has been made to ensure that the Islamic Studies material presented in the series is reliable Sourcrs. Also, given the importance of Arabic Islamic terms, Arabic Learning, Arabic Grammar, Arabic Alphabets, most are presented in their original Arabic script, transliteration, and translation.

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  • Grade 4_Part 1
  • Class 3 Free Worksheets & Textbook Exercises:

Unit 1

  • Dua entering or leaving a house
  • Lesson 2: Surat al Burouj Free Worksheets
  • Surah-al Burooj Free Worksheets
  • Lesson 3: The rules of Tajweed

The strong believer

  • Lesson 5: The Azhan to Islam
  • Beginning Azhan To Islam Free Worksheets
  • Azhan Islam Free Worksheets
  • Lesson 6: The mother
  • Zainab (R.A) Free Worksheets

Unit 2

  • Lesson 1: Belief in the Books of Allah
  • Lesson 2: Surat Al-Tariq Free Worksheets
  • The f obligatory prayers Free Worksheets

Obligatory Prayers Free Worksheets

Unit 3

  • Lesson 1: Sunan Rawatib Free Worksheets
  • Lesson 2: Migration to Abyssinia Free Worksheets
  • Migration to Abyssinia Free Worksheets
  • Lesson 3: The Good
  • Good Treatment Free Worksheets
  • Lesson 4: Surat Al-A’laa Free Worksheets
  • Surah al A’laa Free Worksheets
  • Lesson 5: Congregational Prayer
  • Lesson 1: Surat Al-Ghashiyah Free Worksheets
  • Lesson 2: Research and scientific Thinking

 Scientific Thinking  Free Worksheets

  • Worksheet on Salman al Farisi Free Worksheets
  • Lesson 3: Praising Allah Free Worksheets
  • Praising Allah’s Blessings Free Worksheets
  • Praising Allah for His Gifts Free Worksheets
  • Lesson 4: The Year of Sorrow Free Worksheets

The Righteous Free Worksheets

Unit 5

  • Lesson 1: Surat Al-Inshiqaq Free Worksheets
  • Surah al Inshiqaaq Free Worksheets
  • Lesson 2: Public Utilities Free Worksheets
  • Public Utilities Free Worksheets
  • Lesson 3: Kindness Free Worksheets
  • Kindness Free Worksheets

 My fasting Free Worksheets

  • My fasting Free Worksheets
  • Fasting and Ramadan 2 Free Worksheets
  • In the Shade of Charity Free Worksheets

Unit 6

  • Lesson 1: Surat Al-Mutaffifeen (The Defrauding)
  • Surah al Mutaf’fi’feen Haroon
  • Lesson 2: Generosity Free Worksheets
  • Generosity Free Worksheets
  • Generosity of Allah Free Worksheets
  • Lesson 3: Perfection of faith Free Worksheets
  • Perfection of Faith Free Worksheets
  • Lesson 4: My environment Free Worksheets

 Dhu Al-Nurain… Free Worksheets

  • Uthman bin Affan RA Free Worksheetsb
  • 2nd Term Lessons Free Worksheets
  • 3rd Term Lessons Free Worksheets
  • Praising Allah for His Gifts – Free Worksheets
  • Surah al Ghashiyah – Free Worksheets
  • Grade 4_Morals of the Righteous Free Worksheets
  • Grade 4_First Term_All Lessons Free Worksheets
  • Grade 4_Part 2 Lessons of the 3rd Term Free Worksheets
  • Grade 4_Surah Al Inshiqaaq Free Worksheets
  • Grade 4_Lesson Plans of Unit 3 Free Worksheets

Good Manners  Free Worksheets

  • Grade 4_Lesson Plan_Generosity Free Worksheets
  • Grade 4_Lesson Plan_Fasting Free Worksheets

Islamic Studies

1st-term Grade 4 lesson-plans Islamic

2nd Term-Grade 4 lesson Plan

3rd Term-Grade 4 lesson Plan

Activity al Burouj Printable Worksheets

Activity Printable Worksheets Download

Are they Strong-or weak Believers

Asma Grade-4-Notes and Worksheets

Early call to Islam Printable Worksheets

Etiquette of obligatory Prayers PDF

Generosity of Allah Notes Download

Grade 4 believe in the Divine Books

Grade -4 Surah Al Ghashiyah PDF

Grade-4- Islamic Studies Books PDF Download

Importance and Etiquettes of obligatory Prayer

In the Shade of My Charity Printable Worksheets

Migration to abyssinia- Grade Four

My Fasting is for the Sake for of My Loard

Praising Allah Grade-4 Islamic-studies

Praising Allah, Glory To be Him

Quran Recitation PDF Book Download

Quran Study Book Printable Worksheets

Check activity Surat-al Gashiya

Revision-workshee Printable Worksheets


Surah Al Inshiqaq Printable Worksheets

Surah Al-aala-worksheet Download

Surah Bouroj Grade-4 Printable Worksheets

Surah Ghashiyah Notes Printable Worksheets

The Strong Believer for-Grade-4

The Verfication of news Printable Worksheets

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