An Islamic Studies Grade 5 Printable Worksheets Download

What kind of Islamic studies course is required? What do we teach our kids? Who will decide what is good and bad ? Is what we consider good, also good in reality or not? For example, if it is common in a country, School, Madrassa, nation, or family not to respect the elders and no one objects to it, can you say that not respecting an elder is a good thing for that country, For Elder, For Society, nation or family? Surely not.

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Class 5 Worksheet, Textbook Exercises

Unit 1:

  • 1.Surah al Infitaar
  • Surah al Infitaar Explanation Free Worksheets
  • 2. The Real Bankrupt
  • Beloved of Deeds to Allah Free Worksheets
  • Deed to Allah Free Worksheets
  • 4. Loving Allah SWT
  • Loving Allah Free Worksheets
  • People of Taif Dawah Free Worksheets
  • Dawah to Taa’if Free Worksheets
  • (Dawah) the People of Taif Free Worksheets

Unit 2:

  • 1. Surah At-Takweer
  • Surah At-Takweer Free Worksheets
  • 2. Chart Free Worksheets  3. Takweer Research   4. Verses of Quran  Free Worksheets 5. Truthfulness of the Prophet Free Worksheets    6. Takweer Task Free Worksheets
  • 2. Doing Good to People
  • Doing Good to People
  • 3. Belief in the Day of Judgement
  • The Day of Judgement Free Worksheets
  • 4. The Congregational Prayer
  • The Congregational Prayer Free Worksheets
  • 5. The Night Journey
  • Isra wal Me’raj Free Worksheets

Unit 3:

  • 1. Surah Abasa
  • Surah Abasa Free Worksheets
  • 2. Echo Letters, Qalqalah
  • Qalqalah Free Worksheets
  • Echo Letters Free Worksheets, Qalqalah Free Worksheets
  • 3. The Holy Qur’an is My Intercessor
  • Qur’an is My Intercessor Free Worksheets
  • Using Means of Public Transport Free Worksheets
  • Means of Transportation_ Free Worksheets
  • 5. Fatima bint Abdul Malik
  • Fatima bint Abdul Malik Free Worksheets

Unit 4:

  • 1. Surah An-Naazi’aat
  • Surah An-Nazi’aat_ Free Worksheets
  • 2. The Merciful Heart
  • The Merciful Heart_ Free Worksheets
  • 3. Kindness is Good
  • Kindness is Good Free Worksheets
  • 4. “Make things easy Free Worksheets
  • Make Things Easy Free Worksheets
  • 5. The Migration to Al Madinah

Unit 5:

  • 1. Allah is the the Powerful
  • Surah An-Naba_ Free Worksheets
  • 2. The Way to Paradise
  • Answers_ Free Worksheets
  • The Way to Paradise Free Worksheets
  • 3. The Blessing of the Human Mind
  • Human Mind, Free Worksheets
  • 4. Etiquette on Streets
  • Etiquette on Streets
  • Street Manners Free Worksheets
  • 5. Friday Prayer and Fasting
  • Fasting in Ramadhaan_ Free Worksheets
  • 1. Allah is the owner of the Just Judge
  • Surah an-Naba_Part 2
  • 2. With my Prophet
  • 3. Courage Free Worksheets
  • 4. Omar ibn al Khattab (R.A)
  • Omar ibn al Khattab RA – Free Worksheets
  • 5. Man and the Universe
  • Exercises Free Worksheets
  1. Lesson Plans:
  • Grade 5_First Term Lessons Plan Free Worksheets
  • Grade 5_Being Good to People Free Worksheets
  • Grade 5_Surah An-Naba Free Worksheets
  • Grade 5_Etiquette on Streets Free Worksheets
  1. Miscellaneous:
  • Surah Profile Free Worksheets
  • 3rd Term lessons Free Worksheets

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